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Legolas versus Jar-Jar Binks


Jan 5 2019, 10:12pm

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Legolas versus Jar-Jar Binks

Who wins?

The audacious proposal stirred his heart. And the stirring became a song, and it mingled with the songs of Gil-galad and Celebrian, and with those of Feanor and Fingon. The song-weaving created a larger song, and then another, until suddenly it was as if a long forgotten memory woke and for one breathtaking moment the Music of the Ainur revealed itself in all glory. He opened his lips to sing and share this song. Then he realized that the others would not understand. Not even Mithrandir given his current state of mind. So he smiled and simply said "A diversion.

Tol Eressea

Jan 5 2019, 10:35pm

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He adapts very quickly, so would likely be able to avoid Jar-Jar's clumsy moves.

Oh, meant best fighter right? Or most awful addition to a trilogy (TH)? Might clarify....

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