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My post-San Diego ComicCon report


Aug 9 2018, 6:39pm

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My post-San Diego ComicCon report


Mae Govannen Tornsibs,

Sorry this report is late but I went to Montana to spend some time with my mother and brothers and had no access to computers there.

My daughter and I flew from St Louis to San Diego arriving late Tuesday night and got to the Crowne Plaza Mission Valley hotel where we stayed throughout SDCC 2018.

Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo where we saw koalas and pandas and took the bus tour around the park. We were wearing Kal-El t-shirts so we got a 20% discount to enter the park. The zoo offered this discount to anyone wearing DC apparel in honor of ComicCon. We then took an Uber to the convention center arriving about 3 for the preview. We got our backpack, souvenir artwork book and schedule and went to the exhibition hall. My first stop was the WETA booth where I met our beloved Sir Richard Taylor. I got a picture of him with me that I'd like to post but I don't know how to here. Then we went to booths that my daughter was more interested in. We stopped by a vendor where we bought the three season Gravity Falls dvd set and the Mystery ScienceTheater 3000 dvd set which entitled us to get autographs from folks associated with these dvds. We left about 6 to our hotel. Hint to prospective goers--stay at hotels that have the shuttle service to the convention center. The service reliable and free.

Thursday we got to the convention center about 10 am and we took advantage of the free exhibits outside the convention center. We got free ice cream and ramen, and we played some video games and searched around to see the Rotten Tomatoes, Jack Ryan, and Walking Dead street experiences. We then attended our only panel of the day--the one for IronFist. Marvel had a subdued appearance at the Con but what they did have was fantastic. We then went our hotel afterwards.

Friday my first activity was getting my hobbit ears applied at the WETA booth so I could fully enjoy my cosplay as Frodo Baggins. I really enjoyed the experience--it took about a half hour to put them on. I had my Frodo outfit on and got the attention of several Con goers. The next thing on the agenda was getting the autographs from Steve and crew at the MST3K booth at the Sails meeting hall. The biggest thing we did that day was to attend the TORn sponsored Tolkien panel. I finally met Cliff Broadway aka Quickbeam before the panel began. He complimented me on my Frodo cosplay and we chatted about the time I called in to the Nick Digilio show on WGN for his show with him about the Lord of the Rings movies. Cliff was very gracious and kind. The panel dealt with the library shows in the UK and NYC, the Tolkien movie with Nicholas Hoult, and other topics. I wish there had been time for questions. We then went to a panel featuring animated shorts that was very good just to hold seats for the next panel I was really interested in--the Ray Harryhausen panel. They had a brief history of Ray's works, and the revealing of the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundations new logo. We were informed of possible permanent museum for his figures that he animated via stop-action photography. I asked them about his collaborations with Ray Bradbury and Bernard Herrmann. [By the way I've met both Rays earlier. Bradbury in Davis CA in1978 and Harryhausen at Webster University in St Louis in Spring 2006.] We then went back to the exhibition hall to see more vendors and went back to the hotel.

Saturday we attempted to go to the Good Place panel but couldn't but I stayed in line in hopes of getting into the Krypton panel. We didn't get to the Good Place panel but I got into the Krypton panel. It was great seeing the cast of this show especially seeing Cameron Cuffe. My daughter got her autograph from Mr. Hirsch of Gravity Falls and we met up to go in line to the CW panels in hall 20. We got into the Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Flash panels. It was great seeing all the cast members--especially Brandon Routh, Nick Zano, Stephen Amell, and Grant Gustin. We then back to the exhibition hall to look for more merch where we saw Paul Bettany at the Marvel table. We then went back to the hotel.

Sunday we attempted and got into the sacred Hall H of the convention center where we saw the Supernatural, Riverdale, Mayans, and Legion panels. Great panels all--great to see Jensen Ackles, Jarod Padelecki, KJ Apa, Luke Perry, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Casey Cott, James Edward Olmos, and Dan Stevens. We then took pictures of the Stranger Things inspired trolley station and went back to the hotel to pack for our departure on Monday.

I had a marvelous time but at 65 I was very tired at the end. I got rested at our cabin on Flathead Lake the day after I left Comic Con. I don't know if I'll ever get back again but I'd love to try. The highlights of the Con were meeting Sir Richard Taylor, the TORn panel, and the various CW panels.

I will be available to answer any questions. I wish I could post some pictures that I took there!


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Aug 9 2018, 10:35pm

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Boy, you packed a lot in!

Anyone would be in need of a nap or two after that marathon effort. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your daughter. :)

To post photos, I recommend creating an account at an image-hosting such, such as, and posting the links here. That way, you won't have to fiddle about resizing them to TORN's guidelines in the Terms of Service. Good luck! I'd love to see the photos you took. :)

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Ataahua's stories


Aug 10 2018, 5:01am

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My Picture with Sir Richard Taylor

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Aug 10 2018, 5:06am

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Me getting my hobbit ears applied by WETA

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Aug 10 2018, 5:12am

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Me in my hobbit costume with Sean Astin, Sean Bean, and Billy Boyd

Taken at Saint Louis Comic Con earlier this year;

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Aug 10 2018, 5:35am

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What a great time for you and Daughter!

This was so much fun to read. You did pack a lot in but managed to stay on your feet till the end. Quite an achievement - 4+ days! One-day cons are tiring enough. You deserved a rest at the lake afterwards.

Was there a cosplay parade and did you participate? Don't tell me you walked around on concrete all day in Hobbit feet! Good plan to head straight for the WETA booth to meet Richard Taylor on the first day. Great photo! Yay!

Here's hoping you can do it again one year. Maybe wait until they're having Amazon Middle-earth TV series panels. Wink


Aug 10 2018, 6:03am

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You are definitely a Hobbit, elf_wannabee!

You can wear those ears proudly!

And you got to meet the wonderful Warren! He is one of Wellington's favorite people. A couple of weeks ago he made up the Mayor as an orc. He's the one in the middle.Laugh
You are in great company!

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Aug 10 2018, 3:11pm

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Wonderful! So glad you could go

I went about six years ago and had a marvelous time. It is a long 4 days, but it was completely worth the tired feet, standing in line, and eating lunch standing up because all the seating was taken.


Aug 11 2018, 3:47pm

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sounds awesome

what a great father-daughter outing.

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Aug 12 2018, 4:41pm

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That is simply...precious!

I'm glad you've been able to attend these cons!

And having ears applied by WETA is one of the ultimate geekdom experiences. Cool


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