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HobbitCon, Germany March 2013

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 2:44pm

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HobbitCon, Germany March 2013

'There and Back again, a Hobbit special by RingCon'

Is anyone going?

I thought there'd already be a thread on this here, but can't seem to find one (sorry if there is x.x)

Got some epic guests lined up, including:

Graham McTavish, James Nesbitt, Stephen Hunter, Jed Brophy, Peter Hambleton, Adam Brown, Aiden Turner, Dean O'Gorman, John Callen, Mark Hadlow, Mark Ferguson, Daniel Falconer and Paul Tobin.

Me and my friend will are going from Wales (UK). Super excited!


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Jan 9 2013, 6:00pm

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Sounds fantastic, but stuck in the States

Wish I could figure out a way to get to Germany, though. Nothing like this coming up here, and they won't get this crew to DragonCon!


Jan 10 2013, 12:06pm

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I have thought about it

I still have the pamphlet here on my desk actually. I'm from Germany so it wouldn't be too much of a trip for me. But I haven't got any friends interested enough to come along, and I haven't ever been to a fan convention before, and I'm afraid I'd be quite lost there, haha. But I'm looking forward to reports.


Jan 10 2013, 4:02pm

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might be worth a visit

havent been to fan conventions either but could be interesting to see the actors. Maybe we could do a TORn moot :-)

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Jan 10 2013, 4:04pm

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I think you all should do a moot

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. I'm actually tempted to go, and I'm in the US.Cool

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Jan 10 2013, 5:38pm

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I will be there

I have been going to RingCon for a few years now and when I saw this one promoted I registered immediately!

RingCon is always superbly organised. Lots of moments for the stars on stage, photoshoots and autograph sessions.

And yesterday they announced Daniel Falconer and Paul Tobin from Weta will be there!

I can't wait for it.
And if you come alone, we can always do a moot, there are enough locations around the venue to meet up!

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Jan 10 2013, 7:13pm

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Registered? Where?


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Jan 10 2013, 7:47pm

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Last years RingCon

I booked my ticket and hotelroom at the event.

But you can through the website:

I have an Economy Ticket. Gold Ticket is way too expensive. And the autographs you get, that takes up so much time! The Gold Ticket owners are allowed earlier into the signing sessions. But it fills up pretty fast and you are probably the entire session on Sunday and half the session on Monday busy collecting all the autographs.
Of course it is different here that you probably would like to have autographs of all the stars (I mean, dwarves). At RingCon they have various fandoms. I'm not really interested in the vampire series True Blood and Vampire Dairies, but you do get the autographs of the stars who are present.


Jan 10 2013, 8:20pm

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I always go to DragonCon

Of course, I live in Atlanta, so it's a bit of a cheat. But TORn always has an amazing presence there, with great programming.

I agree on autographs--they take a lot of time out of your day, and can be very expensive. I will say that I got Sean Astin's at the 2008 DC, and he was lovely. We talked politics (to the chagrin of his handler, who wanted me to move on). as he had been a big Clinton supporter and was just moving on to the Obama team. I don't think you get to have that much interaction with most people, though. And if you are going to try to get all the dwarves that are there, that would be a lot of work!

But I want to get to NZ, so I think I will have to make a choice Tongue

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Jan 10 2013, 8:36pm

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Sean was at RingCon last year

Look at my avatar Smile!! He was really amazing! Indeed, he took a lot of time to talk with all the fans. I was doubting if I wanted him to make the autograph to my real name or to Rosie. In the end I decide on Rosie. And when he signed it he wrote on the picture himself "with the ribbons in her hair" and started the rest of the quote "if I ever was to marry anyone, it would have been her". Of course I told him he could write that on the picture as well *still smiling when I think of that*.

I would love to come to DragonCon one day. But same problem as you, a bit too far from home and the money (I went to NZ for the premiere, so the money is already gone...)


