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Opening up the Second Founders Day Buffet Line! Food and FD Links inside!


Apr 26 2014, 7:31pm

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Opening up the Second Founders Day Buffet Line! Food and FD Links inside!

Now serving:

Enjoy and again, this virtual buffet serves anything, so tell us what you'd like and the Elven Caterers will make it look like magic when they serve it to you!

And please check out all the party threads that have been posted by our Party Dwarves:

Off topic
Poetry Slalom by Ethel Duath
Name that Tune by Ruxendil Thoorg
The Lost Pants Thread by Gimli's Box
Founders Day Mad Lib by dernwyn

FD Scavenger Hunt by Magpie
FD Riddle Game by DanielLB
FD Drabble Tent by Arwen's Daughter

FD Happy Birthday from Tolkien Characters Thread by Rosie-with-the-Ribbons
The Giant FD Thank You Thread by Silneldor

Have you all noticed that you have new user names for today? I'm on Calisuri's Crew -- whoo hoo!



Apr 26 2014, 7:35pm

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Don't miss these FD Dessert Specials, too!

Here are three other great posts that are "icing on the cake" for this special weekend!

Special Bulletin of Tolkienia Times!
Top 15 Moments on TORn thread -- read the staff picks, then add your own!
and of course, the Welcome to FD post that started it all...

Enjoy! Add join in!


Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 26 2014, 8:32pm

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Eye of Sauron cake..... always wanted a slice of that!

Does it come with some orcing on top?

Tol Eressea

Apr 28 2014, 11:46am

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Mmm mm mmm my stomach-mind is erupting *drool* //


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