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Another another question about dialogue

Hamfast Gamgee
Grey Havens

Jun 22, 11:01pm

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Another another question about dialogue

Or perhaps more of a comment. But again in Minas Tirith before the siege,Pippin is sitting with Beregond his new friend and says that 'waiting hungry on others while they eat,' is a sore trial for a Hobbit. But then he seems to moderate himself and say that 'No doubt you will think I should feel the honour more deeply,' Now, I have often wondered if Beregond gives him a little look here to say that it's about time Pippin got more serious about things!


Jun 27, 5:54pm

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I can certainly imagine it that way

On the other hand it also works for me to imagine Pippin anticipating the little look, or just realising how out of place his comment might sound.

Where's that old read-through discussion?
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The Shire

Aug 7, 11:07pm

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life experience

I have not think of anything from that comment by Pippin. Now I think it is Tolkien's own experience in the trenches of France.


Aug 8, 2:20am

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He might have remembered

Gandalf telling him that morning: "remember you have brought this upon yourself" (quoting from memory; probably wrong)