Jan 12 2013, 2:54pm

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What does one do at a Con

If one isn't intersted in autographs? Seriously, I haven't got a clue what to expect. Is autograph hunting the main reason to go? I've never been an autograph chaser, I've always failed to see the point. Blush is there anything new and intersting to see or learn on these things?

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Jan 12 2013, 9:05pm

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A lot!

I'm also not a autograph hunter. It was that I had gotten the picture with Sean Astin and I liked his autograph to it.

What to do at a convention:
Usually a few weeks before the con they put up the programme. At RingCon (and I guess HobbitCon will be the same since it is at the same venue) there is a main stage where they schedule all the artists and the things they think will draw a larger audience. Stars usually have an hour in which they tell something about themselves and take time to answer questions from the audience (some questions are soooo bad, you feel ashamed you are in the audience as well, others are really good). When you have a group of actors from one movie (HP, Twilight, Game of Thrones) they sometimes also programme them together. So you have 4 or 5 stars at one time on the stage. Last year they also did this for Billy Boyd and Sean Astin. That was one amazing panel, in which Billy even sang Pippins song life on stage!!!
There is a dealership room where you can buy all kinds of stuff.
They also have talks from experts. They are really interesting. The only thing, they are usually in German (and the Germans have translated almost all the names in LOTR so it is hard keeping track of what they are actually saying, even when you understand German).
There are photo moments with the stars. You have to buy tickets for those moments and it is all really rushed. But you do end up with a nice picture to take home. Most stars will be walking around at the convention, but they are a bit reluctant to take pictures with you at that moment (probably also because they get part of the money you pay for the picture). But you can take pictures of them, just not with them. There is a time indication on when what star will be taking pictures. There will be a line, so waiting for a picture can take up to one hour. Will also depend on how popular that actor is at the moment. (Last year they organised BloodyCon (a Vampire Diaries convention) and pictures with Ian Somerhalder were so popular people waited over hours for a picture (and that poor guy smiled the entire time) (this is all from what I read on the site, I haven't been there). So I think this year the line for Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman will probably be pretty long.
There is an art exhibition made by fans. Where the audience can vote and the winner gets a price.
And usually there are also workshops like singing, dancing, stagefighting, make-up, aging of costumes, improvisation (Lori Dungey, Mrs. Bracegirdle does that one, and it is hilarious).
And a lot of the visitors come dressed as their favorite character. So a lot of looking around as well.
And than, when darkness sets in.... the bar opens! The audience at RingCon is usually not too pushy towards the stars and when it is calm and they feel at ease, you will find them in the bar, chatting with the fans and enjoying German beer (don't ask for picture, a round on you for the entire bar, and it will be busy Wink).
Oh, and of course eating. You can buy vouchers for dinner. But they also have a kind of take-away that is amazing, tastes great and isn't as expensive (pizza, pasta, shoarma, potatoes).

Well, you see, enough to do. And you always meet friends you haven't seen in months. So a lot of catching up to do as well.

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Jan 12 2013, 9:27pm

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Thanks for the detailed information!

Sounds like a fun time even when one doesn't hunt for signatures or pictures.
And you don't have to tell me bout the German Tolkien transations. I am German, but only read and watch Tolkien in English, I don't like the German translations of names and places. Unsure Especially Bruchtal sounds so... rough.
Maybe I'll ask my cousin if he wants to go. He is a nerd (that's not an insult anymore, right?), so it might be his thing.

The Shire

Jan 16 2013, 11:19pm

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Awesome replies!

@Rosie, Thanks for sharing all that info, sure is helpful and it's making me extremely excited although it's 10 weeks away ^,^ You mentioned photo sessions for a fee, and idea how much they cost? (Your one with Sean A is awesome :D) In the UK most conventions charge around £10/£15 each, and I'm just planning financially in advance because I don't want to have to put myself in the position to choose which actors to have a pic with xD

Glad to hear other people will be going, I've never been to a specific convention before, so I'm guessing it'll be great to meet so many like-minded people =)


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Jan 17 2013, 6:04am

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are usually between 20 and 30 euro (autographs same price).
It depends on how well known the star is.
Ian Somerhalder at BloodyCon last year was 50 euro. Some of the minor stars of Harry Potter were 15 euro.
So if you go for 25 euro per photo, you will be fine.

