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WELCOME to the Summer 2013 Torn Amateur Symposium, the very First TAS!

TORn Amateur Symposium

Jul 21 2013, 8:58am

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WELCOME to the Summer 2013 Torn Amateur Symposium, the very First TAS!

First of all, we want to sincerely thank the TORn Modar, and of course our TORn Founders, for the opportunity to present this Symposium, and for all of their patience, assistance and good will in the process of getting the TAS off the ground.

So, Welcome to the Summer 2013 Torn Amateur Symposium, the very First TAS!

This thread is to introduce the TAS, and for us to briefly describe the structure and the goals of the Torn Amateur Symposium. In addition, this thread provides a space for general comments and questions that may arise during the TAS. We hope you enjoy the literary offerings of our Membership, varying widely in scope and topics of interest, as much as we have.

* Our authors have written essays and analyses that are concerned, in some way, with the legendarium of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. These essays may be philosophic opinions, scientific theories, or analytical approaches to understanding or highlighting some facet of Tolkien's writings and world. These pieces are written with the goal of amateur scholarship at their core - thus inspiring our Symposium title. Authors may choose to include citations or footnotes, but they are by no means required.

* Please note that the Symposium pieces are organized by similarity of topic. We have grouped the pieces into several categories, to promote easier discussion and comparison between related subjects. Each category will be posted on a different date beginning on July 21st, to give a Symposium feel and give members enough time to read all of the amazing offerings. The Categories for this Symposium are:

- The Physics of Middle Earth to post Sunday, July 21st
- The Fauna of Middle Earth to post Monday, July 22nd
- The Geography of Middle Earth to post Tuesday, July 23rd
- The Hobbit Topics to post Wednesday, July 24th
- The Lord of the Rings Topics to post Thursday, July 25th
- Silmarillion Topics to post Friday, July 26th

* Keeping in mind the dual spirit of enjoyment and inquiry that we believe in (as much as we value cheer and song), and which is of paramount important to both the TAS team and our authors, we fully encourage discussion of the essays presented.

So please, go forth and enjoy all of the works we have posted for this 2013 Summer Session. The entire TAS Team, (Elaen32, DanielLB and Brethil), is both delighted and proud to present the essays our TAS members have crafted, relating their interests and skills to the world of JRRT that we all love; a world most intricately crafted, and one that "takes hold of us, and never let's go."