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Top Tolkien Stories of 2007


Dec 31 2007, 9:18pm

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Top Tolkien Stories of 2007

2007 has been quite an exciting year for Tolkien fans! There’s been an abundance of news and events from across the globe including openings of musicals, new book releases and new movies in the pipeline: something to satisfy just about any geeky preference! As a thank-you for following all the developments of the year with us, we thought we’d put together a retrospective of the top Tolkien stories of 2007 in one convenient list. The list below is in chronological order.

The top Tolkien stories of 2007

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Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Dec 31 2007, 9:49pm

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You forgot one very important thing

Gamers :)

One of the biggest things for me in 2007 was Turbine's release of The Lord of the Rings Online ( The fact that it is based on the books rather than the movies makes it all the better. It is an absolutely brilliant game; I recommend that everyone give it a try, if they are interested in such a thing.

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N.E. Brigand

Dec 31 2007, 10:16pm

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Nothing on the revelation of Sauron's real name?

In August another new work by Tolkien appeared: Words, Phrases & Passages in various tongues in The Lord of the Rings. This is a set of annotated lists by Tolkien, c. 1955-1966, that was published in Parma Eldalamberon, no. 17.

It didn't get much attention, and so does not merit an appearance on your list of top news items for 2007, but there is more new writing by Tolkien in this work (edited by Christopher Gilson for the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship) than in The Children of Húrin (at least ninety percent of which was previously published in The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales). Among the nifty tidbits that it presents is the name Sauron had before turning to evil: Mairon.

Here is a little discussion from earlier this year.

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Jan 1 2008, 4:47am

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I hope that..

.. the Long expected party will be something 'worthy' of the year-end recap for 2008 :)

Sr. Staff

Jan 2 2008, 12:58am

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A fine addition

I like the game a lot myself and also recommend it. It is a very significant release and yet I didn't think of it at all!

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Jan 2 2008, 12:59am

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Kudos to Altaira for putting this list together! {NT}


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Jan 2 2008, 3:18pm

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*applause!* Although...

for me, #7 is #1 ;)

This is a great idea; doing compilations of the top Tolkien events. It's a wonderful way to reflect on the past year and the flurry of each event.

Thank you!

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Jan 2 2008, 4:36pm

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Thanks Mr. C and gramma

I can't take credit for the idea; that was Calisuri's. I just did the research and the writing. I *did* miss a few highlights for 2007 but will be taking notes as 2008 goes by. *sharpens pencil* Smile

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Jan 2 2008, 4:40pm

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Thankyou Altaira! ...

and maybe we should donate some pencils ... might be a big year!

Many Thanks for your hard work!


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Tol Eressea

Jan 2 2008, 6:02pm

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Great list! And if we were doing a list of Top TOR.n Stories of 2007...

...I'd say all the hard work Altaira and the PTB put into redesigning the site and the message boards would be #1!


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N.E. Brigand

Jan 2 2008, 6:41pm

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Absolutely. //


We're discussing The Lord of the Rings in the Reading Room, Oct. 15, 2007 - Mar. 22, 2009!

We're on hiatus Dec. 24-Jan. 6 for the holidays.
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