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Collecting The Precious - The Bridge Direct Winners and Comic-Con 2012 Coverage

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Jul 19 2012, 7:31am

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Collecting The Precious - The Bridge Direct Winners and Comic-Con 2012 Coverage

Just before Comic-Con the amazing folks at The Bridge Direct graciously gave TORn two of their Comic-Con 2012 The Hobbit: AnUnexpected Journey 'Invisible" Bilbo Baggins figures. Well, today we are pleased to not only announce the winners of that contest, we are also excited to share images from their booth at the 2012 HobbitCon...err...Comic-Con. The winners of the contest are T. Garner of Arlington, Tx and K. Stevens of Studio City, Ca! Congrats to both of you and your information will be passed onto The Bridge Direct. Now, about The Bridge Direct's Comic-Con presence. The figures displayed at Comic-Con looked AWESOME! Fans got a chance to see many of the figures talked about in the line-up article we posted just before Comic-Con and these figures did not disappoint one bit. What fans also got to see where figures not shown in the line up article, including Dawlin, Balin, Fili, Kili, and Smeagol/Gollum in the 3.75 in. range of figures. We also got a look at Sting and the Dwarven Axe. Just from seeing these in person I can say fans are going to be getting some fantastic figures! According to our friends at The Bridge Direct, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Follow the break for the full gallery. [The Bridge Direct]

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Jul 19 2012, 3:11pm

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Such cool figures

Great figure by some pretty cool folks. Had a great time talking with them at comic-con.


Jul 26 2012, 8:25pm

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Elessar, it must have been AWESOME to see the figures in person! I put a few pre orders in for these. Looking fwd to receiving them.


Jul 26 2012, 8:31pm

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Yeah, it was pretty sweet. These are really good looking figures. These do the hobbit justice and the price of the figures are fantastic. When younger them le us know what you think.


Aug 2 2012, 5:24pm

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Will do!

I should be receiving the figures between September and October. I wanted all of my items shipped together in order to save so other consumers might have them a while before me, but I will let you know what I think when they arrive.


Aug 3 2012, 12:16am

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Awesome! Thank ya.



Aug 3 2012, 2:46pm

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3rd Movie Consequences on Figures

You're welcome and thank you! Do you think the figures that were at Comic Con are going to change or will possibly be delayed with announcement of the third movie? I would hope not, but I'm not sure how distributors and retailers are going to react to this. It would be cool if the third film lead to more figures, of course. Happy Friday!


Aug 3 2012, 10:13pm

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I don't think so.

What we saw at comic-con are the main characters. So this should be fine but it could delay beast characters, bard, etc. it would be items that were likely to be characters from movie two that will be affected. I expect the third film to lead to some items we wouldn't have seen otherwise.


Aug 6 2012, 4:32pm

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Hope you enjoyed your weekend, Elessar! I pre ordered all of the figures that were on display at Comic Con and am looking forward to receiving those. I did pre order a few other individual 3.75 figures that were not present at Comic Con. Same goes for a few beast packs. I wouldn't mind it if those were delayed, as long as they were actually created. The thought of more figures being created between the second and third films is enlightening.


Aug 6 2012, 4:45pm

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Minor Correction

I did not purchse the 5 pack with Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, or Bilbo and Gollum individually, but I should be receiving all of the basic 3.75 figures displayed at Comic Con with the pre orders I submitted.


Aug 6 2012, 10:19pm

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I did. I hope you enjoyed yours. Nice! I haven't yet but I'm going to be ordering some for sure. I'm eager and told the folks from TBD how much I'm looking forward to their beast packs based on how their figures looked. Yeah, the third film for many reasons is exciting and that's one of them.


Aug 7 2012, 1:08pm

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Beast Packs

My weekend was good, thanks! My orders went into Toywiz and BBTS. Though, the items for sale disappeared from both websites. A rep from Toywiz told me that they did not know how many of each item that they would be receiving, but that my order was still valid unless the manufacturer chose not to make them. TBD, don't let me down! lol

Yea, I'm looking fwd to Nori and the Stone Troll along with the Orc and Warg. I hope they make Nori with his vast array of weapons I heard that he carries. I wonder, is the Stone Troll going to be in live or stone form? Either way, I expect nothing less than GREAT! lol I'm curious to see if the Wargs look similar to the ones in LOTR? Anyway, I orderd Nori and Stone Troll beast pack along with the Orc and Warg beast pack. Question for you - they are making "Thorin with Goblin King" beast pack. Does the Goblin King represent Bolg? I ordered the figures separately, which is why I didn't order this particular beast pack.


Aug 8 2012, 12:53am

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Good! :) yeah, they put them up for sale before they were supposed to so that's why they're not there. PO I believe start in Sept (have to check the article to be sure) so you'll see them again then.

I would imagine he'll have those. I think with the trolls we will get both actually. They would look cool and both would sell. I could have sworn I saw them at comic-con in one of the clips or a pic and they looked the same. Maybe, I just dreamt that though. lol Yeah, I assume they mean bolg. We will see Azog I believe but he wouldn't be partnered up with Thorin.


Aug 8 2012, 12:40pm

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The Fall Brings Dwarves

Guess I was a bit lucky to order them when I did. You never know when certain items will become rare or sell out. Plus, I was content with the prices I got from Toy Wiz and BBTS. I think you're right about some of the figures being available in September. I believe a few others are listed to debut in October.

If Stone and Normal versions of the trolls are created in the 3.75 and/or 6 inch line, that would be awesome! Let's hope your possible dream becomes a tangible reality. lol There's been no mention of this yet, but I hope none of the figures have "sword swinging action!" Even when Toybiz made the LOTR lines and select figures had such functions, I was not a fan. Thanks for the insight on Bolg! They're making a 6 inch deluxe version of Azog, if my memory serves me correctly. I'm curious to see what Bolg and Azog look like.


Aug 8 2012, 11:40pm

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Can't wait for fall

Yeah, I think you snuck in on that. lol I agree items you would never think to be rare end up that way or vice versa. That's what I thought but I'd have had to re-read the article.

Yeah, that would be AWESOME! So let's keep our fingers crossed and maybe it will happen. I don't know if they will or won't and I didn't ask but I don't think bilbo from sdcc does. So I'd say the rest won't. No problem. I may be wrong but he doesn't fit timeline wise with Thorin. Like you though I am itching to see the orcs.


Aug 9 2012, 2:19pm

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Fingers, Paws, and Claws are Crossed!

You can bet that many fingers, paws, and claws will be crossed to get those trolls in both lines, including mine! lol Speaking of claws, I was thinking how splendid it would be if BD made a figure based off of the Lord of the Eagles! This would more realistically fall into the 3.75 line, of course.

Luckily, I was able to get SDCC Bilbo via Toys R Us online. With tax and shipping, it only ran me about $33.00 I've seen it on Ebay as high as $56.00 - Yikes!

Being as BD is making a 6 inch figure of Azog, it's a possibility that the father of Bolg makes a cameo in the films somewhere. He was around to kill Thror so maybe Jackson is planning to give a glimpse of the Battle of Azanulbizar??? That would be cool! If not, this figure could just be an extra treat for Tolkien enthusiasts. I'll take it! lol


Aug 9 2012, 11:51pm

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That would be cool

That would be awesome! I would think that's another one I'd bet on getting made. He's an minor but important character at the same time.

Nice! That's only $8 more than I paid for mine at sdcc.

I think we will see that and if we do I'd venture to guess we will see figures of them. I'd like to see them make characters lie that if nothing else as a way to show more love to middle-earth.


Aug 10 2012, 12:22pm

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Great Goblin +

Happy Friday, Elessar! You're right about the Lord of the Eagles being an important character. The scene where the eagles rescue Gandalf, Bilbo, and the Dwarves will most likely be in the first film so it would be a nice edition to the 3.75 line for Christmas or shortly thereafter. I'm curious to see how Jackson portrays the Great Goblin??? It would be cool to have a figure of him made. They are making a figure called "Grinnah." I saw an outline of the character and I think he's some sort of orc or goblin. Ever heard of him?

