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Just back from HobbitCon

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Apr 1 2013, 7:17pm

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Just back from HobbitCon

and wow!!!! that was amazing!!!

Got to meet Laguz and Kiwifan, they will come in later to tell their experience.
But what a fun this was.

Where to start?!?
This group of actors (Jed Brophy - Nori, Dean O'Gorman - Fili, Mark Hadlow - Dori, Peter Hambleton - Gloin, Graham McTavish - Dwaling, Stephen Hunter - Bombur, John Callen - Oin, Adam Brown - Ori and Sylvester McCoy - Rrrrradagast the Brrrrrown), what a group of friends. Such a nice, relaxed, kind, friendly, open and fun group of people.
The dwarves really have become friends. Normally with the guests they are in the main hall on stage when they have a talk and leave the convention ground. But these guys took a seat in the main hall while the others were on stage. Which made for the most fun moments; comments coming from the "audience", sneaky comments from the stage towards those "audience" members and in some cases even very strange questions from the "audience"members. But all in so much fun and joy. Teasing like brothers Wink.
We laughed so much, about everything they had to tell, what happened on stage, during filming, outside of filming, auditioning. It was just great to hear from all of them.

Sylvester McCoy, what a gem this guy is! I already encountered him on the first day, just going over the convention ground, looking for a Radagast figurine.
He had his first panel right after opening. Which means almost all the convention goers are in the hall. And it was a blast!!! Normally they star stays on the stage, answering questions, and the MC (in this case Mark Ferguson, also known as Gilgalad) is standing (or sitting) beside him. Pointing who gets to ask a question or jumping in when an inappropriate question is being asked. But not Mr McCoy. After two questions on stage he has enough of it, and went into the public, walking around, answering questions while going through the hall. It was hilarious! He kept moving with a tail of people behind him who wanted to ask him a question, hugging people, dancing, whistling, it was amazing! So much laughter (and I felt so sorry for the girl of the DVD-team, they record everything, she was sitting down, camera on a tripod to record, and she ended up running behind him, to get everything).

And not forgetting the wizards from Weta. Daniel Falconer and Paul Tobin came over. Wow, what a treasures! My weekend started with a workshop by them. And this workshop was a true workshop, two hours drawing with both of them. It was a "brief" to design weapons from the Silmarillion. And you got to go and draw along. And Daniel and Paul came along to give suggestions, put you in a certain direction you hadn't thought of. It was amazing to see how much work goes into designing something, how hard it is, what you all have to think about. Just to stay focused unto drawing for two hours, to keep on coming with ideas to keep working on. It was also very clear why you need a team for designing, to keep feedback going, get ideas from others.
And if that wasn't enough the two of them gave 5 talks! About designing weapons and armours, designing the dwarves, the history of Weta, the books from Weta and the collectibles from Weta. I already had the most respect for what Weta is doing, but with these talks and seeing these two guys at work, just WOW!!!

Oh, and sneak peeks..... well not much, all the actors and the guys from Weta kept pretty tongue tied. But... there will be a dwarf/elf something happening. And we will be THRILLED... (that's the cue one was saying too much and they stopped talking, I can't remember what it was they were all referring to, maybe some will come back later).

And one of the supreme highlights of the weekend, closing ceremony, always a sad moment, ended with all the dwarves singing the Misty Mountains. Amazing!!! We missed a few singing voices (those lovely baritons from Richard Armitage and James Nesbitt) but it still gave me goose bumps.

More probably later. And when Laguz and Kiwifan can join in when the get home (it was great to get to meet you ladies!!!).

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Apr 1 2013, 8:13pm

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Thanks for sharing your trip!! I'm so jealous and wish I could go! That all sounded incredible, but holy cow, to be able to draw with them for 2 hours?! What an experience. And them singing, and I want to know about this elf/dwarf thrill we'll be getting...hmm...

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Apr 1 2013, 8:44pm

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It sounds like you had a blast. :D /


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Apr 1 2013, 10:39pm

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* turns into green eyed monster*

I'm sooo envious. But seriously, thanks for telling us about it- it sounds really cool and I'm glad you all had such a good time. I wanted to go but still unwell so..:. When's the next one? I wanna be there!!

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Apr 2 2013, 6:55am

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You went into the workshop of Weta?? Wow! My husband and I came only a few minutes too late for that..sadly all seats were gone for this Workshop, but still, I'm very happy for you that you got it!

