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Elijah Wood's other films (ditto other actors)

The Shire

Mar 17, 9:10am

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Elijah Wood's other films (ditto other actors)

I've just seen two other films that feature Elijah Wood - Adventures of Huck Finn and Revenge for Jolly. He's playing to his cuteness in Huck Finn; he's most emphatically NOT in Revenge for Jolly - but then, he's only a kid in Huck Finn.
How do tLotR actors fare in their previous and post tLotR films? (I've seen Matrix and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and seeing Agent Smith as Elrond the half-Elven was amusing at certain points.)

Grey Havens

Mar 18, 12:56pm

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Check out Viggo Mortensen's other films

Eastern Promises, History of Violence, Hidalgo, Green Book, Mr. Fantastic.

Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll
Home of Best FanFic stories of 2005 and 2006 "The Last Grey Ship" and "Ashes, East Wind, Hope That Rises" by Erin Rua

(Found in Mathoms, LOTR Tales Untold)


Mar 18, 2:13pm

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...first came to my attention as the Devil in the 1995 movie The Prophecy.

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Mar 19, 9:52am

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The Two Faces of January

is another one of his I liked.


Mar 19, 1:56pm

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Elijah and Sean Astin both started as child actors

Now... These are some of my favourite films by the Fellowship; but they definitely don't include all of their work. I have a pretty narrow like/dislike preference to the films I enjoy. Also, I haven't seen every film made by The Fellowship. So don't be surprised if films people like aren't here :)

My favourites of Sean Astin's youngster films are Goonies and White Water Summer (w/Kevin Bacon)
Some of my favourite pre-LotR films are Rudy (based on RL character); Encino Man; Toy Soldiers and Boy Meets Girl; and the post LotR film is 50 First Dates.

My favourite Billy Boyd films include On a Clear Day; Masters and Commanders.

I really love Dom Monaghan's TV series (cancelled) Wild Things. imho... he did some of the best post-LotR work in terms of so beneficial to education and a fun, fun watch with him and his cameraman, Frank. He has the passion and knowledge of Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter). I can't wait to see what he does in Star Wars IX. I hope he's a good guy and doesn't get killed off. *twitch*

Some of my favourite Elijah Wood pre-LotR films are The Faculty (doing this when heard about LotR); The Bumblebee Flies Anyway; North; Huck Finn; Flipper; and Forever Young. He hasn't done much that I care for in post-LotR. "9" is a great animated film; and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (minor part, but I love the film).

My favourite Viggo films are Green Book; Hidalgo; Captain Fantastic; A Walk on the Moon; G.I. Jane; and his small part in Crimson Tide.

My favourite John Rhys Davies films are the Indiana Jones series and The Hobbit.

My favourite Orland Bloom films are the Pirates of the Caribbean films; The Hobbit films and Elizabethtown.

My favourite Ian Holm pre-LotR film is The Fifth Element (awesome!); and post-LotR films are Ratatouille (love how much fun he has) The Day After Tomorrow; and The Hobbit.

My favourite Sean Bean pre-LotR films are his Sharpe series; Tom and Thomas; Black Beauty; and the post-LotR films are Jupiter Ascending; The Martian; and National Treasure.

My favourite Ian McKellen pre-LotR films are the X-Men films; Cold Comfort Farm and The Shadow; and the post-LotR films are OF COURSE Gandalf in the Hobbit films. I just love his Gandalf!! His voice work in The Golden Compass; Neverwas; and the X-Men films.

My favourite Karl Urban films are RED (he must have had so much fun fighting Bruce Willis!); Priest; Doom; Star Trek!!!; Thor; Pete's Dragon; Pathfinder; and Dredd.

My favourite Miranda Otto films are I, Frankenstein; Danny Deckchair; and Flight of the Phoenix.

My favourite Andy Serkis films are King Kong; 13 Going on 30; Avengers; Black Panther; Star Wars; The Hobbit films; Adventures of Tintin; and Inkheart.

My favourite Liv Tyler films are Armageddon; Incredible Hulk; and Jersey Girl.

My favourite Hugo Weaving films are Hacksaw Ridge; Captain America; Mortal Engines; The Matrix films; and The Hobbit films.

My favourite David Wenham films are The Crocodile Hunter; Van Helsing (great!); and The Bank.

And finally (gotta stop!) my favourite Cate Blanchett films are Thor; Cinderella; The Hobbit; Monuments Men; and Indiana Jones.


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