At RingCon they usually have the Kiwis (the stars from NZ, Craig Parker, Mark Ferguson, Lori Dungey and who ever is happening to come from NZ) do a group photo. But those guys are more for fun at RingCon than for serious business, they also only ask 20 euro.
I think they might do group photo sessions for some of the dwarves. Those might be more expensive.

(oh, you have to pay it in cash! So bring enough money with you. There is an ATM at the hotel, but a few years back it was empty on Sunday.)

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Jan 18 2013, 6:45pm

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Sylvester McCoy has just been confirmed

So 10 dwarves and a wizard! This is going to be epic!

And of course also Daniel Falconer, Paul Tobin and Emil Johansson (from The Lord of the Rings Project).

The Shire

Jan 23 2013, 2:24pm

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That's great, thanks again! =D

  Sylvester McCoy! Yayyyyyyyyy! I pretty much yelled in work when I read the newsletter email xD

Been talking to my friend and we're both up for meeting some new people at HobbitCon, so if anyone want's to meet up (especially since a few of you said you'd be alone) just post away and maybe we could arrange something before hand?

Booked our flights Monday, so excited! We're going into Cologne for a few nights the week before then staying in Bonn during the event (would love to have stayed in the hotel, but would rather spend the money we saved on photos/merch :D)


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Jan 24 2013, 9:10pm

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Of course I'm willing to meet new TORn-friends. It is always fun to have a moot in real life.

I think we best wait until the post a programme. So we know when we will be too busy listening to the stars or when we will have time.

The Shire

Jan 26 2013, 6:54pm

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Agreed =)

So nothing set in stone yet, but for those debating whether to come alone or not, well the offers here!

Will be awesome to meet new Tolkien fans, there's clearly not enough in my life ^,^


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Jan 29 2013, 12:47pm

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I'd so much love to go but don't think my health and finances would stand it

The train ticket from Stuttgart in southern Germany, then staying in the hotel, the ticket, the food, the autographs, I think all of that would easily amount to about 500 euros, and that for just two days! That's almost my entire pension for one month. But I'd so muchlove to meet some of you.... I've never been to a convention before so it would really be fun. Still waiting for my tax refund, and if I could sell some of my books to friends, and sell the little portable tv that I won in a raffle, and some more of my homemade jams and jellies, and not buying any sweets for the rest of the year, much less new clothes or shoes, perhaps I could scrape the money together.

Will any of you be staying at the hotel where the HobbitCon will take place? If one shared a room, it might be more affordable (they seem to have double or three-bed rooms). Alas, no one among my friends here is even remotely interested --- in fact, if it weren't for TORnsibs to share my enthusiasm, I'd probably spontaneously combust! I'd have to stay at that particular hotel because I'd have to lie down for an hour or so every now and then, otherwise my back would killl me after the first day.

'Goodness gracious, you really are a messie!' 'Oh no, I'm not, these are all just mathoms...'


Jan 30 2013, 12:33pm

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Aidan Turner has canceled participation


Unfortunately we have to inform you that Aidan Turner has just now cancelled his appearance at our RingCon Special There and back again, the HobbitCon, due to filming commitments. Aidan Turner has really tried to set his filming schedule around HobbitCon, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. He had no other option than to cancel his appearance.

