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Old Notes


May 23 2019, 9:12pm

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Old Notes

I have been doing some Spring cleaning and came across an old notebook with some anagram work and old notes. Dwarf facts come first, followed by a portion of a short story I wrote about Dis, this all was about ten years ago, hard to believe. For whatever it is worth:

Dwarf Facts:

Thror: 2542 - 2790 = 248 years
Thrain: 2644 - 2850 = 206 years
Thorin: 2746 - 2941 = 195 years.
Frerin: 2751 - 2799 = 48 years.
Dis: 2760 - ?
Fili: 2859 - 2941 = 82 years.
Kili: 2864 - 2941 = 77 years.
Dain: 2767 - 3019 = 252 years.

Murder of Thror: 2790, Dis was 30 years old.
Mustering of the Dwarves - 2790 - 93, Dis is 30-33 years old.
War of the Dwarves/Orcs - 2793-99, Dis is 33-39 years old.
Battle of Nanduhirion - 2799. Dis is 39 years old.
Thrain wanders - 2841. Dis is 81 years old.
Death of Thrain and Loss of Ring - 2850. Dis is 90 years old.
Battle of Five Armies - 2941. Dis is 181 years old.
Balin goes to Moria - 2989. Dis is 229 years.

Dis begins Memoir in March 2943 at age 183 years.

Memoir Excerpt:

.... we wandered for years. The first 3-4 years were especially difficult. We were hungry much of the time, and the cold winter months were very hard on babies and our elder people. Towns would not permit us to camp too close, in case Smaug was trailing us. We would camp miles outside of a town and a few of our men would go into the town to see if there was work, food or other supplies to be had. It gradually became easier for our men to work because Smaug never came back and Dwarvish men are very skilled at working metal and stone,

The survivors of Erebor gradually split-up, wandering in smaller groups. Some settled in the Iron Hills. We settled in the Blue Mountains. I love the Blue Mountains. I was very happy there for many years.

My favorite Moon is the Crescent Moon three days before the New Moon. When I watched this Crescent Moon rise over the mountains in a dark azure sky, I felt that there was hope for us, that we could be healed.

I met __________________ while visiting my fire pony in the stables. He had been a friend of my ....

Please, call me Ve.

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