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Wheel of Time casting for Lan


Sep 5, 7:40pm

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Wheel of Time casting for Lan

He looks somewhat within the range of expectation though younger. I wonder if they will bother changing his eye color to blue and adding gray hair.

Thor 'n' Oakenshield

Sep 6, 2:29pm

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I like this casting

I've been following all of Amazon Prime's upcoming productions, and, apart from LotR, WoT is definitely one I'm most excited for - at least until they announce a second season of Good Omens, which doesn't seem likely.

I've never seen Henney in anything, I don't think, or at least not that I can remember, but he looks the part - though as you mentioned, he does seem a bit younger. I always imagined Lan as being much older: this will probably work better, considering he and Nynaeve need to have a relationship.

"It is my duty to fight" - Mulan


Sep 6, 5:50pm

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I think this drawing is a good representation