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Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week!


Oct 5 2012, 3:56pm

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     Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week!

Hobbit Headlines for the week of 29th September - 5th October 2012.

Please see below for classification of spoilers:

S! - Spoiler! (Warning - you will be spoiled by opening the link)
LS - Limited Spoilers (Tidbits and snippets, no hard spoilers)
NS - No Spoilers (No spoilers contained whatsoever)

You have been warned!



New Hobbit film scroll features the Dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo. LS [Thread] [Picture]


Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in Total Film magazine. S! [Thread] [Source]

Hobbit merchandise now available in WETA store. NS/LS [Thread] [Source]


Yazneg, Fimbul and other characters revealed by release of new Bridge Direct figures. S! [Thread] [Source]

New Hobbit film poster, featuring Dwarves and Goblins. S! [Thread] [Source]


Andy Serkis talks about his time directing The Hobbit. NS [Thread] [Source]

White Council feature in new poster. S! [Thread] [Source]

New film cells reveal new stills from The Hobbit. S! [Thread] [Source]


Warner Bros. release new "Riddles in the Dark" game. NS [Thread] [Game]


New T-shirts feature Wargs, Dwarves and Goblins. S! [Thread] [Source]

Warner Bros. confirm Hobbit extended edition. NS [Thread]


Special Hobbit stamps and coins released, feature new pictures of characters. LS [Thread] [Source]


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Please PM me if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas. Please notify me if any Hobbit movie news has been omitted. All links working at time of posting.


Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week!