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LOTR Collectors Models - For Sale (Eaglemoss)

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Nov 14 2012, 3:32pm

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LOTR Collectors Models - For Sale (Eaglemoss)

LOTR Collectors Models - 300.00

No.s 1-55 (BOXED - 1-53 with Accompanying Magazine), 4 Oversized Models, 3 Large Models and Books.

Model Collection (In Order):

Gandalf White, Legolas, Aragorn, Lurtz, Gimli, Easterling, Boromir, Rohan Soldier, Gollum, Faramir, Wormtongue, King Theoden, Orc Soldier, Elrond, Saruman, Eomer, Ugluk, Galadriel, Ringwraith, Frodo & Sam, Grishnakh, Gandalf Grey, Uruk Hai, Eowyn, Denethor, King of the Dead, Witchking, King Elessar, Gothmog, Haldir, Twilight Wraith, Isildur, Orc Overseer, Merry & Pippin, Berserker, Moria Orc, Gorbag, Elven Warrior, Snaga, Gondorian Soldier, Lurtz, Army of the Dead, King Theoden, Arwen, Orc Lt, Hama, Shagrat, Bilbo, Orc Archer, Gil-galad, Haradrim Archer, Galadriel, Wildmen, Sam & Rosie, Mouth of Sauron.

Oversized Models:

Gandalf & Shadowfax, Ringwraith, Cave Troll, Warg Rider.


Gandalf the White, Smeagol and Minus Tirith.


The Fellowship of the Ring - Artwork
The Making of the Trilogy
Weapons and Warfare
Official Movie Guide
Two Towers Creatures
Two Towers Visual Companion
Return of the King - Artwork
Return of the King Visual Companion
If anyone is interested in these please send me a message and i will forward on some pictures, alternatively a small selection of pictures can be found here;

Any postage will have to be calculated at extra cost.

I'm trying to shift these (sadly - but they have been in my attic for quite some time!) so i can afford to go to a friends wedding in China. I will be sad to see them go but they could do with a more appreciative home!



Nov 14 2012, 3:53pm

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Would you consider separate purchases?

My Ringwraith statue broke years ago! Others might be interested in buying 1 or 2 rather than the entire set.Smile

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Nov 14 2012, 4:56pm

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Hi, Yeah i'll give some thought to that! I'd rather move the whole set on in one go if i can, if i've not had any responses in the next couple of weeks for the whole set though i'd definitely start moving them as indiviuals :) I'll let you know.