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Felonius Gru versus Saruman the White


Jun 9 2019, 7:37am

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Felonius Gru versus Saruman the White

Who wins?

Undercard: Sir Kevin KBE versus Lurtz

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Jun 9 2019, 1:46pm

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I think Gru wins thanks to his access to mad science and technology. However, Saruman might be able to use his persuasive abilities to turn Gru into an ally or servant.

As for the undercard: I'll say Kevin wins. Minions are hard to kill and have crazy gags at their disposal; it would almost be like Lurtz going up against the likes of Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck.

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Jun 10 2019, 10:28pm

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I can imagine the three girls knocking on the gate of Orthanc and trying to sell

Girl Scout cookies. While Saruman the White's full powers are not really known, we do know his body can be injured though he can have a new one like a new coat. Gru has technology that might be able to level Orthanc though that too is in question. Is the Orthanc material able to withstand bombs, lasers etc.?