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Dain's chariots vs. Panzer tanks


Feb 4 2016, 5:26am

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Dain's chariots vs. Panzer tanks

Hat tip to Cirashala for the idea.

Who wins: Dain's goat-drawn war chariots and twirly-whirly missiles, or the Third Reich's Panzer tanks?

Definitely going with Dain on this one. Send in the goats! Cool

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Feb 4 2016, 5:58am

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Anyone who has kept goats know they are very very destructive, climbing on cars, trucks, storage sheds, air compressors, roofs, and anything else they can get their nasty little hooves on and stomping it into an unrecognizable pile of ruin.

Panzers don't have a chance. Even a Tiger would end up a heap of junk.

Goats are evil. I'm talking Satan Spawn Eldritch Horror evil. They'll definitely play a major role in the Apocalypse and The End Times.

Beware goats.


Fimbrethil, Warrior Entwife

Sez: "Why don't we terraform Earth? It's closer."


Feb 4 2016, 6:58am

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The little beggars scream like something out of a horror movie

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