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Does anyone know anything about the Netflix Narnia show?


Sep 11, 5:01am

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Does anyone know anything about the Netflix Narnia show?

I'm an avid but very offline fan of the chronicles, so mushroom's post was the first i'd heard about it. Do any fellow narnians here on TORn know anything about it?

Ethel Duath

Sep 11, 2:26pm

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Hmm, no I haven't

I think it's a minority opinion, or perhaps I'm a Marsh-wiggle, but I was disappointed in the movies (although I generally liked the casting). Not sure if I'd venture out of the books again, but I might try if folks here like it. Smile


Sep 11, 6:48pm

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I loved the movies personally, but i can somewhat see where you're coming from. they definitely got progressively farther from the original plot as the trilogy went on. i'm still somewhat holding out for the rumours of a silver chair movie Unsure even though im very dubious about whether it would be a good as the first three. so the series is probably going in the same box as that (potential) movie - i will watch it but im definitely reserving judgement until ive seen it and may or may not accept it as canon depending on how i like it.

if you are up for a small venture out of the books, Focus on the Family has made a really excellent radio theatre dramatization of all seven books that sticks really closely to the text while bringing it to life beautifully

Ethel Duath

Sep 15, 12:58am

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Yeah, I rented those for my kids

Silver Chair--pretty much my favorite, along with Dawn Treader and M. Nephew. I love how different in tone each book is from the other. Treader used to be my favorite book, but I read it too many times! Did you know that more recent editions drastically change the Dark Island section? The original passage is much, much better, in my opinion. Apparently, Lewis wrote two versions and was conflicted about whether the first version might be too scary for children, and sometime after the 70's, somebody decided to switch to the other version. I have both versions--and I kinda think the change is a travesty. Unsure

Anyway, for any of these detailed imaginary worlds, like Tolkien and Lewis produced, if a movie or video doesn't "feel" (not just "look") like Narnia or Middle Earth, I just can't get into it. The "world" is a character for me. Jackson got the feel and look of it mostly right for me in the LOTR movies (actually, the feel more than the look oddly enough). The Hobbit and any of the Narnia videos/movies I've seen just didn't--for me that is.
Although I thought Jackson's Smaug was really wonderful.


Sep 16, 4:19am

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If you are interested

in listening to the others, I have digital copies that I might be able to share. Personally, I've listened to Horse and His Boy and Prince Caspian probably the most, followed by LWW - my sister put those three on her ipod years ago and still listens to them regularly.....and i end up getting bits by default lol. She's listened to them so many times by now that she can quote fairly significant portions cold. I'm not quite as avid a listener, but HHB is definitely my favourite book.

What makes Silver Chair your favourite? you have made me curious, as it is lower one my list.

I feel like I have possibly come across something about the Dark Island portion having multiple versions. I will have to dig out my dad's older copy when our library is unpacked again and compare it to my (newer) book.

Speaking of series where the tone is different in each book: have you ever read lewis's space trilogy? I loved all three books, though I haven't actually ever reread the third. the thing is that the endings of all three are beautiful and very moving, each more so than the previous - but you have to get through the hard and nasty events first.....and they are proportionally worse in each as well. still, i highly recommend them

Tol Eressea

Sep 16, 12:57pm

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ooooooooooo, I have Netflix! (a bit of a new thing)

I was just researching the LOTR saga on Amazon and did not know about Narnia....

narniaweb has this:

A co-writer of Coco (Pixar) is Creative Architect... can't get any better than that!

Seems to be not quite enough info to make an opinion, only speculation.

I would watch it, just to see how it goes.

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Forum Admin / Moderator

Sep 18, 11:14am

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They'll never replace the BBC series

Way way back when I was a kid the BBC did a very good job of the LW&W, Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader in one block, and the Silver Chair - despite shonky 1980s special effects they really captured the spirit and feel of the books. Tom Baker was a particularly good Puddleglum. About 10 years ago I stumbled upon the DVD box set and snapped it up!

Storm clouds


Sep 18, 6:34pm

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i haven't seen the BBC series

but i definitely understand the sentiment! the version you grow up with tends to resonate especially well. I will freely admit that LWW is best at capturing the spirit of the book from the new movies, but my fondness for all three is definitely a factor in my not having watched the bbc series lol

Forum Admin / Moderator

Sep 18, 9:36pm

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I really liked the films too

I think there was a lot they got right, and the special effects and battles were way better than the BBC series! But for several years Sunday teatime was all about Narnia and that was lovely.

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