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The film is finished!


Nov 25 2012, 11:23am

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The film is finished!

The post production folk have been tweeting in the last three hours to say The Hobbit is finally done and dusted ... and they are all off to bed!

This chap adds:

Get ready word, HFR is coming your way. Are you ready?


Nov 25 2012, 11:30am

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Didn't PJ say in the most recent video blog that the film would be finished two days before the premiere?

I bet it's a relief though anyway, and I can't wait!

They all deserve some well earned rest!


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Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 11:34am

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..But, oh. You meant 'finished' as in 'completed', didn't you? I was hoping for... different news...

Carry on..


Nov 25 2012, 11:36am

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"Scupper" campaign still going strong? //


The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.


Nov 25 2012, 11:45am

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Always look at the bright side of life:

There will be no new travesties.

"As all things come to an end, even this story..."

Here we read of Bilbo, who is “quiet and drowsy”, that “every now and again he would open one eye” and listen to Gandalf’s tale. Is Tolkien deliberately echoing this passage in LOTR when he writes, “At that Bilbo opened an eye, almost as if he had heard … ‘You see, I am getting so sleepy’, he said.”?
- N.E. Brigand

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Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 11:55am

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Yup! :-) //


Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 11:58am

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Ah! Would that I could be so sure.. the momet, I'm girding my loins in anticipation of the current atrocities, as promised by the upcoming movies... excuse me while I slope off to batten down the hatches... cheerio..

Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 12:46pm

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Our baby has been born!


Even though we can't claim the honour of being among his numerous parents, at least we can say we were there through the long and tumultous pregnancy, no? Shouldn't this make us his honorary godparents?

But every word you say today
Gets twisted 'round some other way
And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied

Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 12:52pm

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They 'll celebrate by sleeping 24 hours! //


But every word you say today
Gets twisted 'round some other way
And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied

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Nov 25 2012, 2:26pm

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Good news!

Nice to hear it. This journey is over, but another is ahead.

...and the sound of the kettle on his hearth was ever after more musical than it had been even in the quiet days before the Unexpected Party

Welcome back to Middle-Earth!!!

Sr. Staff

Nov 25 2012, 2:34pm

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ganked for homepage. // Senior Staff
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Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 2:57pm

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The real question...

For me, it's when do they finish the Extended Edition?!

Grey Havens

Nov 25 2012, 3:07pm

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Yes, we are honorary godparents!

We've been here, through thick and thin! We did almost experience a miscarriage, but in the end, it's finally here! 16 days and it will be mine! MINE!

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Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 3:08pm

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\o/. :D //


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Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 3:09pm

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lol @ this being our baby XD.. .... in way I feel it has lol... so much excrutiation on our behalf gone into it :P ;) //


--I'm a victim of Bifurcation--

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Nov 25 2012, 3:11pm

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Nanny Faenoriel ... It has a ring to it!

Congratulations on your new grandchild!Laugh

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Nov 25 2012, 3:25pm

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It has been an interesting journey. I didn't go through it on LoTR. Didn't know this site existed then. But I was biting my fingernails when I heard it was being filmed by some guy I never heard of and was nervous when I went to the theater to see FOTR. Was pleasantly surprised and love the EE versions with all the behind the scenes stuff. Hope The Hobbit continues the tradition.


Nov 25 2012, 4:24pm

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Yup and time to watch it grow

It's been a fun process and a great one as well. Now, that all this is done for part 1 it's time to sit back and watch it grow as we wait to see it on the big screen.


Nov 25 2012, 5:04pm

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Hear! Hear!

Although I usually subscribe to the artistic sentiment that "less is more," for some reason -- when it comes to the cinematic Middle Earth -- I definitely feel that "MORE is more."


Nov 25 2012, 5:07pm

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What's with the haters?

This is a happy day!

Captain Salt
Tol Eressea

Nov 25 2012, 5:44pm

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Until PJ remembers 25 more things he wants to put in before Dec. 12th! :P

Remember he "wrapped" on AUJ in July, then kept filming for a week (or was it more?), and kept on shooting for RotK after the film had won the Oscar for Best Picture! Tongue

But cool that the film is finally in the can...seems like just yesterday it was December 2007 and we were first reading the announcement that PJ and Fran would produce TH and a bridge movie for release beginning in Dec. 2010! Or alternatively, that we began to wonder about a TH film adaptation in the wake of RotK in late 2003/early 2004. Or alternatively, that we began to imagine what a live-action TH movie would look like upon reading the book, however many years ago that may have been.

