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**20FD TORn's 20th & Founders Day 10th Anniversaries Game & Activities Heads-Up :)


Apr 24 2019, 9:59pm

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**20FD TORn's 20th & Founders Day 10th Anniversaries Game & Activities Heads-Up :)

OMG! We're almost there!!! *twitch*

If you've offered to contribute a game, fanfic, activity, whatever you have in mind to celebrate our 20th TORniversary and 10th Founders Day Anniversary and wondered what was going on... here ya go!

I wanted to give you some guidance of how the weekend/week will hopefully run so you'll know where and when to post. There will be some posts on the homepage on our FD Party and our FD Party Tree. The FD Party will eventually have links to all of the collected activities for each of our parties, and the FD Party Tree will have the new leaf commemorating this year and you can see where it bloomed on the tree.

We'll also have a very special Fiesta Friday where we're hoping a lot of our wayward sibbies will come to say hi and have a drink to celebrate... as well as possibly some other special guests!

Normally our parties cover Main; Off Topic and Reading Room Discussion Boards. We're still going to invade those Boards; but we may need to spill out into some others. Those will be the new TV Board and... if it gets crowded... let's go to our first movie board... LotR.

WHERE TO POST: I'm going to ask that you just take a look at the 3 main boards (OT/M/RR) and see which one has the fewest posts so far. Then put yours there. If you see there are 5 or 6 posts on each of those; move to the TV Board. Then if there are 5 or 6 there, move to LotR Movie. We don't want the posts to drop off the page too soon.

WHEN TO POST: If you want to start posting on Thursday night (schedule probs, etc.) go for it! :D

***NOTE: Here's the new twist... this party will probably run through the weekend and well into next week. I know I have found a bunch of things I'm planning on posting in honour of TORn's 20 years of life. WE'VE BEEN BUSY! Think of it... since 1999!!! So if you haven't had a chance to put together a game or activity to share, you have LOTS of time! This is going to be an EPIC PARTY! :D Also, keep coming back and check out the Boards to see what's been added so you can enjoy and go nuts ;)

**DUP POSTS: If someone else has already done a game or item you were thinking of doing... it's OK!! Go ahead and build yours and post it! Maybe put it on a different Board. They each will be different, and I'd love for everyone who wants to participate to get in there and do it! Especially our friends who have been lurking in the shadows *peeks out of screen* Feel Free to join us! We'd love to meet you!! Let us know you're a newbie and I'll buy you a drink at Fiesta on Off Topic at noon est :D

**SUBJECT LINE: Please put something at the start of your subject line to help make your post stand out as part of the party!!! Seriously, it would help so much as I gather up the links and everyone comes looking for something to do ;) Even if all you do is put 2 asterisks and something like this **20FD, it will stand out.

That's it! I know this got long, but I had to quiet the voices in my head and just dump it all out onto you! *sigh* Thank you for your patronage ;)

Here We Go!!!


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Apr 26 2019, 3:57am

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You're such a treasure, gramma!

Thank you SO MUCH for doing such and amazing job organizing this wonderful celebration. Early thanks too to everyone posting games, tributes, etc. This will be a party to remember! HeartSmile

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Apr 30 2019, 1:30am

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And more: the Lore of the TORnStaff Creatures!

This parody of Treebeard's "Lore of the Living Creatures" was put together as a fun way to "introduce" our Founders, Senior Staff, and those strange creatures known as Forum Admins! Laugh

Learn now the Lore of the TORnStaff Creatures!

First name the Four, the Founders of TORn:

Xoanon the Webmaker, Finder of News,
..Go-between, Interviewer, who brings them all together;

Tehanu the Java-lover, player of cellos,
..Ultimate Spy and first link to the Movies;

Corvar the computer-master, Keeper of the Servers,
..Maintainer of the bytes which contain our very words;

Calisuri the Uninhibited, Designer of the Site,
..Tamer of pixels and developer of pages.

Next name the Senior Staff, overseers of human interface:

Altaira, Fiesta Bar-mistress and bane of all Trolls;

greendragon, interviewer and maker of parties and panels;

deej, organizer of TORn activities and moots at conventions; and

Demosthenes, server of ales in Barliman's chat room.

Then name the Admins, safe-keepers of Message Boards:

Ataahua the humorous, instigator of Conspiracies;

BG, beloved programmer of these New Boards;

Dernwyn the librarian, Bored of the Rings quoter;

Draupne the horse-lover, speaker of strange languages;

Earl the musician, church-organ virtuoso;

Eledhwen the well-travelled, with "Dreamy Aspirations";

Entmaiden the organizer, business-account genius;

Hengist the sword-wielder, gentleman and scholar;

Inferno the Computer Wizard, solver of problems;

Kimi the book-lover, and writer of stories;

Kyriel the travel agent for "Middle-Earth Tours";

Rosie-with-the-Ribbons, of the famous "I Heart Hot Dwarves" T-shirt; and

Silverlode the witty and lover of history.

And this list concludes with a link to grammaboodawg's post in memory of those who have sailed West, they will forever be in our hearts:;



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Apr 30 2019, 10:35am

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*mods up* The grown-ups in the room :D

This is brilliant! Each and every one of you have my deepest respect and gratitude for the endless hours you give to us ... that makes TORn a safe haven and an awesome community! *bows deeply*

I love this list! I'm still smiling just thinking about it!! Thanks dernwyn... and thanks to everyone of this A LIST! We're so lucky!


We have been there and back again.

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Apr 30 2019, 3:21pm

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Glad the Ents added you to their lists; that makes your existence official now. //