Wish I could have joined you and the rest of the crew from TORN at SDCC! If I didn't have my MBA courses in November, I would have taken off from work and would be making that trip to New Zealand with some of the others. Are you going? If does it again next year for the second film, I may be able to participate in that journey.

If the earlier battles are placed into the film, I'd like to see figures of Thror, Thrain, and maybe a young Dain developed as well. The more love to Middle Earth the merrier!

Have a great weekend!


Aug 11 2012, 2:09am

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Happy Friday to you as well. :) Ueah, I'm curious to see how he makes the character look but based on how he's done orcs and Uruks he should be pretty sweet looking. I think a figure will be made and I think we will see a statue from weta as well. That's not a character I remember. Will have to look it up and see what I can find.

Well, hopefully you can join us next year at sdcc. It's a great event and plenty of hobbit stuff still coming out. I wish I could go. I just can't swing it this year but maybe next year.

I want to see those battles so bad. I like you think if we do we will see thos figures as they'll look cool and sell well. I agree 100x.

U 2. Hope it rocks :)


Aug 13 2012, 1:18pm

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Army Builder Ideas

Hi, Elessar! How was your weekend? I also trust JP with the character development. Lurtz was done well, for one. So was Gorbag. Keep me posted if you find any info on Grinnah.

The statues displayed from WETA look pretty amazing! Wish I had the room for them. lol

Going to SDCC and/or New Zealand next year would be AWESOME! I hope you can make it out as well.

Yea, I'm pretty pumped for the battles myself. I would like BD to create some generic army builder figures. For example, Toybiz made the Prologue Elven Warrior, Elven Archer, Rohirrim Soldier, Knight of Gondor, and Gondorian Ranger for the LOTR trilogy. It would be GREAT to see Dwarven Soldiers, Elven Archers, and so on!


Aug 14 2012, 1:38am

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Not a bad idea

Hey! Not bad but not long enough either. lol Agreed! I will. I meant to look that up over the weekend but lost track. Will do that ASAP.

They were. I understand that. Maybe you can pick up one at least.

Thanks! SDCC is most likely gonna happen but if I could figure out NZ I'd love it. I have to get there someday.

That would be a good idea. I would think they'd try that as it would sell well enough and allow folks to create some awesome displays.


Aug 14 2012, 1:04pm

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Evil Army

Yea, my weekend is never long enough. lol Sounds good on Grinnah!

Were I to buy a Hobbit statue from Weta, they all look FANTASTIC! I'm not sure which one I would choose. lol Did you pick up any? If not, who would you purchase?

I heard NZ was very beautiful. To see Hobbiton in all of its' slendor must be a wonderful experience! Plus, you get to imagine that you were standing where PJ and several members of the cast were at one point. WOW! lol

Now that I think of it, perhaps BD will make army builders for the evil side as well? That makes sense. I'm hoping for Orc and Warg 2 packs. That would be so cool! lol


Aug 15 2012, 12:05am

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Another good idea

I hear that. Cool :)

I got the Thorin sdcc ex already. I will be reviewing it soon for torn. I'm behind on that with new job stuff the last few weeks.

Yeah, I've seen nothing that doesn't make me think that isn't true. Indeed! That would be one of the many many reasons to go. :)

That would be. I would be surprised if they think it will sell well that they wouldn't want to do these kinds of thing. Would be cool if they did,


Aug 15 2012, 11:49am

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Hobbit "Precious" Pins

The Thorin statue is pretty neat! I give you MAD props for your choice. lol Did you get the one with the exclusive shield? I'm looking forward to your review! What does this new job stuff entail, if I might be so bold as to ask?

I actually just purchased 2 official Hobbit pins from SDCC via Ebay. I'm going to give one to my sister as a present. I may wear the other as "my precious" to the movie theater when I see the film in December. lol I've already taken off for work on 12/14/2012!

From what I've read, heard, and seen of The Hobbit thus far, it's a bit difficult for me to pinpoint who my favorite characters are in the tale. Right now, I'm leaning towards Balin, Dwalin, Nori, Thorin, and Gandalf. However, this might change come the end of the year and in years to come with the other films being released. Who are your favorites?

We're half way into August and I still haven't seen Toywiz or BBTS put the 6 inch or 3.75 line figures from BD back on the websites for preorder. I'm taking a trip to San Fran at the end of the month. I'm hoping to see the them up for sale by then.


Aug 15 2012, 11:55pm

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It's very nice indeed. Thanks :) I did. I had to get the comic-con exclusive version. Thank ya again. I love reviewing stuff and being a part of torn. I am a school teacher and I just started the year. Basically, after I got back from sdcc I was in interviews and meetings getting ready for the year.

Nice! I couldn't get one myself but my dad got one and gave it to me. That is so cool. :) I'm taking off the day off as well. Me, mom, dad, and sister are going to see it at midnight.

I can't pick one either. I just love everything I've seen and can't wait to dive into middle-earth on the big screen. I love the look of dwalin most of the dwarves but gtg is a character that means a lot in general.

I think you've got about another month before we see them up for sale.


Aug 16 2012, 1:00pm

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Framing Gandalf...Literally!

Kudos to you for picking up the Comic Con exclusive version of Thorin with the shield. Being a part of TORN must be be amazing! I also love reviewing products and relaying my thoughts and feelings about them. I'm sure your experiences as a teacher help to convey such messages in your reviews. Good luck with the new school year!

It nice of your dad to hook you up with that pin. I actually purchased the exclusive Comic Con poster for The Hobbit via Ebay as well. My father framed it for me, which was pretty neat! lol I'm going to try to get a small group together to watch the movie as well come December. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we will! lol

Dwalin looks BOSS! lol The tattoos, the weapons, along with the make-up and costume really set up the character well. The figure comes with a hammer, two axes, and a knife! For the most part, the figures we've seen thus far have a vast array of weaponry, which make me happy. lol Do you know if Thorin carries a longbow? If so, I would have liked the figure to have this item. Maybe that will come with future versions?

This is going to be a long month. lol Thanks for the heads up!


Aug 17 2012, 12:42am

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I need to frame him as well.

Thank ya! Its pretty special. It really is. Cool! Do you have a site or anything you post to? It does a bit in that I have a strong passion for both. Thank you so much! :)

It was. I didn't even know he had it and I just made the comment I'd have to pick one up on ebay. Nice! I grabbed a copy of it from Amazon through a seller but its dinged just a bit which isn't a big deal. I did go buy a 11x17 of the first poster to go with this since it was 11x17 and would like to get them framed together. I think we will and I hope you do as well.

He looks so cool. I just love the look with the tats and the weapons. His look just comes across like you don't want to mess with him at all. They're going to be loaded for sure which will make setting up battle scenes pretty fun if you do that (I don't have the room.) I don't know actually. If they do a varaiant or something like that I would expect he'll have different weapons. Or you might get different weapons in say battle packs if they end up doing something like that.

I hear that. We at least have the orders for these coming up then the waiting for October for these and the Weta statues. No problem. :)


Aug 17 2012, 1:04pm

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Happy Friday, Elessar! You are most welcome! Being a teacher is an admirable occupation. I actually went back to school for my MBA part time and am currently working full time in the financial industry. This is my last semester of grad school and I can't wait until it's over! lol I was thinking about possibly becoming an adjunct professor in the future.

As for reviews, I do enjoy reading other peoples' feedback. When I'm really interested, I will reply to individual or group posts. I also reach out to manufacturers and distributors for additional information now and then. I wish I had a site! lol Once I receive The Hobbit figures, I'll be sure to provide you with my commentary.

