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Lord of the Rings (Game of Thrones-inspired) title sequence


Sep 29 2012, 1:38pm

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Lord of the Rings (Game of Thrones-inspired) title sequence

I made a mash-up of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones in this video below:

Ever since I saw that awesome title sequence from Game of Thrones, I imagine it being set to Middle Earth and all those locations have rotating gears and stuff and the camera sweeping to the map like it did in Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, I dont have the capability to design and animate those iconic locations in Middle Earth. It's just all in my head. So one day, I decided to make an LOTR opening credits that feels like Game of Thrones based on those establishing shots from Peter Jackson's trilogy. So basically, this is how it would look like if LOTR becomes an HBO mini series.:)


Sep 29 2012, 3:20pm

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Great job!

I don't watch Game of Thrones, so have no idea what the opening is like. But this is great. Smile

Would work brilliantly if LOTR had been a TV series.

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Sep 29 2012, 3:47pm

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This makes me really want to see the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings turned into a TV series. If done competently, it would blow PJ's films out of the water.


Sep 29 2012, 9:39pm

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thats fabulous. You have done that brilliantly, and combined my two favourite things GOT and LOTR. Heart


Sep 30 2012, 12:20pm

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That has to be the most incredible mash-up title sequence I have ever seen. Smile

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Sep 30 2012, 7:52pm

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This was really great!

I also liked the feel of touring Middle-Earth. Keep up the good work!

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Oct 2 2012, 8:46pm

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Wow it's epic!

I love the music and of course LOTR,


Oct 4 2012, 3:18pm

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Thank you!

I am really glad that you all like it! :)

Tol Eressea

Oct 16 2012, 2:00pm

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Reall daniel? You must see itWink