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Theoden vs. the Witch-king (Read First Please!)


Dec 2 2014, 5:51pm

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Theoden vs. the Witch-king (Read First Please!)

I've always wondered what would happen if Theoden and the Witch-king had an even fight, so here goes. Both are on foot - the Witch-king has no fellbeast and Theoden does not get Snowmane. Theoden is armed with his sword and shield and is clad in heavy armor. The Witch-king carries his mace and a broadsword (not a Morgul blade). Let's also assume Theoden will be able to resist the Black Breath. The fight takes place on the Pelennor Fields, with no allies able to aid either combatant. In this more fair match (IMO) who will claim the victory?

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Dec 2 2014, 10:28pm

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Aside from being bigger, stronger, and tougher, there's also that whole "not by hand of man" prophecy thing.

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Dec 3 2014, 2:45pm

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What M said... //


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But, sneaking off in daylight takes much more cunning.

Ereinion Nénharma

Dec 29 2014, 8:39pm

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The Witch-king of Angmar. Without question.

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