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Azog vs The Witch King


Apr 27 2014, 6:48am

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Azog vs The Witch King

I know the witch king is a sorcerer and can use magic and all that sort of stuff, but what if instead of him fighting Eowyn on the pelennor fields, he fought Azog? Im referring to the one on one combat based fight he had with Eowyn. So imagine The witch Kings Mace against Azogs mace.

thoughts? Id rather Azog win because i like him and he isnt as evil as this sorcerer

I believe that Azog and Bolg are possibly the only two orcs who may be an exception to the typical evil nature of an orc. Azog had brought up his son, well enough that he actually acknowledges him as his own son. That is a first for any orc. And Bolg sets out to march upon Erebor in vengeance of his fathers death. How many orcs will Try and avenge another dead orc? Most will just forget about the dead one. This gives me hope that Orcs, have some traits of good in them, even if it is small aspects.

Tol Eressea

May 2 2014, 8:16pm

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Ok, well you have to remember that...

....Eowyn would not have been able to harm the Witch-king without Merry first stabbing him with the enchanted blade (a point completely glossed over in the movies). When Merry stabbed him in the leg with the blade of Westernesse, that made the Witch-king vulnerable, and Eowyn was able to kill him.

So unless Azog had an enchanted Numenorean or Elvish blade, then the Witch-king would utterly destroy Azog.

And what makes Azog less evil than the Witch-king?

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May 2 2014, 11:35pm

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Azog is probably younger than the Witch-king,

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And what makes Azog less evil than the Witch-king?

with less experience at being evil, and certainly less intelligent, so that limits his effectiveness at doing evil. He probably doesn't have as much imagination or creativity in his evil, either. So I'd say Azog is less evil because he lacks the raw ability to do the mighty evils possible for a wraith and Witch-king.

But does he have the malice, the hatred, the burning lust to match Angmar's? Only Eru can weigh their hearts and answer that.

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Ereinion Nénharma

May 3 2014, 6:04pm

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the Witch-king of Angmar. Hands down. No contest.

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