Someone posted a few photos from the event:

I've sadly no much time to write now..but later I would love to hear what you all expirienced there! What did you love the most?
I believe the dancing Azog will never get out of my brain..
And by the way, maybe we even met there without knowing it..were you in costumes?

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Apr 2 2013, 10:30am

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Sounds like you had the most amazing time!

I really need to get to one of these conventions one day. Evil

I don't think I could control myself with all those cast and crew there!


Apr 3 2013, 2:14am

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Fantastic - thanks for sharing it with us all!

I agree, I would love to go myself one of these days. It sounds like a wonderful experience, especially when the cast is a bunch of fun.

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Apr 3 2013, 3:17am

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"Wow" is right!

It sounds like you had the most amazing time ever, Rosie! How awesome does that drawing workshop sound. You lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl!

Thanks for sharing! Smile

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Apr 3 2013, 12:42pm

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What an experience!

Epic weekend, nothing compares to it!

Meeting Rosie and Kiwifan was awesome, and we also made another friend who Kiwifan met on her way to the hotel :)

As for HobbitCon itself, it was amazing. Meeting the actors was great, the Fri night me and my friend went to meet Kiwifan, and while waiting we saw Mark Hadlow (Dori) sitting alone at a table. Not having the guts to go say hi, we wandered around catching glimses every so often :)
Hours later and we're sitting across the foyer with Mark, Jed Brophy (Nori), Dean O'Gorman (Fili), Sylvester McCoy (Radagast), John Callen (Oin), Peter Hambleton (Gloin), Graham McTavish (Dwalin) and Stephen Hunter (Bombur) sitting at said table (Adam hadn't arrived yet). Anyway, Kiwifan had her moment with these guys (I'll let her share her stories :p) and we went over and said hi, very overwhelming and amazing ^.^

Throughout the weekend we'd see Peter and Jed sitting a row or two in front, behind, walking at the sides during the other stars panels (Pretty much all of the actors did this, but we only saw Peter & Jed by us), or you'd see the actors wandering around the convention either looking around or getting to places they need to be. Towards the end of the weekend, it seemed rather normal to walk past them, and they were so friendly (I had imagined that they'd only be seen at their panels, autograph/photograph sessions and would be escorted around through secret passages xD). I heard some actors tell fans passing by that they could take a quick photo (The HobbitCon staff had a strict rule of no stopping the actors to take photos)

The panels were so funny. Like Rosie said, it was common for a panel to be hi-jacked by the other Actors. Jed & Adam (Nori & Ori) had a panel together, and near the start we'd hear Mark Hadlow (with a microphone backstage) jokingly-complaining that he was promised a panel with the three of them, and that they hid the Jed/Adam panel from him. Graham brought on stage his Dwalin prosthetic arm and got a fan to come on stage and try it on, which was hilarious as he explained the story on how they used talc to get it on his arm, and by the end of the day it had become some sweaty, talcy substance which they called 'Dwalin's Milk' which often flicked across the make up staff when taking the arm off xD

So many great panels. They had several panels with the actors alone, and then a few of them together with each other. During Dwalin's lone panel, I plucked up the courage to ask him a question about Uncharted 3 (a game he voice acted in which I'm a big fan of) which he said was fun, he loved it and hopes to be in a fourth game if they made another. I also asked John & Peter (Oin & Gloin) what they thought of Gimli's relationship with Legolas and Galadriel. Peter recognised me as 'Becky from Wales' through my accent (I'd had autographs and had been talking to Peter earlier that day) which set John off in a discussion about the Dwarves should have had Welsh accents (I guess from the fact John Rhys Davies who played Gimli was Welsh). John went on to answering my question saying that he blames Gloin for being a bad father resulting in Gimli making friends with elves (hating elves was a common joke throughout the weekend, as you'd imagine) and Peter pretty much agreed with him!

We got to hear quite a bit about the Naughty Dwarf Calender! Can't remember who was what month, but I do remember some of the descriptions of the dwarves and their poses (Remember they were all in their muscle/fat suits :p):
Thorin - Straddling a chair holding Orchist as Dwalin's hand holds a hair dryer blowing Thorin's hair
Dori - Marilyn Monroe pose with the dress blowing up
Ori - In hot pants, legwarmers and roller skates washing the bonnet of Peter Jackson's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (A car from a classic British movie/Musical)
Dwalin - Rein-acting a classic image of a man holding a newborn baby in his hands. They had Adam Brown pose as the baby and photo-shopped them together (Graham said in his panel that Dwalin is protective of Ori as he admires his courage, this is probably where the idea came from)
Bombur - Wearing a bikini and squashing his moobs together xD
Bifur - In a padded cell, holding his prosthetic face near his groin area.

