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Faramir vs Eomer (Movie-verse)

Bofur's Hat
The Shire

Feb 14 2015, 6:04pm

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Faramir vs Eomer (Movie-verse)

1: Who do you think would win in a fight? (Movie version)
2. Who would you want to go on a "adventure" with?
3. Who would you want to be?
4. Who turned out the best after the war of the ring? (Steward of Gondor + Married to Eowyn vs. King of Rohan)

I can't decide to be honest Smile

Tol Eressea

Feb 14 2015, 7:30pm

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These are fun

1. Eomer by a smidge. Eomer and his Eored took out a battalion of Orcs/Uruk Hai/goblins. Faramir and his Rangers took out a battalion of Haradrim. Both have leadership experience but Eomer seems to lead a larger force than does Faramir. Eomer seems to have more battlefield experience than Faramir. He would be a better rider and cavalryman than Faramir, certainly. Eomer took down two mumakil with one spear throw. Faramir needed the aid of his Rangers to take down a single mumak. Eomer has shown excellent skill on horseback. Faramir on horseback didn't really achieve much except ride headlong into an Orc archers' ambush. Eomer is very brave--his final charge upon the Uruk Hai pikemen at Helms Deep required tremendous resolve. Faramir, while brave enough to ride into a suicide charge, has no comparable deed under his belt to match Eomer's at Helms Deep. Edge to Eomer.

2. Faramir, largely because I find him a bit more likeable and approachable. Eomer is decent but can be suspicious and judgmental. Also Faramir seems more well rounded as a potential adventuring companion, not only capable with sword and bow and with horseriding and woodcraft, but also knowledgeable of lore, having learned from Gandalf, and wise. Not having demonstrated any skill with the bow, Eomer is more of a spear throwing type. That's fine on the battlefield against mumakil or large enemies but limited on ammo supply and multiple, rapid shots is not an option for him. Faramir is a skilled Ranger and can move with stealth through wilderness, while Eomer hasn't shown any such skill.

3. Faramir. By a slight margin.

4. Faramir. I'd take Eowyn over kingship of Rohan any day. Ruling a kingdom can be a burden, while having love in one's life means happiness.

[spoken:] Once upon a time in Arda, First AgeÖ

Beren, on the run from the Dark,
Its Sudden-Flame strike
Came down on his life, lived rough,
So rough,
Luthien was out in the glade,
She ran from the Man,
His limbs stayed by chains of love,
Of love.

But Thingol said to hold on,
What have you got?
You canít just have the Princess, that is asking a lot.
Youíll fetch the jewels from olí Morgoth,
for love,
Or have her youíll not!

Whoa, if thatís your will,
Whoa, this I will fulfill!
In my hand from the Crown, a Silmaril,
Whoa, this I will fulfill!
This I will fulfill!

* * *


Feb 26 2015, 10:50pm

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I wouldn't want to *be* either one of them.

But I would love to hang out with either of them.

Or, preferably, both!

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