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8.30 am screening london?


Nov 19 2012, 2:09am

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8.30 am screening london?

anyone going to the first hobbit screening in the uk at bfi imax dec 13th 8.30 AM?

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Nov 19 2012, 3:25am

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Moved this here to Moots

since it's the board dedicated to meeting up with other fans. Also check out the Line Parties section to see if there are any being planned for your area. Smile


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Nov 19 2012, 7:07am

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bit early isn't it

Plus don't live in London, and not travelling that far to see a film, even if it's the hobbit (unless I win tickets to the première)


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Nov 19 2012, 7:57am

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Mine is for 11.30am. I can't believe there isn't a midnight viewing for The Hobbit, and yet there was for Twilight.

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