I'll finish up there and will post again if I think of more happenings (too many to remember atm xD) I highly suggest if there's another one for people to try and make it, it was so amazing! Next time I'll have to stay in the same hotel, cause leaving every night to get to our hotel in Bonn was a real downer and we wished we'd stayed at the Maratim Hotel.

(Btw, Rosie, It was John Callen who kept saying 'Thrillllllleeedddddd' about the next movies ^,^)


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Apr 3 2013, 12:54pm

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Hooray - great report!

I'm so glad you all met up. TORN meetups are just the best.

IF you ever have the chance to see the dwarf actors again, do not hesitate to chat with them. I attended a Wellington premier party put on by TORN and Red Carpet Tours, and many of the actors attended, and mingled with all of us throughout the night. Jed was master of ceremonies, but between his moments on stage, he was just part of the crowd. We talked a bit with Peter and he was lovely. They have all heard about us fans, and are eager to get to know us. Seems that the current cast and crew have told the "new" team members that us fans are just great. Smile


Apr 3 2013, 2:17pm

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I need to go!!!

before they're over! Problem is I can't come up with the $$ to hop across the pond from the US :( Wondercon may have to work though at the least....but Hobbitcon sounds more centered on ME which is why I'd rather go to that!

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Apr 4 2013, 2:29am

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Fabulous report!

Between you and Rosie, it sounds like it couldn't have been an more perfect Hobbity weekend. So glad you had the chance to go!

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Apr 4 2013, 10:04pm

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You guys can't half talk XD

It was sweet as! I donít need to tell you much more since those two have already filled you inTongue
Stupid panels made me love Adam Brown :3 Curse my camera for not being able to take a photo of them singing the Misty Mountains! I wish they gave out more swag but I just like goodies. Weta gave out treasure codes and we got a free floor map of Bag End which is pretty nice ^^

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Apr 4 2013, 10:57pm

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In Reply To
It was sweet as! I donít need to tell you much more since those two have already filled you inTongue
Stupid panels made me love Adam Brown :3 Curse my camera for not being able to take a photo of them singing the Misty Mountains! I wish they gave out more swag but I just like goodies. Weta gave out treasure codes and we got a free floor map of Bag End which is pretty nice ^^

Just a quick introduction guys, Autumn is my best friend who joined my adventure to HobbitCon (and New Zealand last year). She finally signed up, yaaayyyyyy!


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Apr 5 2013, 6:33am

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Good thing you joined! That was a great weekend.

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Apr 5 2013, 9:41am

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I did blame you!

In Reply To

Just a quick introduction guys, Autumn is my best friend who joined my adventure to HobbitCon (and New Zealand last year). She finally signed up, yaaayyyyyy!

....and kiwifanfor making me do this here:;so=DESC;mh=25;

Sly Saying that, where is that awesome lady?


Apr 5 2013, 9:50pm

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Hi Autumn --- welcome to TORn! Yay! Yes, I'm back

if by 'that awesome lady' you meant me?

After that mind-blowing HobbitCon I spent several days with my friend in Wuppertal which is about an hour from Bonn by fast train, and only got back this evening, with my back in dire need of rest. Had another mind-blowing experience last night (of a musical rather than a hobbity nature) and now I daresay my mind is indeed well and truly blown. Well, I hope to recover overnight and add my two cents' worth tomorrow. Oh by the way, I gave A.B. your message ('from the two B.s from Wales) and a proxy hug from each of you (you can 'retaliate' when you see him in Wales), and added a hug from me for good measure (all good things come in threes, after all) right after breakfast on Tuesday morning. Smile He didn't drop down dead on the spot but left the Rotisserie under his own steam so I suppose it was all right.Wink

Hope you got back safely and didn't suffer from the Deutsche Bahn's going to hell in a handbasket rather quickly (this entire trip for me involved three separate train journeys and on each and every one of them there were problems, unbelievable). But I'll even put up with the (expletive deleted) Deutsche Bahn if it means getting to have wonderful experiences at one's respective destinations --- and they were wonderful indeed! --- and meeting wonderful people like you two, Rosie-w-t-ribbons and our other German comrade in arms, as it were. (Have you made contact yet?)