Amazon is AWESOME! lol Glad you were up to pick up the poster. I'm looking forward to the individual character prints that I've seen online. Those look FANTASTIC!

Dwalin is intimidating. That's for sure. lol Setting up battle scenes is a lot of fun! Getting variants of the figures with alternate weapons would be very cool! It would be GREAT if BD made action figures of the dwarves when are armored and come out of the Lonely Mountain to fight in the Battles of the Five Armies.

That's true. Have a great weekend!


Aug 18 2012, 3:44am

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Good luck

Thanks! Hope your Friday was a good one. Its a fun profession but can be challenging. Good Luck! Being a professor would be awesome! I could see myself doing that someday.

You should start a blog. That's where I put my reviews for none Tolkien items. There is no cost and you can have fun with it. I'm looking forward to it. I'm really eager to see all the reactions to these figures.

Amazon is very handy. Especially if you have prime and free 2 day shipping. Those posters were so cool. I must have looked at them multiple times during comic-con.

Very much so. He'd scare the crap out of me. lol I bet when the third film comes out we see those especially now that you will need products for a third movie. Plus it gives us more to spend money on. :)

U 2 :rock


Aug 20 2012, 11:36am

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Props to You For the Thorin Review!

Thanks for the good wishes! How was your weekend?

Your review on Weta's Thorin was very thorough. The pics always make for a nice visual to the description. Sometimes, I feel like people don't put enough photos. The more the merrier!, I say. lol I'm sure many readers (including myself) appreciate the insight! A blog isn't a bad idea. I may have to look into this...

I am also curious to see how collectors take to The Hobbit figures. Referencing army builders, I recently picked up a few different orcs from the old Toybiz LOTR line. The plan is to have some enemies available to challenge my 6" Thorin when he arrives. If anything, my 3.75" dwarves with have "bigger" challenges to face in the future. lol

Spiders would be a nice addition to the action figure lines as well. That would make for a cool 2 pack! Technically, BD could even turn it into a beast pack - 1 spider vs. 1 dwarf. I guess they could do the same with the Stone Giants.

Once the individual character posters are produced, I'll try to pick up 1 or 2 of those for sure!


Aug 21 2012, 1:01am

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Thanks :)

No problem :) it was good. Not long enough but good. :)

Thank you :-D I try to make sure to really take plenty of pictures and concise thoughts. Yeah, when you do a review you have to take plenty of shots. It's totally worth checking out. I use word press and have found it quiet user friendly. If you review lotr or the hobbit stuff we might even be able to do a guess review.

I am as well. They look good and so I think that helps plus the price is gonna be nice as well. Nice! Please share pics when you get that all set up.

That's something I think we will see. I'd say by October we will see those as I'd think wb will start easing thing on these companies. The giants would make for a cool large battle pack.

They're sweet! I'd get them all if we ever see them.


Aug 21 2012, 12:06pm

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A Review By Dwalin - Sounds GREAT!

Thanks for the tips. Can one purchase Word Press? If anything, is MS Word a good alternative? I'm pretty good with that. lol

Doing a guest review for TORN on The Hobbit action figures (or any other Hobbit/LOTR related items) would be my pleasure! I'm not sure if you have to run that by anyone, but keep me posted. I'll be thorough and take plenty of pics for my fellow Tolkien fans and enthusiasts.

Usually, the online websites charge a bit more for the items that are preordered. However, I think the prices for the figures seem fairly decent thus far. I'll be sure to send you some pics of my EPIC Thorin vs. Orcs battle once I receive the 6" Thorin and set it all up.

The giants would make for a solid larger battle pack. I hope BD includes as many accessories with the evil figures as they are with the good ones. It would be cool to have orcs with swords, daggers, bows, arrows, and so on. I'd like to see trolls and giants with clubs and/or swords as well.

New beast pack idea - Gandalf with the Lord of the Eagles.


Aug 21 2012, 11:10pm

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I agree

No problem. They do have a pay deal you can do but they have a free service which is what I use.

Yeah, I'd have to run it by but I don't think it would be a problem and I think it would be cool to have you join in the fun. I will keep ya posted for sure. Smile

Yeah, some sites can be a bit more than I store mostly because of shipping. The prices that we posted when TBD released info around comic-con seemed good to me. Nice! Lookin forward to it.

Yeah, hopefully all the figures come with enough weapons to make sure you can set up some awesome battle displays. If not maybe some weapons sets later down the line.

That would be cool. I think things like that are totally possible especially if this line gets off to a strong start.


Aug 22 2012, 12:01pm

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Beorn and More Beorn

Sounds good. Do you have a link or a website where I can view and use this free service?

Totally! I could provide the fans with some solid insight and I know I would really enjoy creating such a review.

Yeah, the shipping can a knife in the dark now and then. Weapon sets would be OUTSTANDING! They would defintiely come in handy for creating battle scenes. Plus, if a figure comes less equipped than one would like, he or she is covered! lol

Let's hope that the grace of the Valar grants us a strong start! lol My hopes go with BD expanding the lines as far as possible...even if it takes us all the way to Mordor. lol

Another beast pack concept - Beorn as a man and as a bear.


Aug 22 2012, 11:49pm

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Here ya go

Yeah, I'll link you to my blog.

Cool! As we get closer to these coming out I will let ya know.

exactly! It allows you more wiggle room when your setting these figures up.

Indeed! I think if fans take to these the way they have so far and how I have we're set. If that happens this line will go all the way there and back again.

Good idea. That's another that I think will happen.


Aug 23 2012, 11:46am

Views: 3665

Thanks for the link! I'm blocked from viewing it at work, but I'll try to check it out over the weekend.

Sounds GREAT! Please keep me posted.

I'm wondering how PJ is going to portray The Necromancer? I mean, there really hasn't been much mention of him in the media and maybe we won't see him at all in The Hobbit films, but it would be cool if we did. I bet he would also make for an AWESOME action figure!

A few side notes; I hope BD creates an Elrond and a Thranduil. I'd refer armored over casual. lol

Beast Pack idea - Thorin and horse. This would make another excellent addition for setting up battle scenes!

Our conversations definitely stimulate my Hobbit brain waves, btw. lol


Aug 24 2012, 1:03am

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Good question

No problem :)

Will do.

That's a good question. We know very little and like smaug it's all up to our imagination at this point. He will be in it but the question is how and what will he look like. Could depending on the look.

I could see both versions being made. It's a good way to make some nice money off of both characters.

It could happen. I think it's likely to come after a lot of other things that we've talked about. Let alone what tbd has that we done know about.

Same here. I am truly enjoying just chatting it up with ya thinking about what might be.


Aug 24 2012, 12:16pm

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War Machines

Happy Friday, Elessar!

If the Necromancer does make an appearance in The Hobbit, I hope it's when the White Council attacks Dol Guldur. Seeing the members of the council fight together would be AWESOME! I too wonder how the Necromancer will be depicted. In the Lord of The Rings, he's a flaming eye. What could he have been years prior to that?

The Uruk-Hai had some interesting war machines in TT (i.e. ballistas, catapults, etc). We probably won't see any of those until the final film, but I wouldn't mind watching a few new and unique dwarven, elvish, human, and orcish war machines at work.

Good business mind on that point. Multiple versions of the characters would make for more profit, and more fun! lol

Deluxe Beast Pack idea - Smaug and Bilbo. How could you pass that up?! lol

On Sunday, I'll be off to San Fran with my sister. Vacation - Whoohoo! lol We're visiting our cousin. I should be back next Friday night, but I'll do my best to KIT while I'm there. If anything, I'll reply to our post by next Saturday, 09/01. Have a great weekend!


Aug 25 2012, 1:57am

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My mind went Marvel

Happy Friday to you as well. :)

That's where I think you will see him making an appearance. The battle of the five armies is another spot though that would be a major stretch. I think that's a good question to be honest. He couldn't take physical form so I don't know how pj will tackle that.

yeah, they did. The battle of the five armies I would expect to have something cool like that. I mean it's a big battle and it's pj so we should get something good.

