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Welcome to the Feedback Board

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Jan 6 2007, 6:31pm

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     Welcome to the Feedback Board

Feedback is the place to mention bugs and issues you may be having with posting on the boards, or with the site in general. Complaints and compliments are welcome too.

Before you post here, (and if you haven't already), please take a few minutes to read the posts on our Welcome Board, as many of your questions will be answered there.

Also, while this is the place to do any testing you’d like to do, please take advantage of the “Preview” and “Edit” options that are available both when you’re starting a new thread or posting a reply. You have a 10 minute edit window to edit your posts. After that, please PM an Admin/moderator to edits things you just can't live with Wink (see the Welcome Board for a list of Admins).

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