Have a pleasurable Friday night (in the Welsh tradition but go easy on these Jagerbombs or what these infernal concoctions are called, and keep an eye on Laguz Evil Tongue...

Hugs from Stuttgart! And now good night...

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Apr 6 2013, 2:40am

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Rosie, THIS is really fabulous stuff!

This is the stuff of dreams and memories.
Talk about a roll call of those that have magic about them.
Thank you for the window into such a wonderful event.
Geez, this just so coolSmile.

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Apr 6 2013, 8:54pm

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You have a floor map of Bag End??!!

Did you get that in the workshop on Saturday with Daniel Falconer and Paul Tobin? Oooh, I'm envious! And what are treasure codes?

I guess we should have spent more time discussing those things rather than party! Evil

The Shire

Apr 6 2013, 9:38pm

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They're just gift codes printed on a business cards really, and I heard Dan & Paul saying in their panels that they'd give some out if you saw them walking around.

At least we can talk about it now though, and we had a good time partying there :p


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Apr 6 2013, 10:00pm

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Gift codes for what precisely?

I ought to go to bed, my brain isn't working. They handed out cards with codes and you can get gifts from Weta for these, or what? I did see them walking around but was too busy hugging them and getting them to write lovely things in my Sibley book to notice any cards (now is that a case for Smile or Unsure ?)

*off to brush teeth and so on, will check back later*

The Shire

Apr 7 2013, 8:24am

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Just codes for random things, they said it could be a $150 (ND) voucher or 15% off, or what me & Autumn got (Floor Plan of Bag End Parchment Art Print).


Back in Action from over a year xD


Apr 7 2013, 6:36pm

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Thanks for the report

Sounded lovely.

Is your avatar from the Rescuers? So cute!

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Apr 11 2013, 1:57am

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Is it true that Tauriel actually has a crush on Thranduil and that Azog dies in the second film, or were either of these simply April Fools' pranks (since both piecies of information arose on that day)?


Apr 12 2013, 2:19pm

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That's great!

Good for you!

Good thing I didn't know about it or I would've felt obliged to dog Daniel's and Paul's footsteps (would have had to clone myself for that) --- a voucher would've been great (I do covet most of the LotR and TH art prints) but then one can't have everything and I had so many great experiences that weekend.


Apr 12 2013, 2:25pm

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I really have no idea

since all I remember from the panels regarding this topic is a hint from Peter Hambleton and John Callen about some among the company of Dwarves not being sufficiently hostile to the Elves, or something to this effect (perhaps one of my other four TORnsibs there has a better memory? Mine is like a Swiss cheese, mostly holes). I don't recall anyone mentioning Thranduil but then I didn't go to any of the lectures in German, concentrating on the panels by the actors and trying to catch a bit of the Weta guys' presentations.


Apr 12 2013, 2:33pm

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Control yourself (or rather, not controlling yourself) in which way?

Yes, you should've been there, it would've been fun to meet! Didn't I suggest weeks back selling your best photos from South Georgia to some publishers of calendars or the like, in order to finance coming to HobbitCon? I rather think I did, but then my memory is so wretched... Unsure

Let's all hope and pray there will be another HobbitCon (which would in all likelihood be much more crowded, judging from the success of this one).


Apr 12 2013, 3:14pm

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HobbitCon impressions, part one

I've tried and tried during the past week to marshal my memories into some kind of coherent report but since I have a hard time deciphering my diary (written lying flat on my back in bed usually very late at night) and not having taking any notes of the panels (too busy listening and laughing), I just can't do it. Besides, Rosie and Laguz have covered most of the grounds already Smile so I'll confine myself to impressions rather than facts.

A couple of months back Riven Delve started a thread on the Hobbit boards about how each of the Dwarves made her fall in love with him, and I've had the same thing happening to me over those four incredible days, involving not the Dwarves as characters in a film but the men behind the masks, as it were.

