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PJ interview tonight 9:35 pm 60 Minutes NZ on Prime

Tol Eressea

Feb 11 2013, 8:05am

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PJ interview tonight 9:35 pm 60 Minutes NZ on Prime

"We speak exclusively to Sir Peter Jackson and James Cameron about New Zealand's thriving film industry."

Sorry for the late notice, NZ-ers. Moahunter just saw this. I don't think Prime has On Demand repeats, does it? I'll try to find it to post afterwards.

Grey Havens

Feb 12 2013, 1:18am

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Missed it!

Did you (or anyone else) manage to catch it? Any new tidbits about the EE or DOS or TABA?

Tol Eressea

Feb 12 2013, 3:04am

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Repeat at 7:30 tonight (Tuesday)

For those of us who have been following the drama, there was nothing new about PJ's or Keys position on the Warners/NZ govt deal. They both reiterated their views on that. There was a lot of description by James Cameron of technical innovations made by PJ and crew in NZ. He said Avatar couldn't have been made without Gollum, and he backed them up about the advantages of govt. incentives for making films in a particular country.

PJ commented that he was glad more film makers were using the studio's facilities because it would take some pressure off of him, that he might actually be able to get a vacation one of these days. He took time with his family while they were in London for the BAFTAS to visit Oxford and to toast Professor Tolkien at the Eagle and Child.

I don't remember any "Ah ha!" moments about the coming films, no announcements about EE's, DOS or TABA.

Superuser / Moderator

Feb 12 2013, 3:13am

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Thanks Lissuin! /


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Ataahua's stories


Feb 12 2013, 5:28am

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I think maybe Prime has On Demand,

but I have a feeling only Sky subscribers can watch them.


Feb 12 2013, 5:31am

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I learned something new

PJ does not spend his spare time bungy jumping, which is our national sport. Possibly he is not really a Kiwi. Tongue


Feb 19 2013, 4:27pm

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it's on youtube!