It's win/win for all of us.

Sign me up for that. :)

Have fun and be safe. :) I'll holler at ya when you get back.


Aug 29 2012, 1:18am

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Super Articulated

Greetings from San Fran! It's beautiful out here. I actually tried ziplining for the first time today - what a thrill! The guide showed us a tree that was 800 years old. I thought, "Almost as old as Gandalf!" lol

How was your weekend?

Now that PJ is making 3 movies, I wonder how long the Battle of 5 Armies is going to be??? I mean, if the second film ends with the death of Smaug (or soon thereafter), the third movie should be primarily about the battle. It would be cool to see some of the paths the characters take once the fight is over.

Remember how Toybiz had the super articulated figures? I hope BD does that eventually. Honestly, I wish they started the line off like that, but it would be an intelligent strategy to make the most possible revenue by kicking the figures off with decent articulation then advancing them.

Beast Pack Idea; Bolg on Warg

Thanks! Having a blast do far!


Aug 29 2012, 2:05am

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Hola! :) I bet. All the pictures I've seen make it look very pretty. It's a city I would like to visit before I kick it. That's awesome! To see something that old would be amazing. Ganda,f would be impressed with such a young sapling. lol

Mine was alright. Got a couple things done and just tried to enjoy the shortness of the weekend. Hopefully yours with the travel has been good.

I expect the battle to be decent in length but I don't expect it to be the largest chunk of the third movie. I think there will be a good mix of the battle, back stories, and what happened after the battle.

I do remember those. I don't expect TBD try something like these thoughts that kind of figure has gone extinct. I think they will stick to the fairly traditional setup with good articulation but nothing too crazy. I agree if they do this it will be at the end when they've covered everything else.

Nice! I think that will happen.

Good! Be safe. :)


Sep 1 2012, 5:53pm

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Back in Town

Hey, Elessar! How's your weekend going? I landed last night. All went well, thanks!

Getting a little back story in the third film would be greatly appreciated. Thee is so much to be told!

My fingers are itching to get a hold of the BD figures at this point! So far, I've heard nothing of future figures or ideas. We should tell BD all of the GREAT concepts we've been coming up with! lol With such a HUGE fan base for a tale such as The Hobbit, you'd hope manufacturers would be more eager to please. There is, after all, more profit to be made.

Talk soon!


Sep 1 2012, 11:15pm

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Welcome back

Hey! Going good so far. Went and saw the avengers again today other than that just chillin out. Glad all went well. :)

I agree. There is just so much info about middle-earth that I want to see it all.

Same here. Gonna be nice to get some of these in hand. :) Yeah, might have to pass on some of these ideas if they haven't seen them if they lurk. I would think so especially if things sell well at the start.



Sep 5 2012, 11:41am

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Visuals Would Be Nice

Avengers was AWESOME! I already preordered it on Amazon. I saw that and Dark Knight Rises both twice in theaters. Did you see DKR? If so, did you like it better than Dark Knight?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy included the only films where I felt emotionally attached to the characters. To see Middle Earth would be rather amazing. Still, if the best I can get is via PJ then I'll take it! lol The more they put into the films, the better.

My paws are crossed that the LOTR/Hobbit fans step up to the plate when BD finally ships these figures out. I'm still waiting to see images for Bolg, Stone Troll and Nori, the Orc on the Warg, and so on. The last visuals we got were back in July so I think we're due! lol


Sep 5 2012, 3:19pm

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They're up

Yeah, it's a great movie. I have to special set ordered through amazon but it's been delayed because of an issue with the suitcase. I did. I liked tdkr but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. IMO TDK is the best of that trilogy.

The lotr trilogy are movies and books I've become very emotionally attached to. The world, story, characters, etc all just pull you in. Yeah, if the movies are as close as I get to NZ and ME then that's ok.

I would think we're close to see some more but they may wait for wave 2 to go up. Don't know if you saw the article but wave 1 went up last weekend. :)


Sep 6 2012, 12:16pm

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For me, it's difficult to say whether I liked TDK or DKR better. They were both very entertaining.

Thanks for the info. When you say Wave 1 went up last weekend, do you mean the figures are in stores? Are there any new links? I actually switched some of my orders from Toywiz and BBTS to Amazon yesterday. Because of the free shipping Amazon offers, it made sense (in the pocket) to go with them instead. However, they don't have as many figures up for pre order when compared to others merchants.

Amazon gave estimated arrival for Wave 1 as October 1st. I'm hoping that Wave 2 makes it out by November or December the latest.

Question; the article entitled, "Playing Sherlock: a few Hobbit plot deductions from the figurine character biographies," was that referencing the bios that will be provided via BD for the action figures coming out? Oh! There was a piece about Grinnah in there as well.


Sep 6 2012, 3:20pm

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Love free shipping

No problem. Just pre-orders as the figures won't be in brick and mortar stores until october 1. That's why I put my orders in with amazon because of the prime service. Yeah, I hope wave 2 arrives quickly after 1 does. :)

Well, I'd assume like any action figure you'll have bios on the back of each box. So that makes sense to me. Nice! I'm interested to see what this character is as its not a name
I'm familiar with.


Sep 7 2012, 11:43am

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Grinnah and The Great One

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Not sure if you're into collecting TDK or DKR figures, but there was a rare one of the Joker as Gotham City Thug. It was going for about $100+ on Ebay a month or so back. Out of nowhere, they are popping up more. I was able to pick one up via Amazon for $35.00 yesterday (that's with the free shipping).

The prices seem decent for The Hobbit figures on Amazon. $16.99 for 6" figures and the same price for 3.75" 2 packs seems competitive compared to what other stores are selling them for. I'm not crazy about how the 5 figure set has Dwalin, but not Balin. Doesn't really make sense to me, besides a way for BD to make more $.

Grinnah is apparently one of the goblins in service of the Great Goblin. I believe he interrogates Thorin & Co when they are captured in Moria. I also read that Fimbul from the Fimbul and Warg beast pack, is one of Azog's master hunters. He's probably involved in the scene where Thorin & Co are trapped above the trees.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Sep 7 2012, 1:26pm

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Amazonian PT 2

Happy Friday to you as well. :)

I don't. Actually, as far as collecting I tend to stick to either figures made by SS and Hot Toys or statues made by SS or Weta. That's a crazy piece for a small action figure but those seem to do that more often than you think.

Yeah, the prices are fair and with amazon I half expect a bit if a dip on the price if they're sold lower someplace else. Yeah, I wished the 5 pack had him to make it a six pack as that would have been extra cool IMO. More is better basically. lol

Cool! I bet he's one of the characters on the maze that's in the hobbit annual book. That would make sense and the scene with them in the tress is gonna be sweet. :)

Have a great one yourself my friend .:)

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Sep 7 2012, 7:40pm

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Toys R Us Update!

Hey! What statues and figures are you planning on getting from SS, Hot Toys, or Weta?

I wasn't going to log back in until Monday, but I wanted to tell you that Toys R Us has lower prices on The Hobbit figures than Amazon. Plus, right now there is free shipping over $49, which you'll spend easily so overall it's a better deal. Hope this helps you out a bit!



Sep 7 2012, 8:11pm

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From SS figure wise I get some of the clones from SW and some of their GI Joe line. Statue wise from them I'm getting all in for the lotr statues they make plus I'm getting the RWOS Pf as well as the Sauron Pf. From Weta I'm all in for their Hobbit statues. :) Hot Toys I just get their Marvel movie figures.

Thanks for the heads up. I may jump on that. U rock :$


Sep 10 2012, 5:34pm

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Hey! How was your weekend?

Nice selections, btw. The Hobbit statues are gonna be AWESOME!