Only about 19 days to go/two weeks and five days until TH: AUJ hits theaters everywhere!

My Top 5 Wish List for "The Hobbit"
5. Legolas will surf down Smaug's neck
4. Bilbo will be revealed to a Robot
3. Naked PJ cameo as Ghan-Buri-Ghan
2. Use of not only 3D, but smell-o-vision, plus the inclusion of axes coming out of the seats and poking the audience when appropriate
1. Not only keep the claim that Thorin & Co. ran amok in Mirkwood "molesting people", but depict said incident in vivid detail!!!!!

The Shire

Nov 25 2012, 6:13pm

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Yes! We're almost there!

Feels almost surreal. All these _years_ of waiting - and now there are only a few weeks left. every wood in every spring there is a different green...(c)


Nov 25 2012, 8:16pm

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Less than a month before it hits theater around the world. It's going fast. Soon enough we'll be watching it!


Nov 25 2012, 8:54pm

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There aint gonna be one

I think that all the scenes that would've been in the Extended Editions are now in the theatrical editions due to the trilogy decision. All scenes that are not in the theatrical, are probably not in it because they are deleted scenes like Arwen at Helm's Deep or Frodo becoming like Gollum.

I could be wrong though...but if there is an extended edition, I think that it will only be due to greed.

“This task was appointed to you…and if you don’t find a way, no one will.” – Lady Galadriel

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Lacrimae Rerum
Grey Havens

Nov 25 2012, 9:04pm

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Or not

X - Y = Z

Where X is the footage of good quality scenes shot; Y is the amount of footage in the theatrical editions and Z is the amount of additional footage in the extended editions

Decide if Z is sufficient without any idea of X = not very convincing.



Nov 25 2012, 9:16pm

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allowing time

to prep for the premiere. There's a lot that happens when a film is finished.

Final QC
rendering out
converting to different formats

other things...

"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair; and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater."-J.R.R. Tolkien

"Thanks for the money!" -George Lucas

Tol Eressea

Nov 26 2012, 12:47am

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Pretty massive achievement if you ask me...

considering all of the adversity this movie adaptation has undergone...

Congrats to PJ and Co.!!! Here's to an incredible premiere and a movie(s) for the ages.


Middle Earth is New Zealand!

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Nov 26 2012, 9:23am

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Hurray!! Congratulations to everyone involved //



Nov 26 2012, 9:45pm

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Y = X, X = Y

And Z doesn't exist. That's just my opinion and it could be wrong, but I think it's right. Peter Jackson has said that they don't film scenes for the extended editions, and that the only reason the EE's exist is that "at the end of the day you end up with a film that's too long."

So instead of EE's, this time they took the two "too long" films and spread the footage across three films instead. Thus, I think they will use all of the good quality scenes for the theatrical editions, and have nothing left over to make extended editions with.

“This task was appointed to you…and if you don’t find a way, no one will.” – Lady Galadriel


Nov 26 2012, 9:54pm

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Not necessarily

If the commentaries are to be believed, many of the EE scenes were cut for reasons of pacing rather than total runtime (and regardless of how much I may like the cut scenes, I generally agree with the editing decisions they describe that way).

Lacrimae Rerum
Grey Havens

Nov 26 2012, 10:30pm

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But any particular reason to assume "all"?

That was rather my point.



Nov 27 2012, 6:24pm

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I haven't watched the commentaries, but since they say that, I suppose there could be an EE for The Hobbit. I think that if there is one though, that it will be much much shorter than the LOTR ones.

@Lacrimae Rerum I assumed "all" because that's the way Peter Jackson explained it at comic-con. It seemed to me as if he was saying (and this is not at all his quote): "We use all the good scenes we can, and if the film is too long then we cut out what we must and add those scenes to the extended versions."

Well, time will tell...