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What can you do when 2 posters with a history


Jan 4 2013, 7:19pm

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What can you do when 2 posters with a history

go at it hammer and tongs on the message board? It would be nice if old baggage were not brought to new discussions, but I suspect that is what happened recently and it resulted in an entire thread being deleted. I'm not arguing with that admin decision, but I think the snarkiness could have been averted had the person firing the opening salvo been admonished and that single post removed.

Apparently Newton left people out of his reckoning because here it seems that each action has an escalating and opposite reaction. It's really very frustrating for those of us who enjoy the more unusual discussions.

The posted question did not offend me, but one of the responses to it was decidedly out of line and I was distressed by it. I was even more distressed when that response was not addressed by the admins.

Could you not have removed the middle and left the beginning and the end where the poster's question was addressed factually rather than emotionally? Too flame-provoking?


Sorry. I respect our admins - you do a terrific and terrifically difficult job - but I feel a sense of loss here.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jan 4 2013, 7:26pm

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The thread you refer to

was removed at the request of the person who started it. Before then, some posts had been removed because of insults and personal comments.

A few years back we would not allow posts on some subjects at all because the discussions always, without fail, went down in flames. In recent years we've seen that the board community can discuss some very sensitive topics, such as religion, in a mature and respectful way - resulting in some pretty interesting discussions - so the admins became hands-off but watchful to see how each new discussion progresses. We'll step in only when it's necessary.

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Jan 4 2013, 7:37pm

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Thanks very much for that.

I actually feel better knowing that the original poster requested the thread be removed. Much better.

Thanks, Ataahua. I really appreciate the feedback.


Jan 4 2013, 10:25pm

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But, but...

I thought once there were replies it was not up to the thread starter if a thread was removed... Cool

However it is surprising that suggesting CT might be senile seems less an affront than asking about a public figure's religious beliefs. Wink;so=DESC;

Grey Havens

Jan 4 2013, 10:43pm

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At his age, it may be relevant - not insulting. Though the post in question made no effort to form a relevant question and was all about devilish, winky humor.

As far as generalizing questions about the religion of public figures, I'd be careful. Is it irrelevant to ask about Reverend Jessie Jackson's religious beliefs? Or Billy Graham's? How about Gandhi's? It's only that Peter Jackson's beliefs aren't relevant *unless* he makes an issue of it in some manner, such as producing a film with a religious theme.

It's all about context and intent.

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Jan 4 2013, 11:59pm

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That's generally true

I thought once there were replies it was not up to the thread starter if a thread was removed

That's generally true unless other posts also require deleting at which point it becomes apparent that the topic is going to keep tempting people to be uncivil even though some people are handling it okay.

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