Thanks and for sure! I saw the 5 pack went up in price on Amazon from $29.99 to $34.99 I thought that was a bit irregular. I know Amazon's prices tend to fluctuate, but I could not believe that TRU had them beat! I've been contemplating order the 3.75" version of Legolas. Wish BD had some pics for him released.

It was cool that those code breakers figured out the writing on Dwalin's fingers. Only makes him more intimidating! lol


Sep 10 2012, 7:05pm

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Hadn't thought about him

Mine was good. Watched plenty of football and just enjoyed the nice weather.

They do that sometimes but whatever the lowest price is at shipping is what we'll pay. So we should only pay the $29. Id love to see the Legolas figure and to be honest I had forgotten about him even having one but I'd probably order one.

That was sweet! He's just the coolest looking one of the bunch. I'm curious to see how the character is in the movies. His bust from GG should ship in November and I'm hoping his statue goes up in october from Weta.


Sep 11 2012, 11:55am

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Hidden Armour

Glad to hear that. I like the new avatar, btw.

Yea, I just hope BD makes Legolas AWESOME! I know he was not originally in The Hobbit so I don't know how big of a role he will play in the upcoming movies, but it would be great to see him take down a few orcs with his bow again along with a few new crazy stunts, like he pulled in the LOTR trilogy. I guess we could see him showing up at the Battle of the Five Armies. After all, his father will be there.

Dwalin looks super cool! I would imagine him being rough around the edges and very stern. Balin looks like more of the intellectual type, but he probably packs a punch. lol I was able to look at the Fili figure up close via Amazon. It looks like he may have two daggers embedded in his forearm armour. That would be wicked!


Sep 11 2012, 3:32pm

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Thanks! I use that ring pic other places and I thought this hobbit pic with Greg would work good here. :)

Ditto. A good Legolas figure is needed for sure. I think his role in the movie will be medium sized. I also think we will see him in that battle take down a few orcs to the displeasure of some fans.

Agreed! I just love the look as I've said. Those reasons are just a couple ofthe many looks wise why. Balin looks very much like a leader dwarf and why he would want to go to Moria to reclaim it. Really? I'll have to check it out.


Sep 13 2012, 11:28am

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Seems like Legolas and Thanduil don't see eye to eye, from what I read. Then again, Thanduil doesn't appear to be the type of elf that would trust too many others, let alone a group of dwarves. lol Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the figure that BD produces of him, and the other elves.

If PJ puts the scenes at the end of The Hobbit where Balin was shot in Moria by an orc archer, or where Oin gets killed by the Watcher in the Water, it would be an interesting way to connect the LOTR trilogy. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice extra, but will still be sad to watch. lol

From what I can tell, the amount of accessories vary. THe 3.75" Thorin seems to have Orcrist and a dwarven sword along with his oak shield. Balin only has a mace and a sword. Dwalin comes fully loaded with a hammer, 2 axes, and a knife. Kili has a bow, sword, and a knife. Fili is armed to the teeth with 2 swords, a hammer, and I think those 2 other knives I was telling you about. I can't wait to see what future dwarves have!


Sep 13 2012, 3:15pm

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Legolas I am your father

In curious to see that relationship on screen. Yeah, in the book you can tell he doesn't care for dwarves at all going back many years, but of course that changes as you reach the end. Me 2! Even if I don't buy them all I want to see them all.

I personally would love to see those an if they can be done without seeming out of place too much let's do it. In the end all of this ties together and I want one big six movie epic of time in middle-earth.

It does seem that way. So maybe they will do some kind of weapons pack then down the road.

PS: thanks for being someone I can chat with about Collectibles. It's a little quiet on this side.


Sep 14 2012, 12:10pm

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Tauriel vs. Legolas

Happy Friday, Elessar!

When you have Dwarves with attitudes such as Gimli's, it's no wonder that the elves don't get along with them. lol I'm curious to see Tauriel's role in the film as well. I read that she's the head of the Mirkwood Elven Guard. Something tells me that her and Legolas might butt heads as far as the dwarves go as well. That would definitely make for a good fight scene. I've never seen two elves battle it out before in Middle Earth.

Six movies of AWESOMENESS! I'll be picking up the entended editions as well, if there are any. I recently purchased Tolkien's World from A to Z: The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth by Robert Foster. I should serve as a good guide myself, for those seeing the film with me. If not, I may need to buy them their own books. lol

A weapons pack would be wicked! They could even break them into races (i.e. dwarves, elves, and orcs). I was looking at the photos of the figures online more closely. I'm not sure if all of the dwarves (Balin, Kili) have articulation at the knee. It would not stop me from buying them, but it's kind of a bummer for setting up battle scenes and such. We can only hope! lol

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

P.S. The feeling is mutual, my friend. Thank you.


Sep 14 2012, 4:46pm

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It's Friday!

Same to my friend :)

Yeah, you see with Gimli early on that there is a lot of distrust, and with what I think we will see in the hobbit that will be fleshed out. I'm curious to see what they do with that character. Since its a created character and all it's gonna be interesting for that reason alone kind of like Lurtz.

Indeed! I have that book. My folks or my sister got me that for Christmas a few years back. It's a nice book with plenty of info to help folks out. I've enjoyed looking at it.

That's a good idea. A races of ME weapons packs. :) I'll have to look at those photos again as I hasdnt noticed that.

U 2 :) :)

:duff :duff :)


Sep 17 2012, 11:38am

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Azog - 3.75" ???

Hey! How was your weekend?

Perhaps there will be a type of brother/sister relationship, if not a romantic one between Tauriel and Legolas? Less than three months and we'll find out! lol Lurtz was an AWESOME character! I can still remember watching FOTR and clapping in the theater when Aragorn sliced off his head.

Sounds like you have a sister that knows you well. I need to look into that book as the movie nears.

Thanks for the kudos! lol I'm very curious to see what Grinnah, Fimbul, Bolg, and Azog look like when they are made into action figures. I haven't seen anything for a 3.75" version of Azog yet though, which is a bit surprising. Last I checked, there is supposed to be a 6" deluxe figure of him.


Sep 17 2012, 3:28pm

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He's coming I'd say

It was good. AMC theaters had a Indy marathon this weekend that I went to. That was a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Could be. I don't know if they'll do the relationship thing but it's another possibility. I know! Very excited to get my butt in the theater to see part 1. Lurtz was awesome! His death was a great quick action sequence within the fotr.

Yeah, she's a good kid. :) It was a sweet gift and something that means a lot to me. Like I said its a solid reference book to know things about the characters.

No problemo :) yeah, their looks are something I'm very curious about as well. The orcs in the lotr always had cool looks to them so I expect more of the same.


Sep 18 2012, 11:26am

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Battle for Middle Earth 1 and 2

Indy marathon - NICE! You gotta love Sean Connery as the father = Pricele$$! lol I visited my friend. He and his fiance got a new apartment so we had a get together over there. Good times.

Lurtz was a cool character for sure. Grishnakh's death was wicked, getting stomped on by Treebeard. I also would have liked to see the Uruk-Hai get crushed by the other ents after they fled form Helm's Deep. I wish PJ would have given Gothmog an dramatic death. As far as I could tell, he was just trampled by the Rohirrim horses.

The orcs did look pretty interesting. I hope they look similar, if not better, in The Hobbit.

I purchased The Battle for Middle Earth and The Battle for Middle Earth II for the PC a while back, but I always played skirmishes. I recently finished both of the good campaigns = AWESOME! I would highly recommend them if you like strategy type games and army building.


Sep 18 2012, 12:56pm

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Loved 2

Yeah, it was a blast. Last Crusade is my favorite for many reasons and I do love him as Henry Sr. Very nice of ya. That's what you do for friends of course but moving stinks so bad. lol

Loved seeing TB smash the snot out of him. Just a very early glimpse at the power of the ents. That would have been cool but at the same time it's fun to let the imagination run. His death in the EE of ROTK was pretty cool. So he got a decent death I think.

