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Tolkien's Journey to Switzerland: Inspiration for Middle-Earth?

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May 31 2017, 2:08pm

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Tolkien's Journey to Switzerland: Inspiration for Middle-Earth?

“The hobbit's journey from Rivendell to the other side of the Misty Mountains, including the glissade down the slithering stones into the pine woods, is based on my adventures in 1911.”

In 1911, Tolkien undertook a hiking tour of about 10 days in Switzerland, a journey that heavily inspired his later works (if you’re interested, this article might be for you: ... mountains/). The itinerary can be largely reconstructed with the help of his letters.
For my Master’s thesis, I am working on the possibility of developing a long distance walking trail to experience the Swiss Alps in Tolkien’s footsteps. Therefore, it would be of great help to me if you could take a few minutes (it takes less than five, promised!) to answer the following questionnaire – it doesn’t matter whether you have heard of Tolkien’s trip before or not.

Link: (Questionnaire in English despite the URL )

This is a project very dear to my heart and I am excited about any ideas or constructive criticism that goes beyond this questionnaire. Feel free to comment - your help is much appreciated

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May 31 2017, 5:12pm

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Und viel Glück with the research! Smile


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May 31 2017, 9:43pm

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Thanks so much!!

Thank you so much for your help - I'll keep you guys posted!

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Jun 1 2017, 8:30pm

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Done! //


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Jun 1 2017, 10:35pm

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Interesting survey. Done. //

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Jun 3 2017, 9:01am

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Thank you for your support, guys! You have been amazing :)

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Jun 4 2017, 12:51am

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Um, done. Tongue

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Jun 5 2017, 8:52pm

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Inspiration for the Stairs of Cirith Ungol?

Part of the Bernese Oberland is the Niesen stairs, still the longest stairway in the world with 11,674 steps, built in 1910, the year before Tolkien visited.


And BTW, done.


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Jun 7 2017, 1:20pm

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You're welcome

I hope some form of trip, guide, route...thing can be organized

When the research is done, it would be great if you could post a summary of your findings, or something like that. It's always interesting to find out what became of these questions!

Where's that old read-through discussion?
A wonderful list of links to previous chapters in the 2014-2016 LOTR read-through (and to previous read-throughs) is curated by our very own 'squire' here


Jun 7 2017, 6:38pm

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I asked that question a year or so ago

Why 15 companions? In fact, why 13 Dwarves, since 13 is an unlucky number? I was told that it was based on his hiking trip that you referenced. Curious as to what your Master's is in?

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Jun 7 2017, 8:12pm

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Keeping you posted!

Thank you for your help!

I'll definitely try to keep you posted and will give you updates about what will (hopefully) happen with this project Smile
I'm doing a Master's in Geography/Tourism/Culture - so this is the perfect crossover project for me!

Different sources state that Tolkien travelled in a group of about a dozen people or "a mixed party of about the same size as the company in The Hobbit".

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Jul 3 2017, 8:27pm

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Thanks so much!!

I am overwhelmed by the amount of people who have participated and left comments and supportive messages. Thank you so much - your help is an essential part of this project’s success! For everyone who would still like to take part, the link is active until Wednesday, July 5th – it’s not too late yet