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no viggo


May 28 2013, 9:15pm

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no viggo

straight from the horses mouth

definitive or just deceiving us ? ;)

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May 28 2013, 9:22pm

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That's a good thing

It almost sounds as if Viggo isn't really impressed with all the visual hullabaloo. It also seems like he doubts The Hobbit can be stretched into 3'd really think he'd have the time to see it since it came out.

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May 28 2013, 9:23pm

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Hmmm ... conflicting information

Not about not appearing in the films, but whether he has seen the film or not!

From this interview:

Has he seen the new movie yet? No. "I'm interested in seeing that world again, and seeing what Peter Jackson's done, how he's made use of the improvements in special effects and cameras and the different way of shooting, which will probably enhance the visual aspect of the experience, the sound also."

From this interview in March:

Yeah, I did. I went on opening day to see it. I was actually in Argentina, and I went with a bunch of kids and their parents. It was kind of a party atmosphere, it was fun, it was in 3-D, and they had popcorn. I enjoyed it. In particular it was nice to see some of the landscapes I remembered. It was a nice trip down memory lane, where wed shot near some of the places where Id gone camping or fishing.

I'm confused. Is he hiding something and accidentally told a fib (either in this interview, or the earlier one)? ShockedWink Conspiracy time!


May 28 2013, 9:24pm

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The article was published today...

...but how old could this interview be? It mentions that Viggo had yet to see AUJ, but I recall other interviews where he mentioned that he had seen it. I'm thinking this interview might be a little dated.

EDIT: Either that, or what DanielLB said.

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May 28 2013, 9:33pm

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Three options:

1) The Guardian interviewed Viggo before the film was released, and since then have subsequently fabricated the fact he hasn't seen the film (since he hadn't at the time of being interviewed). Mistake on their half, perhaps forgetting the fact the film hadn't been released when they interviewed him.

2) As I read it, I don't think they asked him at all whether he has seen the film or not (and could have interviewed him yesterday or 6 months ago). Since no isn't in quotation marks, I'm guessing they've simply got no from the quote they have provided. In this case, bad journalism.

3) Viggo told a fib to one of these interviewers. Least likely, I think.


May 28 2013, 9:34pm

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From the article:

If his mission has been to shed the sword-wielding Aragorn image, he has succeeded; yet he's at peace with the fame the role brought him, acknowledging that he has The Lord of the Rings to thank for the opportunities that have since come his way. In Peter Jackson's Hobbit film, several of the Rings cast reprised their roles. Was he asked to take part? "No. Before they started shooting, back in 2008, one of the producers did ask if I would be interested. I said, 'You do know, don't you, that Aragorn isn't in The Hobbit? That there is a 60-year gap between the books?'"

Mortensen continues:


Has he seen the new movie yet? No. "I'm interested in seeing that world again, and seeing what Peter Jackson's done, how he's made use of the improvements in special effects and cameras and the different way of shooting, which will probably enhance the visual aspect of the experience, the sound also. And I'm interested in seeing how he's managed to make three movies out of a relatively slim volume Jackson is a clever person I'm sure he'll have done something really interesting with it." Working in New Zealand from 1999-2003 remains an important professional and personal experience. "I've gone back occasionally to visit friends both animal and human. It's a beautiful country."

So he does acknowledge recently visiting NZ and possibly visiting the sets of the new films. If Aragorn is in the new film-series at all (which I tend to doubt at this point) then he is definitely played by a younger actor (whether a child actor for 10 year-old Estel or an actor in his early to mid-twenties in deference to the differences between books and films).

This interview might well have preceded the one published earlier, before he spoke of having seen AUJ.

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May 28 2013, 9:36pm

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I agree that it's better not to have Aragorn....

... in the Hobbit, much as I liked him in the previous films.

But how do you get the idea that he doubts that the Hobbit will make three films? This is what he says....

And I'm interested in seeing how he's managed to make three movies out of a relatively slim volume … Jackson is a clever person – I'm sure he'll have done something really interesting with it.

I don't hear any doubt in that at all. 'Jackson is a clever person - I'm sure....' So he's sure it has been done well and is intrigued to see how. Sounds more like faith than doubt to me.

As for whether he's seen it or not, As DanielLB has come up with an interview in which he says he has seen it, I reckon this must be an old interview.


May 28 2013, 9:40pm

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Problem is ...