I'd venture to guess they will. I mean if nothing else the tech in 10 years is better for it I'd think.

Nice! I've played 2 before on my 360. It was a pretty good time just playing something centered in middle-earth. One of my favorites is the ROTK game which I went back and bought last year for $5 for my 360.


Sep 19 2012, 4:26pm

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I'll be moving soon as well, probably before the end of the year. Yea, I do my best for my friends.

As for the EE versions, I've seen FOTR. I have TT and ROTK, but still need to watch them. Now, I'm looking forward to Gothmog's death! lol

Ents aren't in The Hobbit, but a TB cameo would be cool. I mean, they put Legolas in there so why not?! lol

The ROTK game is AWESOME! $5 was a steal. I used to play it on my PS2 with my father. Did you ever play LOTR Conquest on your 360? My sister and I used to take down the dark forces together. Good times. lol I'm waiting for the LOTR Lego game to come out. I pre ordered that on Amazon.

Less than 2 weeks and The Hobbit figures will be free to roam our Earth - Whoohoo! lol


Sep 19 2012, 4:40pm

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Played it

Best of luck with the move. Those are always stressful.

If you loved the TE of each the EE will be better and you do get that death for which I spoiled.

It would be cool but I'd stay away from that. It's much harder to tie in than say Legolas. Plus you need the shock of the ents in lotr.

Yeah, I loved it when I had it on the ps2. So when I saw it was compatible with the 360 (the original Xbox version) I jumped on it. Just a really fun game. I did have conquest and loved it. Me and some buddies played the crap out of it for quite a while. I've got the Lego game coming from game stop as they have a PO bonus of a Lego Elrond figure. I'm also looking forward to guardians of middle-earth.

I know! I was just thinking about that today. Can't wait to get them. :) :rock


Sep 20 2012, 11:48am

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Early Bird on Ebay

Thanks! Let's hope it goes smoothly where need be.

No worries. I'm excited to watch them!

Did you see the new Hobbit trailer? I enjoyed the first one, but the new one is so much better! You get to see more in depth views of the trolls. I thought the goblins looked odd, but still cool. The wargs look wild! What falls on the dwarves at the end of the clip? Is that a giant? Troll? It looks like half of a body.

Guardians of Middle Earth should be a lot of fun! Let me know how you like it.

There are a few BD figures from The Hobbit on Ebay already. I know it's expected, but what a rip off! For the prices these sellers have listed, I'll be patient and wait it out. lol I actually added Legolas to my TRU pre order yesterday.


Sep 20 2012, 3:35pm

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I did! This trailer was even better than the first one IMO. These movies are going to be epic. The goblins do look odd but I think it's adjusting to a different breed of Orc if you know what I mean. That was the goblin king that falls on them at the end of that version. He's gross and cool looking at the same time.

Will do. I think it should be pretty darn fun

Yeah, eBay is a rip off for early release items. You can get multiple course for those prices. Nice! I'm gonna order him soon as well.


Sep 21 2012, 11:55am

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Happy Friday, Elessar!

Saw your comments on the still shot article of the new trailer. I enjoyed reading what you and the other members had to say. A different breed of orc - interesting. Yea, the Goblin King is pretty gross. I wonder how he dies in the film as Gandalf is with the dwarves in this version when he falls on top of them? The Stone Giants look OUTSTANDING! Those definitely look like spiders legs that break into Radagast's house, but I heard that Saruman kills him.

I'm debating ordering the 6" Azog. I wonder why a 3.75" version wasn't made in the same wave? I want to order Thorin and the Goblin King, but it's pretty expensive to pre order so I might wait that one out until it hits the stores or shows up on Amazon or Ebay. Oh! I saw a pic of Fimbul - that is 1 seriously intimidating orc. I'm not sure who is more scary, Fimbul or the Warg that he rides. lol

Enjoy the weekend!


Sep 21 2012, 1:10pm

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Happy Friday :)

Thanks! I thought about commenting on them all but there were a lot of shots. lol Yeah, I mean why not. I would say its possible so it's something I think that could work. I'd have to go through but I thought someplace Tolkien even describes there being some differences in the orcs. He is very gross. lol I think he'll die like in the books and that scene was just him falling after Gandalf had killed him. Yes, they do. It's cool to see them outside of the war in the north game. That's what I thought watching the trailer as well. Curious to see if we're right. Really? Not sure how I feel about that but it fits the character I think.

I'm still not sure myself how I'm going to mix my buying of these figures. I don't think I'll get all of both but not sure how to choose. Yeah, totally awesome looking. Can't wait to see him in action and the warns for that matter.

Have a good weekend.


Sep 24 2012, 6:38pm

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Those Angry Wargs

Hey, Elessar! How was your weekend?

Well, the goblins in this film look pretty cool. Thoughts on the Goblin King's size compared to regular orcs - too many fast-food hamburgers? Genetics? Could it be cannibalism at an excessive rate? I'm not sure, but that dude is HUGE! If Gandalf does kill him, like in the book, how does he fall after the Company is already down there, I wonder?

Yea, I remember reading that Radagast getting killed by Saruman was one theory. I know we see him attacked by spiders, but that doesn't seem to be such an elaborate death for a wizard. He wasn't at the Battle of the Five Armies, so I'm guessing he was murdered before that took place.

I would imagine that the 3.74" line would have more of a variety, but due to the large fan base, BD woukld probably profit more from enhancing the 6" line. The wargs look vicious and aggressive in The Hobbit. I actually like them more than the ones that were in LOTR.


Sep 24 2012, 10:59pm

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Almost there

It was good. Relaxing pretty much and I started my yearly reading of the hobbit which is great.

They do look really cool. Well, I do know he's supposed to be larger than the other orcs. There is a chance he might have been a servant of Morgoth who took orc form. That's a good question.

Interesting. He is still alive during the lotr timeline so that would be a fairly large departure. Curious to see how that plays out.

That's a good question. Which line offers more chances. The 3 3/4 line might because of the price allows fans to buy more. They look nasty. I do like the design a lot based on what we've seen.


Sep 26 2012, 1:55am

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Stone Giants!

Glad to hear that! My weekend was fun. I went to a concert and did some shopping. That's a good annual activity. I might do the same.

So, I saw the article about The Hobbit figures located at TRU in Cherry Hill. I'm jealous. lol Did you ask the other members of TORN if it's alright for me to write up a review on them?

I thought I saw a Bolg and Gandalf on Ebay, but the pic was too small to make it out )-:

Cool idea - Stone Giants in the 3.75 line. They would be much larger, of course. lol I'm hoping to see some orc archers, warriors, and so on.


Sep 26 2012, 2:17am

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Giant toys

Thanks! Cool! That is a good way to get your mind off things and relax. It is. I've done it for several years now and it's something I look forward to. I also listen to the lotr soundtracks when I'm reading and it adds to the fun.

Yeah, they're really out and about now it seems. I haven't. Once they're officially out we'll figure out all the details. Probably have you write your overall thoughts on the line so far.

That is a 2-pack that I've seen out there as well. Bolg looks really good I think and I'm gonna get that one myself. Not to mention can't wait to see him on the big screen.

Right but they so figures like that in other lines so it could be done. Would be cool anyways. lol I think we will see those.


Sep 26 2012, 12:46pm

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Hobbit Therapy

Sounds like Hobbit Therapy to me. I like it! lol

Cool beans. Keep me posted.

Yea, Bolg looks pretty tough. I can't wait to see what Azog looks like!

Dude! I saw a pic of the Goblin King and Thorin 2 pack on Ebay. It's also on Toyzwiz. The Goblin King looks AWESOME! Of course, it's overpriced so I might wait for the item to hit Ebay, Amazon, or just pick it up at TRU.

