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(Not mine) I apologize (spoilers)...


Jan 25 2013, 5:23pm

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(Not mine) I apologize (spoilers)...

For the heartbreak and not knowing who the artist is. I found this on Pinterest. Frown

Aragalen the Green

Jan 25 2013, 10:34pm

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Don't know what to say. Too sad. Unsure

There it is: dwarves are not heroes, but calculating folk with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; some are not, but are decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect too much.

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Tol Eressea

Jan 25 2013, 11:12pm

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Horrible.Very powerfull. Unsure


Jan 26 2013, 1:30am

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Is that Fili and Kili on the right do you suppose? //


Tol Eressea

Jan 26 2013, 1:36am

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I do

think its them on both drawings.

So sweet in one and then....

Now i almost wish pj shoots a little flashback based on this drawing...balin could reminisce the first part while hes covering them...Unimpressed

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Ziggy Stardust

Jan 26 2013, 3:55am

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That's so sad. It's touching. *sniff* Frown

Tol Eressea

Jan 30 2013, 5:55am

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I think it came from ...

here. I tried doing a google search using the camera icon (right of the search bar on the images page). This has been reblogged lots of times. totally heartwrenching piece, and very well done.

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