Having arrived on the afternoon of Good Friday, the day prior to the con's official start, I was resting on my bed at the Maritim hotel early in the evening when reception rang and said my friends were here so I went downstairs, met Laguz and Autumn, and took them up to my room where we became acquainted and they helped me assemble some little gifts for the actors. Eventually they left me to write accompanying tiny cards and rest a little longer, and I ate the cheese rolls and an apple which I had been too nervous to eat on the train. Also took half a tablet of my anti-panic medication as I was really freaked out by the idea of accosting the actors and possibly meeting with a rebuff. At around half past eight I ventured down to the foyer, meeting up with L. and A. again, and then mustered all my courage and walked over to the table L. mentioned where seven of the actors were still sitting and chatting after finishing their dinner. I introduced myself with a bow as 'Kiwifan, at your service' and told them exactly what I'd been dreaming about telling them for weeks, and that seemed to go down rather well Smile. We ended up talking about New Zealand, and it all was quite easy and painless although I'm sure I made a right fool of myself in the beginning, being so nervous, and proved to be the first of several encounters over the course of HC, some of them involving some quite lengthy conversations about rather private and personal matters so I won't describe them. Handed over my little gifts which were well received, noticed L. and A. observing all of this, beckoned them to come over, and introduced them, too. The only ones missing were Adam Brown who arrived later from London, when the actors were ensconced in what became their private corner in the bar, and we girls (Laguz, Autumn, Akanarichan and I) were strategically positioned at the bar, observing the comings and goings. I managed to give Adam his gift and card some time after he had arrived and exchanged a few words with him, and caught Mark Hadlow the next day after lunch, so that part of my mission was accomplished fairly easily.

I'd better hit the 'send' button before my internet connection is cut off again, and continue in part two (those already bored needn't bother to read on. Wink)



Apr 12 2013, 5:00pm

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HobbitCon impressions, part two

Just re-read what I wrote in part one, and am afraid I'm still not very coherent. Sorry! Evil

Having separated not too late that first evening (must have been around 10.30 p.m.), Laguz and Autumn to return to their hotel and Akanarichan (Aka for short in the following) and I to return to our respective rooms, we met again in the morning where they (and Rosie with the ribbons, who had arrived that day and whom I recognised straight away) were standing in line for the first Weta workshop (see Rosie's and Laguz' entries) while I, still unused to so many people, took a brief walk down to the Rhine river and back, to clear my head, my first and only time to leave the hotel during those amazing days. The weather was still unseasonably cold and grey but I needed the fresh air. Returned to my room to prepare a little surprise for a TORnsib who should've been at HC but couldn't be due to illness, then met the other four after their workshop was over. We all managed to meet again several times during HC (even though I don't have a properly functioning mobile phone) either by design or by chance, since apparently HC was rather small in comparison with the annual RingCon (which takes place in October), a fact I thoroughly enjoyed since everyone at HC belonged to the same 'species' of fans and pretty much everything was focussed on The Hobbit.

There were so many events to choose from, up to six at the same time, and like I said, I should have liked to have a clone (or two) for attending the events I couldn't go to. Although there were numerous workshops (by Weta involving drawing and designing, by the DTG (the German Tolkien Society) about creating makeups for elves, orcs and ogres, about making Middle-earth jewellery, needlework, making liqueurs, learning calligraphy, especially Tengwar, about photoshop and light effects, about Hobbit dancing, how to fight and fall on stage without injuring oneself or anyone else; and lectures (mostly in German) on all kinds of Hobbit and Tolkien-related themes, and a quiz, and so on, I myself concentrated on the events involving those dear, sweet, talented, wonderful men (i.e., the actors), and that more than kept me busy.

Rosie and Laguz already talked about the panels so I won't add much except that it's funny that I had totally forgotten all the stuff involving the 'naughty dwarf calendar' (I suppose the nature of my mind is too serious to retain such frivolities Tongue --- just kidding, Laguz, but in comparison to your bubbly personality I am a staid old woman indeed!!). But then I've forgotten many of the things that were said in those panels, alas, and mostly remember the laughter, the ribbing the ones on stage gave their colleagues not actually on said stage but lurking behind the scenes or in the audience, to the latter's great delight, and involving themselves in the proceedings as well. It was all done in a friendly, teasing manner and showed that they really had bonded during their own journey, making the film. I think I laughed more in those three days than in the past three years! It really was madly, wonderfully entertaining, and for me the highlight of it all, with regard to laughter, was the Gameshow on Sunday afternoon, featuring Jed Brophy and Stephen Hunter as one team competing against Mark Hadlow and Dean O'Gorman as the other, the whole thing being directed by Mark Ferguson who acted as MC during the entire HobbitCon and who's the one person I really didn't like (for several reasons).