Right now, there are a lot of good characters coming out via BD. We're going to need more villains. lol


Sep 26 2012, 3:17pm

Views: 3323

It is in a way. I start my trek through Middle-Earth that way and continue through the lotr. It makes for a fun period of time just enjoying the moment as each page comes up.

He does! :) I'm like you I'm curious to see the design and how badarse he will look.

I saw a 2-pack on amazon from them. I'll wait until amazon officially has them or someplace in store starting October first.

Yeah, we 're good guy heavy right now so that's why I think we'll see more random orcs/goblins..


Sep 27 2012, 1:49pm

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Dwarves vs Armies

That's cool. I like the concept.

As for my review, would you want me to type it up in one of my responses to you first?

I'm sure Azog will look BOSS! Bolg appears to be pretty fierce. The Great Goblin is super intimidating! The BD version of him is about 10 times bigger than the 3.75" Thorin. lol I can't wait to get the figures!

Smart move with Amazon. I may apply the same strategy for acquiring certain figures going fwd. I ordered Gandalf and Bolg separately with Toywiz early on. They're the only co that had Nori with Stone Troll available for preorder right now, from what I could find.

I hope you're right! If Thorin would take each Dwarf over the mightiest armies, we're going to require a lot of orcs, goblins, trolls, and so on. lol


Sep 27 2012, 3:28pm

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More meat on the bone

It really adds to it. Try it next time you read one of the books.

As far as the review. I'd suggest writing it up in word and just emailing me with it and I will go about posting it.

From what we've seen of these designs they look really good. Different from the lotr but no less fierce looking IMO. Yeah, the goblin king looks massive compared to the Thorin figure. lol I know! Looking forward to getting some of these next week.

I hope so too. I won't get them all but I know folks will and I hope they get it.

(This post was edited by Elessar on Sep 27 2012, 3:29pm)


Sep 28 2012, 11:41am

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Possible Removal of Legolas and Tauriel

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Will do. I should be getting the figures in the mail next week. Once I have them, I'll begin the review and keep you posted on my progress.

You're right about the designs. They are unique, and I like that they are different from the LOTR versions. I liked the Toybiz figures, but change is good now and then. The orcs, goblins, and wargs have a stellar appearance to them. Giving the dwarves their own looks and personalities was cool too.

I read the article about BD pulling the Legolas and Tauriel figures. I ordered Legolas through TRU, and I hope I get him. I might take a trip there this weekend to see if they have any of the figures yet. If so, I might pick up the L & T 2 pack.

The movie channels have been playing TT and ROTK lately. Guess they're prepping for The Hobbit. lol

Have an AWESOME weekend!


Sep 28 2012, 12:48pm

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Happy Friday

Thank ya :)

Sounds good. It's about to get busy for posting stuff for me product wise. My Snow Troll statue arrives tomorrow from Sideshow, bridge direct announcements, weta announcements, reviews, collector of the week, etc. Gonna be fun.

They do look stellar. Jackson and crew did awesome and tbd did as good translating them to action figures.

Yeah, it seems WB is asking for these figures back since they won't be in the movie. I don't know of the rumor is 100% true, but I've seen it enough places that its worth a mention. So if you go hunting I'd grab some as they will be even more collectible because of this potential issue.

Nice! :)

U 2 :-D


Sep 30 2012, 7:58pm

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TRU Update!

Hey, Elessar! I normally wouldn't go on TORN until tomorrow, but TRU has expanded their selection of Hobbit figures online and the online prices are exceptional! I picked up the 3.75" 2 pack of Legolas and Tauriel for $14.99 Also, the deluxe version of the 2 pack of Gandalf and Bolg is $17.99 Fimbul and Warg are up for $19.99 Plus, the Goblin King and Thorin are on there for only $29.99 Best part, over $49 = Free Shipping! Wanted to let you know ASAP.

I actually went to the TRU by my house yesterday. They had a few single figures in store, but for $11.49 That's such a rip off from their $9.99 online price. Grinnah was in store at TRU, but I managed to get him at ToyWiz for under $9.00 Also, Toywiz is one of the only retailers that have Nori and the Stone Troll. Therefore, I could not totally wipe out that order, but I did wind up $aving a bundle thanks to TRU.

The delivery dates vary so I might have to write that review in a few parts depending on when I receive them.

Def let me know if you post a review for the Snow Troll. Collector of the week - is that an award you won? If so, AWESOME and congrats! My week is also busy with work and school. I'll try to write you when I can.

Talk soon!


Sep 30 2012, 8:37pm

Views: 3176

Hey! Interesting. I may have to jump on that if I don't see any tomorrow when I check a couple places on the way home from work since at least they have some options available. So I appreciate the heads up as a nice plan B.

That's odd that the online price would be cheaper than the instore price. I wonder if you could show them and they would lower it? I haven't seen a pic yet of Nori and the Stone Troll. Can't wait to see that one as it sounds like a freaking cool set up.

That's fine. Just write in parts and when you're all done we'll get something together.

Will do. Took pics today and will start writing the review tonight. No, nothing I won. We took some entries of people who sent pictures and write up of their stuff. We're going to start posting a few of them just to show some of the cooler collections we received. Will probably wait until after tomorrow since we've had some many posts and will for a few days of new products landing.

Later :)


Oct 2 2012, 1:34am

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The Costs of Thorin and Co

How did your journey to find the One figures on the way home from work go? lol It's all good. If I could $ave you money, I'll try to hook you up.

Overall, I picked up Legolas and Tauriel, Gandalf and Bolg, Bilbo and Gollum, Kili and Fili, Balin and Dwalin, Thorin and the Goblin King, Fimbul and Warg, and 6" Thorin for under $160 at TRU. Grinnah and Nori and Stone Troll are probably going to run me around $40 So, under $200 for everything, which isn't too shabby. lol

I'm not sure if TRU does price matching, but it would be cool if they did. Should you come across Nori and the Stone Troll set, or Azog, please drop me a message on here.

Sounds like a plan for my review. I'm psyched!

Looking fwd to your review, dude. Let me know when it's up and ready to read.

Have a good 1!


Oct 2 2012, 2:09am

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Thank ya

Struck out. So I went ahead and grabbed some from TRU website along with what I have on amazon. I appreciate the offer as thats really kind of ya.

Picked up all the 3.75 inch figures and the big three in 6". All coming this way shortly.

Will do and please do the same if you find it.

Will do again. Gonna write it this weekend when I've got some time.

U 2 :)


Oct 2 2012, 11:44am

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Chasing BD

Bummer. TRU and Amazon hooked up the fan with their prices and free shipping options so that's a plus.

I saw Fimbul and Warg on Amazon now, but it's more expensive there ($24.99) than at TRU ($19.99). I also saw Grinnah on Amazon, but he was being sold from a different seller so shipping was not included = not worth it. Ebay has them all skyrocketed right now.

Besides possible Legolas and Tauriel, it seems like no figure is a chase or rare yet. I'm not complaining, but that's a bit odd I thought.

Nice! I can't wait to have mine in hand! Feels like we're been waiting forever. lol Now that the Wave 1 figures are all coming out, I think it's time BD gave us the list of who is going to be included in Wave 2. No pics necessary, but some names would be ideal.

You can count on me!

Cool beans.


Oct 2 2012, 12:57pm

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Yeah, I was hoping but it happens. The real bummer was the amazon order got delayed for some reason. Ill keep my order just because with the other stuff I've ordered a break would be good. lol

I didn't see Grinnah anyplace. That may be one I track down in person. Yeah, don't bother with eBay as you'll get ripped off.

Something will pop up and with my luck it will be Grinnah.

It does but it's all almost here. Funny how time flies really. Which when you're looking forward to something like this I won't complain.


Oct 3 2012, 12:54pm

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What is a Yazneg?

