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Beorn vs Balrog


Mar 23 2018, 6:07pm

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Beorn vs Balrog

I think there is a consensus that only spiritual power can permanently defeat a Maia. However their physcal form can be defeated even if it is temporary.

Beorn is the closest thing to an analog for Beowulf from our realworld mythology. Beowulf was superhuman with the strength of thirty men and defeated Grendel and the Dragon with courage, ferocity, and brute strength.

Beorn is a gigantic man with superhman strength who can transform into a gigantic bear of immense proportion and destructive capability. He was the Deus Ex Machina force that turned the tide at the Battle of Five Armies. The description of his wrath at the BoFA is staggering and almost biblical.

I think he could physically dmage the Balrog enough for a temporary victory.


Mar 24 2018, 5:05am

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Afraid Balrog is just toooo much - not even sure Beorn in Bear form could even

injure the Balrog.....burn his mouth and claws doing so.


Mar 25 2018, 2:30am

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Glorfindel and Ecthelion were able to melee with Balrogs and destroy them though they died in the process. Elves aren't resistent to fire like Dwarves are. I'm not sure Gandalf's human for had any great resistance to fire. All perished in defeating the Balrogs but it was their spiritual power that actually destroyed the spirt inhabiting the Balrog. Beorn wouldn't be able to do that but he would definitely have the strength to crush or affect their physical form.

He was unassailable at the BoFA and seemed to do more mass damge than any other being in the Hobbit or LotR save Smaug, even more than the any singular Ent. Given that he was an army wrecker puts him a class of very few creatures in the Tolkien Legendarium.

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Mar 25 2018, 5:54am

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Ok, so I read that as "Alfrid Balrog"

and flashed to two distinct mental interpretations at the same time. 1. Alfrid vs. the Balrog "Yeaaah, burn him to a crisp!" and 2. Alfrid AS the Balrog (as in, a Balrog with Alfrid's face) "NOOOOOOOOOO! Where's the brain bleach?!?!?"

As I am still recovering from #2, I have no opinions on the original question. Tongue


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Jan 2, 11:35pm

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Balrog. No contest//


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