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Hobbit Caption Contest CXXX:

L. Ron Halfelven
Grey Havens

Jun 22 2019, 5:15pm

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Hobbit Caption Contest CXXX:

Thanks to Lissuin for the nod. Now let's see who'll caption this bitty pic:

Original here:

Ethel Duath

Jun 22 2019, 10:56pm

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"I will roar that I will make Peter say 'Let him roar again, let him roar again.' //


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Jun 23 2019, 7:56pm

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Finding your contact lens is easy with the new WormSuitTM! Only 12 silver pennies! //



Jun 24 2019, 1:46am

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"Pay no attention to that man in the motion capture suit!

The Great Smaug has spoken!"


Jun 25 2019, 12:50am

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"I have not disappeared. I am very tiny. I'm a germ...

...A rare disease. I'm called malagolintomontorosis and you caught me, Mim! First, you break out into spots. Followed by hot and cold flashes. Oh, it's not too serious, should recover in a few weeks and be as good. I mean as bad as ever"

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Jun 29 2019, 5:45pm

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You didn't tell me the Arkenstone was right beneath my feet for this shot!

My poor little dragon pinky toe!

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L. Ron Halfelven
Grey Havens

Jul 2 2019, 3:37am

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Winner! Though I would give that line to one of the stone giants...

...just to see if some other giant will hit rock Bottom. Anyway, next contest is yours!

Ethel Duath

Jul 4 2019, 6:09pm

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Ha! Thank you! Although personally

I prefer a Classical Bottom.