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Vacationing in Middle Earth: Where and With Whom?

Poll: Vacationing in Middle Earth: Where and With Whom?
Rivendell with Bilbo 0 / 0%
Doriath with Daeron 0 / 0%
Rivendell with Aragorn 3 / 14%
Doriath with Melian 3 / 14%
Rivendell with Thorin 0 / 0%
Doriath with Huan 0 / 0%
Moria with the Balrog 0 / 0%
Lorien with Sam 0 / 0%
Moria with Balin 0 / 0%
Lorien with Legolas 1 / 5%
Moria with Pippin 0 / 0%
Lorien with Arwen 0 / 0%
Moria with Eowyn 0 / 0%
Lorien with Gollum 0 / 0%
Ithilien with Frodo 0 / 0%
Minas Tirith with Boromir 0 / 0%
Ithilien with Sam 1 / 5%
Minas Tirith with Denethor 0 / 0%
Ithilien with a Mumakil 0 / 0%
Minas Tirth with Beregond 0 / 0%
Minas Morgul with Fingolfin 0 / 0%
The Shire with Bilbo 5 / 24%
The Shire with Sam 0 / 0%
The Shire with Lobelia 0 / 0%
Grey Havens with Earendil 1 / 5%
Bree with Gandalf 0 / 0%
Rohan with Ghn-Buri-Ghn 0 / 0%
Bree with Aragorn 0 / 0%
Rohan with Eomer 1 / 5%
Bree with Merry 0 / 0%
Rohan with Eowyn 0 / 0%
Bree with Bill the Pony 0 / 0%
Rohan with Shadowfax 0 / 0%
Fangorn with Treebeard 0 / 0%
Orthanc with Gandalf 0 / 0%
Fangorn with Merry and Pippin 0 / 0%
Orthanc with Wormtongue 0 / 0%
Fangorn with Legolas 1 / 5%
Orthanc with Isildur 0 / 0%
Other (tell us your scenario!) 5 / 24%
21 total votes

Ethel Duath

Jul 1, 3:12pm

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Vacationing in Middle Earth: Where and With Whom?

Where would you love to go, and who would be your preferred traveling companion?

Vote, and also, if you like, post your itinerary: restaurants, Inns, proposed adventures/battles, etc.


Jul 1, 5:26pm

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What an impressive list of permutations

Thank you, Ethel!

I voted Shire with Bilbo, figuring he would be a jolly and knowledgeable companion who could show me everything at a leisurely pace and give me lots of backstory/gossip wherever we went, plus he'd know all the good pubs AND how to avoid people like the Sackville-Bagginses. But, I could be happy with many other options.


Jul 1, 7:30pm

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Rivendell with Faramir

Perfect relaxation for mind, body and spirit! Every day would include: waking to the sound of falling water and bird song; some hours of study in Elrond's archives; wandering in the hills and valley, with afternoon swims to cool off in streams and waterfall pools; scrumptious picnic lunches after said swims; scrumptious evening meals with the Elves and their music, stories, laughing and singing in the Hall of Fire; and, finally, starlight and moonlight and the sound of falling water sending me off to peaceful sleep.

Faramir would be the perfect companion - able to find his own amusements and then excitedly share what he's learned that day; chivalrous and happy to hike the hills at my (I'm sure) slower pace and carry the lunch; a poet and song writer adding an intelligent human element to the evening festivities.

I've already booked it.


Jul 1, 7:51pm

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Dawn in Rivendell


Jul 1, 9:28pm

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Ithilien with Faramir, please!

Faramir is probably one of my favourite characters in the legendarium, and I would love to get his tour of the land he loved

Ethel Duath

Jul 1, 10:01pm

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Aack! *Finger hovers over "enter" key*

You beat me to it. Laugh

I think Elrond will want you to write their advertising copy for next year!

Yes, perfect, perfect.

Ethel Duath

Jul 1, 10:04pm

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I, too, am a

Faramir Fan (book version).
Yes, he'd know every inch: the best spots for spectacular woodlands or wild herbs, and everything in between.Smile

Ethel Duath

Jul 1, 10:07pm

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Why thank you! I ran out of

time, but I could have gone on juggling and arranging for ages. (Shagrat, the Orchards of Mordor.Tongue)
Yes, you're right, Bilbo is the most well-rounded choice. Frodo would be busy philosophizing, and Sam dragging us to every garden in sight, while Lotho made of with the luggage. Laugh

Ethel Duath

Jul 1, 10:09pm

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Gorgeous. Was that from the terrace, or

out on the grounds?
I suppose Elrond refuses to be photographed . . .


Jul 1, 11:56pm

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The balcony of one of the guest rooms,

a nice private spot for morning yoga and a first cup of tea and toast - made by the Elves, you know.


Jul 2, 12:29am

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I'm going to presume you're rulling out "tral-la-la" singing. //



Jul 2, 1:55am

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Rivendell with Aragorn though

Ithilian wit Faramir runs a close second. Actually Id follow Aragorn anywhere!

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jul 2, 2:08am

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So hard, so hard!

So many, ah, interesting possibilities!

Rivendell with Thorin - hm, no, we'd be spending all the time in the smithies.

Moria with the Balrog - he'd certainly know places to visit which not even the Dwarves know about, but I'd be concerned about things getting a bit too "hot".

