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Misty Mountains for 5 Bass Guitars

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Feb 4 2013, 8:05pm

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Misty Mountains for 5 Bass Guitars

I recently saw The Hobbit and fell in love with the Misty Mountains song so I recorded a version of it with 5 bass guitars. Those low harmonies are incredible.

I hope you enjoy it.

Elena the Elf
The Shire

Feb 6 2013, 3:32am

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Your Bass with my Soprano

The perfect match.

I used the soundtrack to back my singing but thought it would have been fun to get some musicians to make the video with.

When you record using 5 tracks do you listen to all the other tracks while recording the next or to the soundtrack or what?

Epic Hobbit music video

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Feb 11 2013, 12:11pm

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Hi Elena

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Recording this was a little awkward. I wanted to record this with no rattle from the strings which meant playing very carefully. I had to play each of the 5 tracks in many sections to get them perfect.

I found a midi file of the song and used that to play along to rather than playing to the song from the film.

I'd love to hear it with your voice as well though, which is fantastic by the way. I'm not too bothered about making a video as this is just a recording/mixing project for me.

If you're still interested then message me and we can arrange something.