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Fili,Kili,Thorin, Dwalin , Who win

Konrad S

Feb 4 2015, 2:46pm

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Fili,Kili,Thorin, Dwalin , Who win

Who should win in a fight of the best warriors Fili,Kili,Thorin and Dwalin, but not all four at the same time,

Fili Vs Kili
Fili Vs Thorin
Fili Vs Dwalin
Kili Vs Thorin
Kili Vs Dwalin
Thorin Vs Dwalin?


Feb 4 2015, 2:51pm

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Age before beauty

We cheat.

Thorin vs. Dwalin? Fili vs. Kili? Anybody's guess.

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Konrad S

Feb 4 2015, 3:26pm

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What that mean


Feb 4 2015, 5:20pm

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Are we talking with swords?

If so, Fili/Kili vs Thorin/Dwalin I would go for the older two dwarves who have more experience than the younger two. However, Fili vs Kili or Thorin vs Dwalin I think these fights would be pretty close, especially the latter.

Registered User

Apr 16 2015, 11:33pm

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I think that the contest is really between Thorin and Dwalin since they are the most expirienced. I think it would be close but I think that Dwalin would win because his profession is being a soldier. While Thorin certainly does know how to fight because he has other things to do like earning a living for Dis, Fili, and Kili he would not have as many opportunities to train.