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Bolg vs Azog


Jan 3 2014, 10:26pm

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Bolg vs Azog

Who would win in a fight? :D
Okay, imagine this.
Bolg comes back to Dol Guldur after losing Thorin at Laketown.
He delivers the bad news and they break into a fight. They both have their wargs at disposal. They fight throughout the whole of the fortress, a bit on the bridge and even eventually in the surrounding lands. None of the other orcs or Sauron intervene. A fight to the death. Who would win?
I have my bet on Bolg edging it slightly, going crazy with brute strength and Azog just taking hits with a stern face. Azog then gets serious and thrashes Bolg and then climbing onto his albino warg and devouring Bolg. What do you guys think?

Lieutenant of Dol Guldur

Jan 3 2014, 11:07pm

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Azog would win

First of all: I think the Necromancer would interfere and throw both of them against a wall reminding them that there are more important things to do than father-son-problems.Tongue

But since this is the Arena and you said that nobody interferes I would say Azog would win. Why? He is more cunning than Bolg. Bolg seemed to be a more brutal and practical fighter almost Berserker-like. Azog on the other hand is a strong fighter, intelligent and also looks more agile without the armor and stuff. There has to be a reason why Azog (except for his left arm) only carries self-made scars on his body while Bolg is wounded on almost every bodypart. In the end Azog remains the leader of the Orcs because he is strong but especially because is intelligent and cunning... and Bolg doesn't seemed to me that way in DOS.

Bolg is more a Lurtz kind of Orc. He is more intelligent than usual Orcs/Uruks but only as much to lead them into battle and concentrate on a mission someone else gave them but both are superior warriors.

Azog on the other hand (see the joke? Tongue) is more a Gothmog kind of Orc. Well both can't use their left arm and both are very intelligent and cunning but still strong warriors. They're leaders but also strategists.

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Jan 6 2014, 11:16pm

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Jan 9 2014, 1:07am

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"I taught you everything you know ...

but not everything I know".

Azog would win Cool.


Feb 6 2014, 5:23am

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Bolg is brute force

His physical beat-down of Legolas was quite impressive and necessary to ground Legolas. Bolg is scarier than Azog IMO. Maybe it's the filth and uncleanliness about him. Azog is a little too clean.

But overall you're right, Azog would win because he is extremely intelligent. He was bold enough to combat Gandalf (he still kept launching at him despite Gandalf pushing him back) - there ain't no stopping that Orc.