Russian LotR/Hobbit Site: - the Russian LOTR site


Feb 10 2013, 11:29am

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Am seriously considering going and looking for roommates

to stay at the hotel itself. Expensive, yes, but since I have to lie down every now and then for half an hour or so due to my bad back, I don't really have a choice. Triple rooms are the cheapest, and so I'm wondering if anyone would like to share with me. I don't smoke, nor do I snore (or so I've been told). I also won't come in at 3 a.m. dead drunk and crashing into the furniture. Wink

I'll have to forgo photos with the stars and autographs, I think, but it would be so much fun to be there and meet some TORnsibs as well! Probably will have to stay four nights because of travelling there and back again.

Are you all going in costume? I don't have one and besides would feel a bit ridiculous in one but would not like to be the only one in 'civilian' clothes Unsure

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Feb 11 2013, 6:36am

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Room sharing

is absolutely normal at RingCon. If you register for a three person room, they will hook you up with room mates. And they keep it all male or female, so no worries with that. And I have never had trouble with noisy roommates. I think the ones who are the parties and late night crashers are the ones who have friends with them in the room, so other guests are not bothered with that.

Dress up isn't necessary. If you don't feel comfortable about it, than just don't. There are lot of people in every day clothing. But also a lot of people dressed up. They are also fun to watch and are of course willing to have their picture taken.


Mar 3 2013, 12:46pm

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Programme (so far)

I just checked the Hobbitcon website and they have listed a schedule (perhaps not the ultimate version yet but gives us an idea of the stuff that's happening).

I hope this link works

Everything with an E presumably means that it will be in English so that should be fine for all you non-German speakers.


Mar 5 2013, 9:14am

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So have you decided to go then?

I was having a look at the schedule the other day, I think I'm just not enough of a ringer to feel comfortable there. But I wish everybody lots of fun and am hoping for recounts and pictures.


Mar 6 2013, 9:23pm

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Sorry I haven't replied sooner but am down with flu ---- again!!!

Third bout of flu this winter, and I've basically been sick ever since the second week in January, it's utterly demoralising. So I still don't know whether I'll be going or not.

As far as getting total strangers for room-mates go, I'm not that young anymore and not sure whether I can cope with people coming in really late at night, and then it might get rather crowded in the bathroom in the mornings. After checking out the programme I realised that 'party' might mean all night....

Perhaps I'm just feeling too low because of the flu, and it might all be quite simple. However, I'm not daring to book anything yet for fear I might still be too sick to go. Sorry to be such a wet blanket Unsure

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Mar 7 2013, 9:27pm

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Get well soon!

In regard to your concerns, just speaking from my own experience. I have shared rooms with strangers, but especially at these kind of conventions, everybody is there because they love fantasy, you do get a connection really soon.

At last RingCon I had a bad case of the flu and went up to my room each night around 10 (when the programme finished). My roommates (2 ladies I didn't know before) came in later. One, I think around midnight and the other around 1. They both came in really quiet. I left the light close to the door burning, so they could see when they came in and didn't have to switch on the big light. Of course I woke up when they came in (I live alone, so not used to somebody coming in, no matter at what time). But they were really quiet, got their stuff, went to the bathroom and went to sleep. So I just turned and slept on.

In the mornings. You just have to use your sense and share. Probably the ones who came in late will be up later in the morning, giving you time to get ready. And you use the bathroom only for the necessary things in there (brush your teeth, take a shower), get back in the room in only a t-shirt and trousers. The rest (like brushing hair, putting on make, putting on costume or extra layers of clothing etc) you do in the room. Giving the others a go at the bathroom. Never had a problem with that. Or if you want to use the bathroom for make-up. You wait till the others have used the bathroom and go back in later.

Get well soon, and hope spring comes soon and shines all the flu away.


Mar 14 2013, 11:25pm

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Will you succumb to temptation

and come to HobbitCon? That would be fab! I'm still battling flu but will probably register for the event tomorrow. Now if you were to come that would be great!


Mar 15 2013, 2:13pm

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Got your tickets yet? If not, quickly do so!