This interview might well have preceded the one published earlier, before he spoke of having seen AUJ

Viggo said he saw AUJ on opening day in Argentina (on the same day as the UK, and most of the world). Why would an interviewer ask if he had seen the film, before it is released? It makes him sound like he's not really interested.

I agree, and think it's an old interview. But I think they've made up the "no".

Who's on twitter? Let's ask the journalist! Wink (Though just for the record, I'm not encouraging anyone calling the journalist a liar.) Crazy

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May 28 2013, 10:02pm

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"In this very room"

from the transcript:

Does he see a time when he might stop acting? He smiles as we chat. "In 2008, in this very room, I said to a journalist who asked if I had plans to do another movie, 'No, not at the moment. I need a break.' By which I meant a month or two. He then wrote, 'Viggo Mortensen has quit.' And I spent the next two years denying that I'd quit acting, or explaining why I had returned when I'd quit."

He doesn't seem to have much luck with statements he's made in this very room :). As DanielLB mentioned, he's since stated in interviews that he has seen the film. So this interview must have taken place a while ago.

I'm of two minds regarding his appearance in The Hobbit trilogy. On the one hand, I'd like to see him in a cameo as Aragorn. On the other hand, his character's introduction in FOTR (the stranger in the corner, the eyes over the pipe) is such a classic. I love that bit of mystery in FOTR about who he is and whether the Hobbits should trust him.


May 28 2013, 10:48pm

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It must be an old interview according to this:

In the interview he says he's shooting "Two Faces of January" and a link goes to this: at Screen Daily

The Two Faces of January starts shooting
31 August, 2012 | By Melanie Goodfellow

Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst co-star in adaptation of Patricia Highsmith thriller, produced by Working Title and financed by StudioCanal.

Then IMBd says about Two Faces
in production notes updated 5 Dec. 2012 that the film is in post-production.

This "new" interview doesn't add up.

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May 28 2013, 11:42pm

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To repeat Balin, "Probably for the best, after all"

Aragorn should only be ten. I am going to ignore the fact that the extended films leave a slight age continuity error. Not encountering him will quiet the issue.

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straight from the horses mouth

definitive or just deceiving us ? ;)

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Ziggy Stardust

May 29 2013, 12:31am

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Too true

As much as I loved him as Aragorn in LOTR, in TH, he would be like 10, and would be pushing the continuity errors. But even though Viggo won't be in The Hobbit, I haven't forgotten about him. Smile


May 29 2013, 12:42am

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but also

Viggo didn't have a phone for the longest time. He'd call his agent by payphone. Don't know if this is true now, but I remember reading interviews with him at the time mentioning this...

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Tol Eressea

May 29 2013, 1:03am

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If so...

then those rumours we hear were incorrect, unexpectedly.

As to his comments on the film...i get the feeling he wasnt particularly impressed with it, when all he mentions are the landscapes ...

His career really took off after Aragorn, ive seen all his posterior filmwork and ive been very impressed with his performances.

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May 29 2013, 1:13am

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Viggo is referring to not having seen DOS? I thought I saw a pic of him at the Argentina premier somewhere...

 photo cbccab4e-f61e-4be5-aaa1-20e302430c7c.jpg


May 29 2013, 5:01am

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I agree it's probably an old interview

My guess is that they probably interviewed him around the release of his 'Everybody Has a Plan' in Argentina -- which was in August 2012, so it's entirely possible that he had not seen AUJ then.

(And they are only publishing this interview now because the film is about to be released in the UK)

Right? :)


May 29 2013, 5:04am

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makes sense

Given the area, there is lousy cell reception at best, and depending on where his agent is located, for a landline it could be a costly long distance call. Also, he lives way out of town on property from what I have heard, and it is very much possible there wasn't phone lines for landlines out there at the time. Yup, most of North Idaho is pretty remote. I would imagine it cuts down on the weird stalker stories and fan break ins and robberies though- unless the person isn't afraid of moose or bears or the like (and they would have to be absolutely insane if they didn't at least have a healthy respect for these animals-they are both very territorial and dangerous!)

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May 29 2013, 5:08am

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Maybe not necessarily?

I think it's very possible that he hadn't seen it at the time of the interview, and it seems like he's quite positive about seeing it and seeing what PJ can do.

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May 29 2013, 6:19am

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But why would they ask him around August 2012 if he has seen the film ...