Moria with Eowyn - no, an Orc-hunt is not exactly my idea of a vacation.

Lorien with Gollum - too fattening, I'd be eating all the food they offered him.

Ithilien with Sam - now there's a thought, he'd give a tour of herbs and herb-lore and we'd have fresh-cooked coney stew!

Rohan with Ghn-Buri-Ghn - this would be a hiking tour, for sure, on all the very-little-known forest paths. But I have the feeling the native foods might not be to my liking, probably a bit too raw.

Bree with Merry - we'd visit every pub and restaurant.

Bree with Bill the Pony - we'd visit every apple orchard.

Fangorn with Treebeard - nope, I'd be dozing off constantly with his sonorous descriptions.

Fangorn with Legolas - nope, I'd be dozing off constantly as he tried to make friends with each tree.

Hm, ah, hoom. I think I'd like the Ithilien trip with Sam. Back-packing for a week, in the Springtime, with lots of rest stops along the way to simply sit and take in the visual and olfactory delights. With breakfasts and dinners cooked by Master Chef Sam, and simple lunches of the local fruits and sandwiches made with tomatoes and left-over nice, crispy bacon and just-plucked herbs.
With a special two-night visit to the Window on the West (now a hostel)!


"I desired dragons with a profound desire"


Jul 2, 11:07pm

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Not at all!

My vacation package specifies a twilight arrival accompanied by a choir of elves tra-la-la-lallying to customised nonsensical lyrics guaranteed to amaze and annoy, followed by a sprinkling of rude remakes such as, "Just look! Lissuin the old lady on a pony, my dear! Isn't it delicious!" As long as there are bright lanterns waiting as I lead my pony across the bridge over the river to find the doors of the Last Homely House flung wide, they can sing any silly old thing they like! Smile


Jul 3, 7:05am

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Paths of the Dead with Lissuin!

No really, it was great fun! Cool

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Jul 3, 10:34am

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It was fun!

Even though we had no ponies and found our own way over miles of rock and scree (but, disappointingly, no skull avalanches). We did escape unscathed, and I don't think we starved, did we? We made it!
There are, indeed, many definitions of "vacation", and one's choice of companion is not an unimportant element to its success. Laugh
Cheers, mate!Heart


Jul 3, 1:42pm

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assuming this is post-war: sign me up for trekking through Ithilien with Faramir

I think he'd be the most interesting person to talk with, and I bet he'd build a nice library in his new capitol. I'd love to see Henneth Annun.

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Thor 'n' Oakenshield

Jul 3, 3:35pm

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Rivendell with Aragorn

I was conflicted between that and a trip to the Shire with Bilbo as my guide, but I just love Rivendell and Elves too much to pass up on an opportunity like that. There would be fine music, incredible scenery, places of historical interest, museums, art, gardens, libraries, fine dining - everything I could possibly want. Aragorn would be an excellent tour guide, too.

Though I wouldn't mind stopping in at Thranduil's Caverns with Legolas, either - I've always wanted to know more about the realm of the Wood Elves.

"We are Kree"


Jul 4, 5:39pm

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Bag-End of course

If its a vacation and not an adventure, obviously my choice would be Bag-End with Bilbo good food, all the comforts, perhaps a bottle of the Old Winyard.

A second choice would probably be Doriath with King Thingol but it would be tough to go there knowing their eventual fate.

Ethel Duath

Jul 4, 7:03pm

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Oh, yes, post-war, but I'm thinking

not too many years afterwards. At least, that's the picture in my head.
Yes, Henneth Annun for at least a full day and night.

Ethel Duath

Jul 4, 7:05pm

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Perhaps you could change the outcome

with a little careful management of the Butterfly Effect . . .

Grey Havens

Jul 4, 8:42pm

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Spelunking with Gimli

In the Glottering Cave behind Helms Deep then boating on the Anduin with Legolas

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Jul 4, 10:13pm

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Hahahaha ... I dont think so

Morgoth planned and conducted an overwhelming attack on Doriath. No one else was going to change the outcome if Thingol and Melian were unable to defend the realm.

Dame Ioreth
Tol Eressea

Jul 5, 5:45am

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Minas Tirith with Dame Ioreth, of course!

I've got a lot to learn about the medicinals of Middle Earth if I'm going to stay and earn a living. And it would be fun to sit and gossip about our betters too. Wink


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Jul 6, 3:02am

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i really hope he would include the window on the west in his tour!

(Henneth Annn)

it sounds so beautiful


Jul 6, 4:05pm

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Yeah, that's one part of the book where I wish we could have stayed longer as readers

and without the gloom of war overhead. It seemed like an enchantingly beautiful place to visit.


Jul 7, 3:49pm

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one thing I love about Tolkien

he gave his characters, and us, respites from the action in beautiful places.

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Tol Eressea

Aug 17, 3:59pm

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and if I wandered in, I would pay to be let out!!!

Fangorn, Legolas... nuff said,,,

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Tol Eressea

Aug 17, 4:03pm

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or Rohan...

Goals: crazy dragon lady, mermaid (for the rest, just see my profile)

Na 'Aear, na 'Aear! Ml 'lain nallol, I sl ribiel a i falf 'loss reviol...
To the sea, to the sea, the white gulls are crying, the wind is blowing and the white foam is flying... (JRR Tolkien, Legolas Song of the Sea)

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