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Raddy is curious: why no Tolkien "fan clubs" as such?


Jul 14 2013, 6:38pm

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Raddy is curious: why no Tolkien "fan clubs" as such?

Something got me thinking today (Yes, that might have been risky, I admit). Whilst checking out whether it would be worth joining a medieval reenactment society it occurred to me that there aren't many Tolkien "fan clubs" as such-by that I mean clubs where fans actually meet up to make friends and to discuss Tolkien's work.

So that got me thinking: what if every country or at least most countries had a national or regional Tolkien fan club, whereby people could meet at their own convenience to participate in meetings/events-such as:

Face-to-face critical discussions/meetings based around friendly debate of Tolkien's work

Tolkien-themed parties and cosplays

Re-enactments of famous scenes/battles

Lessons in Tolkien's languages from field experts

Marathons of the films in the company of fellow fans, perhaps on a hired big screen/projector screen?

Get-to-know sessions for lonely Tolkien fans who want more people to share their interest with (e.g. me!)


What do you think? Am I going mad? Would it be a brilliant idea in only a perfect world?

I'm just curious to know how far the levels of people's fandom would extend to. Mine would certainly reach this far.

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Jul 14 2013, 6:52pm

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Well, there's the Tolkien Society

You could see if there is a Smial near you. Or you could start one. Or just start a local Tolkien group of your own. Ask in the Moots forum if local fans would be interested in planning an event, or, if you can wait that long, start a Line Party for DOS and meet local fans that way. I know some of the LOTR line parties planned other events between movie releases, and various groups plan Birthday parties around Sept. 22. If you're interested, see if you can make something happen.


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Tol Eressea

Jul 14 2013, 7:03pm

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There's the Tolkien Society -

and the Mythopoeic Society:

I've been a member of the Tolkien Society for many years. There are local groups called 'smials' where members meet up regularly to discuss all matters Tolkien. I met many of my closest friends through the Society,

We have three major events every year; the AGM in April; and the seminar in July (this year's is to be held next weekend, in Carlisle - the theme is Tolkien's landscapes). And in September there is Oxonmoot, which is our annual get-together over a weekend, spent at an Oxford college. There are papers, and dressing-up, for those who want it; and much fellowship. There used to be 'hacking' too, until around 1997 (that is, re-enactions). Unfortunately, these can no longer take place 'cos the costs of insurance is too high these days.

There are various Tolkien Societies around the world. I recommend getting in touch; they're great fun.


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Jul 14 2013, 7:10pm

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I've just become a member

and I've been trying to contact the Society about a particular Smial for the last two months or so - however, I haven't received any news ... Crazy

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Tol Eressea

Jul 14 2013, 7:35pm

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hmm, that's odd

- are you trying to get in touch via the website? If you've received a copy of the bulletin Amon Hen, you could try either writing to the Secretary by snail-mail, or sending him an e-mail.

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Jul 14 2013, 7:50pm

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as others all ready have suggested.

I can't see where you live outside of Middle-earth, but in a lot of European countries there are Societies.

In The Netherlands we have Unquendor (one of the oldest societies). In Germany the DTG (Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft). And I know people from the English, Belgium, Spanish, Greek and Slovenian Society. So there are plenty of them.

There was a gathering of Tolkien fans in Germany this weekend, The Tolkien Thing. And the re-enactment group of the Dutch Tolkien Society was at a local fantasy festival.

So most of the amazing things you are suggesting are already happening Smile!


Jul 14 2013, 8:00pm

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as others have said: there are

Not only is there the Tolkien Society, there are local groups with a variety of names. And in some locations, there are groups that use the "Meet Up" site interface to meet.

In the Twin Cities, we have the Minnesota Tolkien Society (not a smial of the Tolkien Society) and the Rivendell Group of the Mythopoeic Society.

We also, for a number of years (at least five), had a yearly LOTR trilogy marathon at an independent theater that was always sold out. Last year they were denied access to the films by the distributor. (WB?)

So my curiosity would be, why... just because you knew of no 'fan clubs' would you assume there were no 'fan clubs'? Just pointing out that it's unwise to think that all that exists or is true is what each of us personally know. I'm glad you asked and I hope you find a group near you. :-)

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Jul 14 2013, 8:11pm

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When I said that, I had made some research

But hadn't found anything that incorporated all of my ideas-yes, admittedly perhaps my title should have been a more open question rather than what seems on the surface to be more of a statement :).

Indeed, my title was rather misleading. It should have been more of a proposal suggesting the idea of somebody setting up the venue I was babbling on about-somebody who has the time to do that, obviously!

Of course, in the UK there will probably not be as many options available, but it is nice to know that there are certain gatherings from time-to-time.

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Jul 14 2013, 10:20pm

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It might be hard to find one organization that meets all those needs

especially if you're crossing movie fandom with book fandom. The two sets overlap but aren't completely inclusive.

Most organizations are what the members make it. And mostly organizations rely upon a small handful of people to keep things active. I say start one! Roheryn was just remarking on Off Topic that she's recently stumbled across two keen Tolkien fans. I bet you'll find other fans if you seek them. You might get the most interest if you actually plan an activity and then see who you can get to join in. Rather than trying to get people together to decide what you're going to do. But, depending on personalities, the second approach could also work.

I'm not terribly active (hardly at all) in the Minnesota Tolkien Society. But I did attend a Halloween party and a Silmarillion discussion group organized by them. There have also been a few TORn Message Board members in this area that have met socially a few times. And then I met up with them and the MTS for the Trilogy events.

It's always been fun. I value the friendships I've made via Tolkien very much.

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Jul 14 2013, 11:50pm

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I hear of Tolkien gatherings all the time, practically every other day. Sadly, none of them seem to be anywhere near me.

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Jul 15 2013, 6:26am

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Yes I did receive the new issue

Actually, I've tried contacting them through the Smials email address - will try and write to the secretary then. Many thanks! Smile

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Jul 15 2013, 9:52am

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Yes, you've hit the nail on the head

I am mainly looking for something that incorporates both book and movie fandom, with an obvious emphasis on the first. I think it is to do with the nature of myself as a fan-I love the books and am very fond of the films, whilst others are often either one or the other. With the friends of mine who are into Tolkien/Middle-earth, they are mostly like me-i.e. they like both.

I suppose that it would not be a bad idea for me to try and organize such a club/society based around my local area. It would have to be a few years from now, but you are right-the interest is certainly out there :)

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Tol Eressea

Jul 15 2013, 12:19pm

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If it's books and movies you want -

- then the Tolkien Society is for you. I remember at one Oxonmoot, we had Dr. Dimitra Fimi giving one of the papers, and also a special showing of Born of Hope; with Kate Madison giving a talk afterwards. There was the chap who played Aragorn too.

We're a broad church.



Jul 16 2013, 3:05pm

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Fan club? That's sooo 1980

Kidding. Sort of.
I believe online platforms, such as this, are quite sufficient to most people. Those who like to go a step beyond might find a chance to meet online and then do whatever they want to do in a real-life setting. With no "club" as such it takes away quite a bit of red tape, imo. Just find likeminded folks, go out and play. No club needed.Wink