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WTB: Complete Eaglemoss LOTR 1-180 Collectors Model Set

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Jan 9 2015, 12:16pm

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WTB: Complete Eaglemoss LOTR 1-180 Collectors Model Set

Hello everyone. My name is Dustin and I live in the US. I am a huge Tolkien Fan and collector. I am on the search for the complete LotR Eaglemoss Collectors Model Set, which includes 180 figurines and their magazines. If you or someone you know has this set and wants to make a quick chunk a money, please message me! Thanks.


Jan 15 2015, 7:22am

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I have it. :-)

But I'm in the UK. Heaven knows how much it would cost to send it overseas.

Have you managed to track one down nationally? It's a shame The Hobbit version fell through.

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Jan 15 2015, 1:22pm

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Got a set on the way

I appreciate the offer. I managed to track a gentleman down in Ireland who was looking to get rid of the whole collection. Shipping costs were surprising reasonable (250 euros). They are some where between Ireland and US right now.

And as for finding a full set (let alone someone willing to sell it) is extremely rare. UK is the best place to find it :-)