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Repost reminder: "Law and Arda" discussion May 28th


May 23 2013, 9:48pm

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Repost reminder: "Law and Arda" discussion May 28th

Hello Reading Room!

A recent thread about the latest issue of Tolkien Studies prompted our very own Voronwe the Faithful, author Douglas Kane, to generously make his 2012 Tolkien Studies article "Law and Arda" available to us for discussion.

Its a fascinating article, covering various points in law and government in Middle Earth, in relation to such (timely!) things as Bilbo's contract and the legality of Bilbo's lifting of the Cup from Smaug. I will post a summary of the article to begin the discussion.

I will forward a copy of the article via PM to anyone interested in joining in. Its a good-sized piece, so I will plan on posting the thread May 28th, thus giving anyone who would like to get started a chance to read the article through.

Should be great! Smile If you need a copy PM me and it shall be yours!

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