The panels were all of them very interesting since the actors are so different from each other and this showed in their individual panels and the panels they paired up for. While everyone enthused about Sylvester McCoy's panel on Saturday afternoon (following the Opening Ceremony), which was indeed quite hilarious (I gave his second one on Sunday afternoon a miss since I was a bit of a wreck by then and needed a rest), I also thoroughly enjoyed the quieter ones which provided a different kind of humour, and information, and a little insight into the respective actor's personality. Apart from S. McCoy's second panel, I only missed Adam Brown's solo panel on Sunday morning since the clock had been set forward that night to begin Daylight Savings Time (of all the nights of the year it had to be during HC!!! Mad) which lost hour had made me rather late for breakfast to begin with, and then my breakfast companion, a very sweet young girl in the guise of Bilbo Baggins) and I got into such an intense conversation that I would have caught only the second half of the panel anyway so I went up to my room and brushed my teeth instead. During the whole convention, people walked in and out of panels as they pleased, the door to the great auditorium was always open, so that wouldn't have been a problem but I rather loathe that sort of thing (being a bit of an all-or-nothing person).

Okay, time for another break --- those still with me wait for part three, please! I will continue tomorrow since I have to leave now, spending the nights at a friend's house since I managed to soak my bed, mattress and all, due to a leaking hot-water bottle the night before last, and will have to sleep somewhere else until my bed is habitable again Unsure).

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Apr 13 2013, 10:09pm

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Thank you for the wonderful report!

I like hearing impressions as much as the recounting of events, so I look forward to the rest when you can post it.

I've been to many, many TORN events and other LOTR/Hobbit-inspired activities and thoroughly enjoyed every one. There are times, when I think I don't have enough time or money to go, but every single time, I'm so glad that I made the effort. I'm so glad the actors were approachable and you all got a few minutes with them.

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Apr 17 2013, 4:28pm

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=) its was so awesome

I don't know what I should tell you, I think its all being said.
The weekend was fabulous, i meet some of the Dwarfs , Dean , Adam and Jed, it was funny.
On Saturday morning , breakfast time Jed stumbled a few stairs down in my way. I was glad that he not fall on me XD . He is so a funny gay and have a Lot of energy.

Adam is a type of gay how you always want to hug. soo cute. :P

Sunday was freaking awesome. its was the day of the Game show and when i meet die 3 dwarf, in de Bar. and i have a very very funny evening with , Kiwifan, Laguz and Autumn.

yeah on monday:
Kiwifan and i meet Mark and she talk to him, she scared me to dead. but she can tell ist by herself. even so, we have to say Laguz and Autumn good bye, I was said. we become friends in this few days. even so from Rosie-with-the-ribbons we said good bye.

Kiwifan and I Meet than later John Callen and talk to him. I call him Grandpa because i forget his name XP. yeah an She says than HIS Name is John ! we laugh.

And we talk to Peter, a very nice man. Kiwifan became from him a whisky (i think ) and i`m a coke. we sit altogether and talk a lot. ^^

yeah more a cant tell, because its being all said.

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It's fun being with fans, and the special people who made these wonderful movies. I met Peter in Wellington, and he's a charming man.


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All of " Your Breathless..Stream-Of-Conscience--zz.. Writing"' really PUTS US there...

"Thang youALL... in Behalf of your Vast Family of TORn!"


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If I remember correctly

you didn't call him Grandpa to his face though, I mean you didn't actually say that to him. He was very nice to us, and so was Peter, and yes, Peter treated us to drinks which was awfully sweet (and caused me to spontaneously hug him, having by that time lost all traces of shyness. He didn't seem to mind so I guess that was okay). And I admit to having had a whisky (but it wasn't my idea!) which I shouldn't have because of all the medication I'm taking but it didn't affect me adversely, so that was all right, too.

Yes, that Sunday night was hilarious... you girls really made me feel as young as yourselves again, and twice as crazy!


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HobbitCon impressions, part three

This next part in my tale is very late indeed, considering that this smashing event took place four weeks ago, but it is still very much on my mind, and as Akanarichan wrote about a couple of things concerning my adventures, I'd better elucidate... Oh, and shuttling back and forth across town for ten days between my flat and my friends' place where I spent the nights while my mattress was drying out didn't exactly give me the peace of mind I need for writing...