Hi Laguz,

you wrote that you booked your flight but have you booked your tickets yet? I only just realised that I need to do so as soon as possible since the HobbitCon organisers sent me an email in answer to my question, and apparently they are processing the last of the registrations this weekend, and on Monday it will be too late to register as they are already on their way to Bonn. Apparently they send out the registration confirmations in the mail and you need to have that piece of paper when you arrive there otherwise they won't let you in. That would be a shame!

I haven't registered yet myself but am still waiting for an answer from the organisers to another question. Never having been to any such event before, I feel somewhat nervous, but I do hope to make it to this one.


Mar 15 2013, 2:22pm

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Yes, I've finally decided to go

even though I still feel somewhat apprehensive since it will all be strange to me.

What do you mean, you don't feel enough of a ringer to go? That statement has me puzzled. Pity you don't want to go, it would have been nice to meet as many TORnadoes as possible Smile...

The Shire

Mar 15 2013, 2:50pm

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Glad you've decided to come!

Yeah, me and my friend bought our Economy tickets just after Christmas, thanks for the heads up though!

We both received Invoices in Jan that said you have to take them with you as it's your confirmation, but hopefully if they send anything else it'll arrive before we leave (We're leaving next Weds, staying in Cologne for two nights then heading to Bonn for Fri - Mon night). We're staying in central Bonn, and plan to get the tram/underground (not sure what it is lol, I think it's call 'S-Bahn'? xD) back and fore to the Hotel.
I'm quite nervous myself, the thought of meeting the actors (even just for photoshoots) are making me shake xD Also a bit scared of travelling to Germany, I know there's a lot of English spoken, but I'm scared of street and train stop names and getting lost. We should be ok though, we managed to get around Prague ok a few years ago ^,^

Incredibly excited, 12 days til we leave!

Do you guys want to arrange meeting up at some point? :D


Back in Action from over a year xD

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Mar 16 2013, 12:30pm

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Now the waiting begins.... in my case, for my ticket confirmation!

I just hope I haven't left it too late --- after a 'last call for roommates at HobbitCon' on the Fiesta Friday thread, I finally took the plunge and ordered a three day economy ticket and a room at the hotel for four nights (will arrive there on Friday afternoon). Now I'm officially in the queue and super-nervous in case I won't get in. Just realised there is a sort of Forum there where people sell tickets/hotel room reservations when their leave has been cancelled or other problems prevent their going. If I had known that, I could have saved about 250 euros (is that about 200 pounds sterling?). Well, I've been sick with flu for so long that it took a long time to nerve myself to decide in favour of it, always checking on their website if tickets/hotel rooms were still available, and they were, so I wasn't worried --- not until now!

Anyway, we shall see. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

So you'll be in Bonn four nights as well --- that should give us time to meet (which would be great!!). Once I know that I'll definitely be going, I'll let you know the particulars.

Don't worry about getting around without knowing German, most younger people speak English in various degrees of fluency, and once you get there, you may try to get a route map for the public transport system. I tried to find it on the internet, it's supposed to be a pdf file, but for some reason it isn't working on my laptop. I'll include the link anyway, perhaps you can get it to work:

(okay, it did show up on my screen, my laptop is ancient and takes forever) --- this is the railway and subway and S-Bahn plan, anything to do with rails, not the buses. Normally, there are electronic displays in all the carriages showing the upcoming stop, so you should be fine once you've memorised the name of the stop. Since the S-Bahn etc. do stop at every stop, it's easier than getting around on a bus because they usually stop on demand. But you'll see. If you got around Prague, getting around Bonn which is much smaller should be okay.

Got to go but will talk to you later --- have a nice weekend!


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Mar 17 2013, 11:20pm

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I would love to - maybe next year

I've been swamped with work and family stuff, and can't make it to RingCon this year. But maybe next year! My family is originally from that area - about 150 years ago - and it would be great to get back there. I visited about 10 years ago and would love to go again.


Mar 21 2013, 6:22pm

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Thanks for your very considerate advice!

