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Caption Contest forum?


Sep 16, 3:35pm

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Caption Contest forum?

I simultaneously deeply respect and have zero interest in the caption contests that proliferate the discussion forums. With little ongoing public discussion of Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, they are the often only active threads in those forums. My experience browsing is this:

1. New posts in LOTR or Hobbit boards (click!)
2. It's only the Caption Contest (not clicking)
3. Festering acrimony (less likely to click)

I wonder if that's the case for anyone else. For those who post in the caption contests, do we see enough interest in them to warrant their own forum? Is there any way to separate threads captioning screenshots of the movies and those interested in reading about or discussing them?


Sep 16, 3:48pm

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A Dedicated Forum?

No, I don't think the caption contests warrant their own forum. If they don't interest you, isn't it easy enough to ignore them?

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Sep 16, 4:27pm

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That would be easy enough...

...if the movie forums themselves were more active. As it stands, my user experience with the forum is often frustrating because the only active threads are caption contests in forums marked as discussion forums, meaning I spend a lot of time clicking on a forum I should have interest in, only to result in frustration when I don't find interest in them. This isn't the case when threads other than the caption contests are active, but as the movies' mass relevance stagnates, this becomes increasingly rare. Slower loading times from the server can sometimes compound the problem.

We have an entire dedicated forum for polls; I don't see why the caption contests, which are fairly active, might warrant the same treatment if there was enough interest. But this post is only intended as user feedback. If the solution is for me to ignore it, I understand and will continue to do that.

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Sep 16, 6:31pm

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Well... you, I'm just another user at the end of the day, and my opinion is just that. The admins might have other ideas.

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." - DRWolf (after John C. Maxwell)

Paulo Gabriel

Sep 17, 4:03am

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Becuase they are so irritating...

It's hard to ignore such blatant futility. I want DEEP! discussion of the movies...

Forum Admin / Moderator

Sep 17, 4:45pm

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Admins are discussing

and we'll share our thoughts soon. Thanks for the suggestion!


Sep 17, 7:20pm

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NARFism has quietly moved in and now dominates yet another sacred center of fandom - the TORn Film Forums. All that silliness threatens the relentlessly earnest discussion to settle once and for all the question, "LOTR and The Hobbit films: good thing or bad thing."

Until an investigation can be concluded, fans frustrated by frivolity are advised to refrain from clicks on threads prominently displaying the title Caption Contest followed by Roman numerals.


Dame Ioreth
Tol Eressea

Sep 18, 2:40pm

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Have you tried starting your own discussion?

Seems to me this is a user forum. If you really want deep discussions, start one! There are plenty of folks who would join in. It doesn't have to be a fancy post with links and lots of research. Maybe just start with a question about something that interested you from the movies.

Just a suggestion.


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