If the film hadn't been released yet? Wink Since he's not tied to the production directly, it seems nonsensical to ask whether he has seen a cut of the film. They can't then say he hasn't seen the film, because it's been 6 months since it was released (and he was interviewed). This is why interviews should be published straight after being done. Otherwise, the information quickly becomes out of date! Laugh

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May 29 2013, 7:04am

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Second Interview clarifies the timeline somewhat

In a similar interview, also done in London (this time for the Telegraph) (link below), the interviewer does mention that Viggo is currently shooting The Two Faces of January, which wrapped in December. The question in the Guardian interview could make sense if he or she assumed that Viggo may have seen a pre-release viewing of AUJ.

Telegraph Interview

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May 29 2013, 7:20am

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That's a good point

Hmmm... maybe the stuff in quotation marks was something from another earlier unpublished interview. Like you said -- bad journalism Laugh

Look at the article's subtitle "...Viggo Mortensen doesn't just play twins in his new noirish thriller, he also took charge of the subtitles. The actor talks about challenging roles and why he turned The Hobbit down"

Why he turned the Hobbit down? Not exactly what he said...


May 29 2013, 7:21am

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Ah, that makes sense!

Good internet detective work DwellerInDale!

Semper Fi

May 29 2013, 10:46am

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That` s not what he said

He said he was interested to see what Jackson does with technology and 3 movie split. He didn`t sound unimpressed or impressed since it was interview before he saw the movie so he couldn`t get emotional about it either way.

Valandil ed Imladris

May 30 2013, 12:41am

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Viggo simply knows

that he was in the superior, the REAL trilogy Tongue

Tol Eressea

May 30 2013, 1:56am

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Vous commencez m'ennuyer avec le port!!!


May 30 2013, 4:38pm

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Viggo 'Turned Down' Role as Aragorn? Not so fast...

On the home page, we have a follow-up article.

At this point, almost anything is possible. iincluding a first meeting between Aragorn and Gandalf. Making Viggo look young enough would be the chief problem.

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May 30 2013, 4:47pm

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follow up

thats why i put, 'definitive or deceiving us?'

the quotes and the questions on the interview i linked too just dont add up. but its nice that torn wanted to do a follow up on my post ;)

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May 30 2013, 7:38pm

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Honestly, thats better


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May 31 2013, 3:46am

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Aragorn: putting the two age issues to rest

Viggo Mortensen may or may not be filming a cameo as Aragorn / Strider for TABA; if so, I think that there are no real problems with the two "age issues" that many people on the Forum have assumed. Here are my reasons:

1. But Aragorn was only 10-12 years old at the time of "The Hobbit": In the movie timeline, the 17 years between Bilbo's birthday party and Gandalf's return to the Shire were cut out, as they were completely unnecessary for the story. Note carefully: one cannot just assume that those 17 years passed "offscreen", because every character in Hobbiton (Merry, Pippin, Sam, Rosie Cotton, Fatty Bolger, Evan Proudfoot, etc..) looks exactly the same at Bilbo's party and the end of ROTK. Some members have grasped at straws by arguing that "the Ring kept Frodo from aging". True, but that does not explain everyone else appearing the same as well. In addition, in the EE of TTT, we hear Aragorn say that he is 87 years old. Thus in movie timeline it is consistent to have the character as being 26-27 years old at the time of The Hobbit.

2.They would have to do some digital de-aging of Viggo, as in Tron Legacy. Below I attach a photo montage of the two pictures that accompanied the Telegraph interview. One is of Mortensen in TTT, one was taken specially for the Telegraph about 6 months ago. IMO there would be no need for special digital computer de-aging effects; Mortensen still looks good enough that just the dark beard, hair, and normal makeup should suffice, especially if his appearance would be limited to a cameo of the cloaked and hooded Strider in Bree. Tolkien himself wrote that Aragorn became "grim" to look upon when he went out into the world, so it would also be natural for him to appear somewhat older than his age would suggest.

Viggo Montage

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Semper Fi

May 31 2013, 11:08am

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He looks his age (55)

That`s normal. Besides, fans should appreciate that he doesn`t have a big ego that would make him accept to play a character decades younger. Even in an unnecessary cameo.

Not all threads should be tied with LOTR in The Hobbit and I`m with everyone who said that his cameo would ruin Aragorn`s great into in FOTR.


May 31 2013, 7:08pm

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I'm still inclined to think that Viggo won't appear...

On the other hand, it would not surprise me if Jackson found a way to give him at least a cameo.

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