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, Easter Sunday morning. At the Opening Ceremony on Saturday afternoon it had been announced that there would be a special photo session on Sunday afternoon, giving people the chance to have their picture taken with all nine actors in a group. Now I really hate being photographed, being utterly unphotogenic, and had decided not to spend any money on photo sessions and autographs, and 100 euros (about 130 $ US) is a lot of money for just one group picture, but having met all these lovely, dear (see above) men in person, I just couldn't resist. It did require another half tablet of my anti-panic medication though, and I was still nervous about it but Rosie-with-the-ribbons, with whom I waited in line, was quite calm. In fact, Rosie possesses the most amazing equanimity, and I don't think that's due solely to her being quite a Con veteran. It really helped me having her there with me --- thanks again, Rosie! You're a rock! And your outfit was lovely!

As it turned out, I needn't have worried, as the entire thing only took about a minute, no time to feel concerned about looking sheepish, and after welcoming words and smiles from the assembled actors, and positioning myself in the centre, the photographer just said 'smile', the camera went 'click' and the next candidate was ushered in; quite like being processed on an assembly line, really. These poor guys, having to smile for an hour! And that's not counting the individual photo sessions. One can actually get sore facial muscles from smiling a lot (I know this from exprience, having once spent a week on a mini-job as a so-called door greeter in a bookshop in Kansas). Anyway, I survived the ordeal and the picture actually turned out quite well so I was happy. Smile

Having left this photo-session room, I met Akanarichan outside and we happened across Daniel Falconer and Paul Tobin who are truly kind and friendly guys and wrote lovely things in my Sibley book, and Daniel drew Treebeard for Aka. (Their presentation of Weta collectibles on Monday morning was fun, and all those lovely items just too tempting.)
Rosie, Aka and I went on to the DTG room (the German Tolkien Society) where one could take part in a quiz and where the actors showed up a little later to pose in front of the Hobbity background (forgot the motive it depicted) for a picture for the DTG (us mere mortals not being allowed to take photos of them there), clowning around and having fun, by the look of it, and consequently so did we, watching their antics. Wink

And since this photo-thing had been so gratifying and painless, I threw all financial caution to the winds and bought vouchers for autographs from all the actors, which I collected in their respective chapters of my Sibley book and which took quite some time since a lot of people had the same intention. While waiting in line and once finished with the autographs, I took quite a number of snapshots (except of Sylvester McCoy as we'd been warned by the HobbitCon staff that he wouldn't like it), most of which I had to delete as I was still too trembly (so much for the anti-panic medication's effect Unsure). I was so flown not with alcohol (which I hadn't had) but with sheer joy that I actually asked for and got a couple of hugs from two of said lovely etc. men --- blame it on Sylvester McCoy who had set a dangerous precedent concerning hugs in his panel the previous evening, as described by Rosie. I then carried my precious book up to my room and lay down on my bed to digest all these happenings, and also to have some food (bringing some of my own saved me standing in line for the buffet and sitting down or stand at a table, both of which is hard on my back). So I had a much-needed rest before the Game Show.


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HobbitCon impressions, part four

Can't believe that several weeks have passed since my last instalment of this saga but things have been hectic, busy, painful (my feet have been killing me ever since doing a stall at a fleamarket on May 1st), but my memories are still very much present and giving me joy...

Where was I? Oh yes, Sunday afternoon just about to go downstairs for the Game Show. It would take way too much time to describe that event in detail. Dean O'Gorman had told me at the autograph session that he had no idea what was in store for him there, and that was quite obvious when he and the three other participants (Mark Hadlow, who paired up with D., and Stephen Hunter making up the second team with Jed Brophy) arrived on stage and were set different tasks by Mark Ferguson the MC. Although I still don't care much for the latter, he did a good job as Master of Ceremonies. The two teams had to use their improvisational skills, answer questions relating to Tolkien's Middle-earth, and tell stories with the other team having to determine whether the story in question was true or a lie --- utterly hilarious! Then Graham McTavish came on for his solo panel, and he, too, proved to be very charming and funny, and quite unlike Dwalin. Rosie and Laguz wrote about this, too, so I'll leave it at that.