However, I decided to get a single room after all (so no sweets, no new clothes, no new laptop, no new washing-machine for the rest of the year Wink) because I have problems with insomnia and, once wakened during the night, usually can't go back to sleep again, which is a real problem, and I really don't feel like taking sleeping pills four nights running.

I used to share an entire dormitory at our Buddhist Centre in Austria for about a week, and a tiny cubicle in that dormitory with a woman, usually one I already knew and was friendly with, and that worked quite well, but I was younger then and in better health. That really makes a difference! Unsure


Mar 21 2013, 6:42pm

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My application confirmation has arrived (I'm so relieved!) so I'll definitely be there (unless something really catastrophic happens but it had better not as I've already paid for the economy ticket and the hotel), as from the evening of March 29th which is Good Friday and a holiday in Germany. So the shops will be closed and I think there are also some restrictions as to opera, theatre, dancing and so on in clubs but am not 100 percent certain as I wouldn't go out on Good Friday anyway. This varies in Germany from state to state so I can't tell you for sure, but shops are definitely closed. Just so you know!

How do we coordinate meeting at HobbitCon? Is anyone else from TORn going, apart from us and Rosie-wtR?

The Shire

Mar 25 2013, 12:35pm

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I'm so excited!

Leaving in 38 hours!

Just a little question about the transport, there's three S-Bahn (I think xD) stations near the hotel, any idea which one is closest/the best to use for the hotel?
The ones are Dt. Telekom/O Palme Allee, Robert-Schuman-Platz, and Max-Löbner-Str./Friesdorf. I'm thinking it's Telekom, and from what I can tell there's a few train lines passing that stop.

Can't believe how fast it's come around! Hopefully us that are going will be able to sort out a little meet :) Gonna be awesome!


Back in Action from over a year xD

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Mar 25 2013, 1:10pm

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I think it's the Telekom stop

but Robert Schumann seems also possible.

The Maritim hotel's website lists the following U-Bahns to get there: U 16, U 63, U 66
(U-Bahn means underground train but I have no idea whether they do run underground all the way, here in Stuttgart they are aboveground for a lot of the time)

here's a link for a sketched plan of the hotel's situation (alas minus the U-Bahn stop)

The hotel's phone number is (calling from within Germany, natch) 0228 81080

Bring warm clothes, it's snowing even here in Southern Germany, that means it's even colder in the Köln/Bonn area. The weather is supposed to improve towards the end of the week but I'm not counting on a sudden onset of spring (alas!)

I'm madly excited, too, and slightly panicking at the thought of all the things I still need to do.

Also, I've been thinking I should send you a photograph of myself so you can identify me in case we don't manage to organise a meeting (have sent a pm to Rosie wtr asking how we should do it). What do you think?

And my back is still plaguing me --- aargghh!

If there's anything else I can help you with please don't hesitate to ask!

Oh gosh, I'm nervous...!!!


Mar 26 2013, 1:33pm

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I want to wish you all a great time!

I talked to my cousin yesterday, who lives in Frankfurt, and asked him if he would have liked to have gone. Well turns out he would have loved it, and now I'm mad at myself for not asking him sooner. Oh well, maybe next year.
Enjoy your weekend and remember we're looking forward to seeing your pictures!

The Shire

Mar 26 2013, 4:14pm

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Thanks for the info!

 Really helpfull, thanks! I have a little notebook I'll be keeping with me with all the details of hotels/tram stops, so hopefully that'll work out helpful xD

As for a picture of me, here's one of me with Gollum in the Weta Cave xD (hope the link works!), just a note though, I dont have the lip piercing any more, and the bottom half of my hair is pink/red ^.^ (My friend has long blonde curly hair btw)

Do we have to go to the hotel on Friday to pick up our vouchers and stuff? Thinking about it if we do, could be when we meet up? Might be a little less busier to find each other than on the sat/sun ^.^

Rolfina, Sorry To hear that, but yeah, hopefully next time!


