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Born of Hope Fan Film


Oct 27 2007, 2:25pm

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Born of Hope Fan Film

Born of Hope LOTR Fan FilmRinger Elentariel sends us this report from RingCon 2007:

I just returned from RingCon 2007 in Fulda, Germany where I found out about this incredible new british made LOTR fan film, which is still in the works. It tells the story of Aragon's parents and his childhood, which might be worth checking out. The website contains several trailers and info about the film.

Check out the official website and their impressive trailer on YouTube. [] [Trailer]

The Mysterious Calisuri


Oct 28 2007, 2:48am

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I was ..

only thinking of this site last week - we heard about this a while back here on tORN ... but I never saved the link nor could remember what it was called.

Thanks for the reminder!


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The Shire

Oct 28 2007, 12:56pm

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Trying to film some things on an amateur basis you really learn to appreciate the film process. You can't imagine how much work only one minute of filming takes. I congratulate this project and I await the end result with much anticipation. Job well done!

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Oct 28 2007, 3:15pm

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How is it that..

this is not running afoul of the Tolkien Estate? I hope they are able to continue with no order to kill it coming from the estate, cause it's looking good.

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Eärwen Swan Maiden Of Alqualondë

Oct 29 2007, 2:57am

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My guess is

They are able (or hoping) to squeeze by because despite it's length and professionalism, it really is just another fan film, funded entirely by private money and in no way intended to make a profit of any sort. When the film is completed it will be free for anyone to download and watch. Truly a work of Tolkien inspired love. I personally can't wait to see this, and am glad to hear it is still in the works.



Oct 30 2007, 2:15pm

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Oh... Well done!!! //


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