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**A Party of Special Magnificence Links:


Sep 22 2017, 12:01pm

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**A Party of Special Magnificence Links:

Here is a collection of the Party activities links:

Hobbit Discussion Board
**Party Time!** A Sil-Hobbit-Baggins Six Subject Line Challenge!
**Party Time!** What HAIKU been doing? Let's get hobbity!
**Party Time!** "The Hobbit" - A TRIVIAL QUIZ by Bracegirdle

Main Discussion Board
**Party Time!** What HAIKU been doing?
Scenes from a Wizard's Hat! by Otaku-sempai
...Part 2: New Scene: Middle-earth Heroes who are terrible at their jobs. // by Otaku-sempai
**Party Time!** The Two Tomes: A QUIZ by squire
Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories by Darkstone
**Party Time** A Hobbit Mad Lib by dernwyn
New Bakshi LOTR shirt, pants available by NewsfromBree [spawned a pants thread]
...**Party Time!** What of Aruman? He is learned in the lore of these pants //
**Party Time!** The Hobbit 80: Guess the Quote Quiz by BlackFox
80 Years for The Hobbit...and 17 for this reader... by Aragorn the Elfstone

Off Topic Discussion Board
**Party Time** A QTNA: Six degrees of geek or magnificent obsession by hobbitlove
**Party Time** Simply Walk: A Walking-to-Mordor App (Coming Soonish) by tinkermarm


We have been there and back again.

TIME Google Calendar

6th draft of TH:AUJ Geeky Observations List - November 28, 2013
4th draft of TH:DOS Geeky Observations List - May 15, 2014

5th draft of TH:BotFA Geeky Observations List - January 30, 2015

TORn's Geeky Observations Lists for LotR and The Hobbit

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