Back in Action from over a year xD


Mar 26 2013, 5:58pm

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You can still go for a day if you like

Bonn isn't that far from Frankfurt, so you could make there and back it in a day (it would be very exhausting but I hope you are still young and healthy and can take the strain). The HobbitCon organisers wrote on their Ticket Shop page (on their website) that even though the ticket shop is closed, there are still tickets available, either for the entire weekend, or for single days. You can also call the hotel to ask if they still have rooms, or stay at another hotel or youth hostel in Bonn, just try! Of course it would be fun for us to meet another TORnsib !

About pictures, can't promise (I still have to learn how to transfer pix from my digital camera into my laptop, and have no idea at all how to put them on the internet. I might be so busy listening that I'll forget to take many pictures, I am that way, mine is very much a one-track mind, alas...)

Ask your cousin, perhaps he'll agree to go on the spur of the moment!

If not, I wish you happy Easter holidays, despite the rotten weather!


Mar 26 2013, 6:18pm

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The three of us could certainly meet on Friday

Rosie isn't coming until Saturday morning so yes, I think it's a good idea for the three of us to meet on Friday. Thanks for the link --- now I hope to be able to recognise you, pink hair or not! So you've been to the Weta Cave, and in NZ! We'll have a lot to talk about! Rosie has been to the world premiere of TH so I daresay she has a lot to tell as well --- by the way, she said I could copy and send you the relevant parts of her pms to me since she hasn't written to you specially so I might do that (if I can get it to work, I'm an imbecile as far as technology is concerned Unsure).

I don't know if you have to pick up vouchers and stuff on Friday but it might be a good idea to send the organisers an email and ask since Saturday morning is perhaps very busy. And as I don't expect to be going anywhere on Friday night, we could meet at the hotel then (probably with me lying on my bed as I daresay I'll be knackered after the journey --- just came back from my second treatment at the chiropractor's and feel like hell but hoping my back will improve yet).

I'll be taking my antediluvian mobile phone with me but it isn't working all that well so the best thing would be to ask at the hotel's reception desk for my room number (perhaps I'll know it by Thursday and send you a pm to let you know --- I won't be able to access the internet once I leave here on Friday morning), and if I'm not in it I'll leave a message for you with reception (under your proper name, not 'Laguz', of course) telling you where else in the hotel I can be found (the place seems huge, I feel rather intimidated!).

I thought of sending a picture of me in a pm but I don't think it works (tried last night with Rosie but she didn't say she'd received it so I don't think it worked. If you send me your private email address, I could send it there (that ought to work) so you'll know who to look for. I have ticket number 669 so I guess there'll be lots of people there!

Anyway, I'll send you Rosie's info in a pm. And I hope you sleep well and have a safe journey tomorrow!

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Mar 26 2013, 8:52pm

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Not Friday

You can't pick up your tickets on Friday.
Pick up Saturday from around 8.30 and later (entire Con time).
Not that I say you can't meet on Friday Wink. But if you have to travel to the hotel in vain that would be a shame.

I'll arrive Saturday early morning. Kiwifan has my mobile number, so she can contact me (or she has already forwarded my message and now you also have it)

Have a safe trip. And I'll see you and your friend this weekend!


Mar 27 2013, 1:22pm

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Bad news --- James Nesbitt has cancelled his participation in HobbitCon

due to a conflicting film shooting schedule, according to the HobbitCon website. That is too bad but I hope none of you who are going will follow his example!

'Goodness gracious, you really are a messie!' 'Oh no, I'm not, these are all just mathoms...'


Mar 27 2013, 1:48pm

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I am not actually in Frankfurt

only he is, I am up north. Alas, I already have made different plans for Saturday (a friend's birthday). But I do hope you'll all have a great time, and that the weather will be kind with you (they have forecast new snow for the weekend here Crazy).