This pretty much concluded the official programme for Sunday, and the rest of the evening was 'party in the Foyer' and a concert in the main auditorium by a band called 'Harpo Speaks!!). The girls and I met down in the Foyer and spent some time having drinks, chatting and enthusing over the day's events; Rosie retired fairly early but the rest of us remained there for several hours still. The DJ's choice of music got on my nerves after a while so I went to check out the band, and was most agreeably surprised. They did a lot of old songs but with a new interpretation, and then a rendition of Enya's 'May it be' (from FotR) which gave me goosebumps, it was that good. So I went back to find the others in order to tell them, and for a while they came, too, but the music then became too much classic rock and funky interpretations of same, and there I realised that being older than them by a generation really did make a difference. Anyway, we went back to the Foyer, got fresh drinks, and went a little crazy on the dance floor (I'll spare you the details Tongue), enjoying ourselves tremendously. Who says you can't have fun drinking only passionfruit juice?! It had been a really gloriously wonderful day and night, and I was still awake at 2.30 in the morning, making notes and trying to come back down to earth.

The next morning at breakfast I shared a table with an older woman who turned out to live in the same town I do, quite a coincidence. She was more interested in the German language events (and there were lots of those, too). I went to check out Daniel Falconer's and Paul Tobin's presentation on the Weta collectibles, then returned to my room to prepare the envelope for Mark Hadlow with the money I'd raised at a fleamarket last spring for Christchurch and which he was kindly taking back to NZ and to a bank there. Such a delightful man, is Mark! Made it back downstairs in time for the panel with Adam Brown and Jed Brophy which also was immensely entertaining. During this panel I did ask a question, namely would there be an audiocommentary done by the actors for the EE dvds since I imagined if the two of them were involved in that it would certainly be hilarious? Much cheering from the audience for my question, and even more cheering when Jed said that yes, there would be, and that they had already recorded some of it. Yay! Something else to look forward to! Then there were two more of these 'double' panels, first Graham McTavish with Mark Hadlow, which also was very funny, then John Callen with Peter Hambleton who talked a fair bit about the relationship between the brothers, and a bit of Gimli, and also mentioned the lack of proper distance between some member(s?) of the Dwarves and an Elf in film 2. Well, we shall see... Right afterwards there was the Closing Ceremony where some of the skills people had learned in various workshops offered throughout the weekend were now shown on the stage, very impressive, dancing and fighting and so on. The lady who had taught calligraphy (Tengwar, among other things) and given a lecture, then sang a song (in English) she had written for Gil-galad the king of the High Elves in the Second Age, very beautiful it was. All the artists, workshop teachers, and actors came on stage one by one, to say goodbye, 'our' actors saying how much they had enjoyed HobbitCon and us fans, and would come back if possible for another one. And delighted everyone by gathering round a microphone for a rendition of the Misty Mountains song, as already described by Rosie. What a lovely way to end the Closing Ceremony!

And then it was officially over --- a very bittersweet feeling! Immense gratitude and joy for having been privileged to be there, and sadness and a feeling almost of bereavement that this magical weekend was suddenly at an end. Well, not quite at an end for some of us staying over until next morning. I had still to give said envelope to Mark Hadlow, and when I did, he gave me a signed CD of his 'Tall Tales Classic Kid's Stories - with a Kiwi twist' (now 'my precious', one of my treasures!). I was so astonished that I feigned falling over backwards in a faint, which so alarmed Akanarichan who was with me at the time that she ended up accompanying me to my room after we'd said goodbye to Mark, and spending a couple of hours with me making sure I was alright and not about to collapse! Rosie had left quite soon after the Closing Ceremony, but Laguz and Autumn returned to the Maritim later that evening to meet up with us again and spend a last (and quiet, in comparison) evening with us in the bar. Then they departed, and just as Laguz had predicted, they had hardly been gone ten minutes when those of the actors who hadn't yet left returned from having dinner somewhere else. L. and A. had charged Aka and me with messages and farewell greetings for some of the actors so of course it was our bounden duty to do so Wink. That's how we came to end up talking first with John Callen and then with Peter Hambleton for quite a while until after midnight, I think --- can't decipher my notes). What a good day this, too, had been!

The next morning, Tuesday April 2nd, Aka and I met at breakfast and then she had to leave, and I had to pack, and quit the hotel by noon (just barely made it), still in a daze....

(better save post this before it vanishes)