Amazon actually had my copy of the Avengers DVD delayed, ironically. TRU only sent me part of my Hobbit order for some reason. I wonder if there was an issue with BD deliveries and such?

I saw Grinnah in TRU the other day, but I already have him pre ordered. I'm sure he'll pop up again. I would advise trying to search stores this weekend coming up as the figures have been officially released. If you see Grinnah on any websites, can you let me know? I might change my retailer.

Did you see the Yazneg figure? Kind of creepy. Reminds of one of the Haradrim, but with much less skin. lol

That's true!

I was checking out the 19 Weta items TORN posted. They all look AWESOME! Thorin's map and key are pretty cool.


Oct 3 2012, 1:06pm

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No clue

Probably didn't have enough stock which is what I suppose happened with Amazon.

Yeah, when he pops up again ill grab him or if I get a chance to run to a store again maybe ill find him. Either way in time ill get him and the ones I want. I honestly don't mind waiting as with all the stuff that came out funds are a little lower than I'd like.

No, I haven't seen that one. Dang! Gonna have to go look for that one on the net and see if I can find a picture.

They are all very cool. I got gtg, bilbo, and the book. The rest will come over time for the ones I do get.


Oct 4 2012, 6:45pm

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The Waiting Game

Sounds like a possible option. Dark Knight Rises is up for preorder. You know 1 guy that's all over that 1! lol $17.99 on Amazon - not bad.

There is more Grinnah on Amazon and Ebay, but the price is still hefty. Yea, the wait isn't that bad now that we know we got them and that they are en route. My second shipment from TRU was sent. I'm actually on vacation next week so that should give me some time to focus on my review.

If those funds are low, we need to find the Lonely Mountain and try to see if there' anything left for us there! lol

Let me know what you think of Yazneg. To me, he's super creepy. lol

I give you MAD props on your choices of the Weta pieces, btw.


Oct 4 2012, 7:14pm

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I hate waiting

Nice! Ill order it to watch on occasion.

I saw the ones on eBay but those are too rich for me right now. He will be mine though. :) My TRU shipment is on the way so I can mess with those and my Bolg/GTG is on the way as well. So I've got something to look at an with funds tight till my next payday I can wait on my other figures. lol

That sounds like a plan to me. :)

I looked him up. He's cool looking.

Thanks! I'm gonna get a lot of their stuff so ill have to be picky else where.


Oct 5 2012, 12:10pm

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Grinnah vs. Sloth

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Speaking of Bolg, did you see the weapons he comes with? That is one killer mace! lol His swords are cool too. I can't wait to see what his dad looks like!

From what I can tell, Grinnah and Fimbul must be from different types of orcs or goblins. Still, Grinnah reminds me of Sloth from Goonies a bit. lol I read that he sucks up to the Great Goblin, but secretly despises him. I wonder if he has a part to do with his death?

The wait is dwindling day by day. Hopefully our figures come by Saturday. Either way, Monday is a holiday and I hope you're off from work. I'll be on my way home from Atlantic City.

As for our journey, let me get my mithril. lol

Have an AWESOME weekend!


Oct 5 2012, 1:00pm

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Happy Friday :)

Yeah, he comes with some cool stuff. I got my gtg and Bolg two pack yesterday. Both figures look awesome! TBD did a fantastic job with these two and my TRU stuff will e here today I believe. Just waiting on amazon to ship some stuff. When I get paid next week ill pick up Grinnah, 6" Legolas, and 6" Tauriel.

They do look different so maybe it's the breed thing we were talking about. It's the only thing that makes sense to me and makes sense how to tie it in with lotr. He does have that look for sure. Interesting. I would imagine he doesn't and that its all Gandalf but that Grinnah bails before the king gets killed.

Yes, it is. Good thing because I hate waiting. lol nope no day off we have school. Have fun and be safe. :)

Let me grab my sword and we're off.

U 2 :)


Oct 7 2012, 1:01pm

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Arrival of the Middle Earth Beings

Elessar, I agree with you on Bolg and GTG. All of my items except Grinnah and Nori with Stone Troll have arrived. They all look AWESOME! I'm going to write up that review and will try to get it to you before next Monday, 10/15/2012.Good luck on your search for Grinnah and the elves. You may want to see if Ugluk is available for hire! If anything, you may already have Fimbul. lol

Not even a glimpse of Nori, the Stone Troll, or Azog yet. What is going on with that?! lol

For whatever part he plays, I feel Grinnah has a bit to do with the Goblin King's death. Either way, I'm looking forward to the battle between hm and GTG. That should be interesting.

Bummer about working on Columbus day. Hang in there. Thanks and will do! I'll be on my way shortly.

Nice! Should we seek a Hobbit? Apparently, they come in handy. lol


Oct 8 2012, 3:51am

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They are arriving

Mine have started to show up. I got GTG and Bolg from Amazon on Friday both of which look freaking cool! Saturday brought my items from TRU all of which again look really good. The Goblin King is great and heavy! Later on Saturday we stopped at TRU killing time before we went to a local college footbal game and I found a Grinnah among some of the figures they had. My other figures from Amazon are going to be here Monday/Tues I think so its all coming together. :)

I've not seen any of those yet. Nori is all I need to complete my traveling party. Azog I want to see now simply because Bolg looks awesome.

He might and I could see him being the Grima of this movie. I'm with ya there! I just finished The Hobbit again and reading that sequence just gives me a big smile.

We just might want to. They might also be a bit more friendly. lol


Oct 9 2012, 12:35am

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Grinnah Found At Last

Hey, Elessar! How was your weekend?

That's AWESOME! Glad you were able to pick up a Grinnah. You have to let me know who your favorite figure is. I'll be starting to take pics on Wednesday and Thursday then continue to write up my review on all of them.

Nori's knives look BOSS! To see what the figure looks like would be great. Same for Azog. To have father and son fight side by side would be cool, even if one is 6" and the other a tad smaller. lol

The Hobbit - that tale never gets old.

Sounds good! I'll chat with a wizard I know about finding one. In the meantime, enjoy some ale!


Oct 9 2012, 3:47am

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Found at last. Found at last.

It was alright. How about you?

Yeah, I was really pleased to find him. Especially when they only had like 5 figures on the peg and I just happen to notice before leaving the store. Will do. RIght now just looking at what I have I really like Bolg and the Goblin King. Sweet! Just keep hacking away at it and when you're done I'll get the ball rolling.

They do look really cool. I am really interested in seeing the designs of things we've just seen in text but I'm afraid that might not happen until the movie lands. I hate waiting. lol

No, it does not. I love reading it every year and then roll over into The Lord of the Rings is freaking great (just started on Fellowship Saturday).

Sweet! We're well on our way then. lol I will and you do the same. :)


Oct 10 2012, 10:04pm

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To Eat Like Bombur

Mine was good, thanks. I celebrated a buddy's bday. My trip to AC was fun. Didn't lose any $ and I ate like a Bombur! lol

As Gimli would say, you have the "eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox!" My first round of photos is complete. I finally got to open the figures and enjoy them for what they are. Will keep you posted with my progress.

Yea, the waiting is really a BUMMER. Still, I did manage to pass some time reading your review on the Snow Troll. Nice job, dude!

The Fellowship - brings back good memories in 2001.

Sounds like a plan! We have to find this map and key everyone keeps talking about! lol


Oct 10 2012, 11:22pm

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Good deal

Good deal! Eating good is always fun. :)

Cool! Looking forward to seeing your thoughts all layed especially once I write mine and see how we can push this stuff.

Well, all I'm waiting on now is Fili/Kili. Everything else is here and they're so good, the 6" figures are even better than I remember.

Thank you! It's such an awesome statue. I hope you can swing some of these someday.

I know. 2001 was a great year. I love reading the books as much watching the movies.

I'd say by the light of the moon we can do it. Lol


Oct 11 2012, 9:07pm

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On the Move!

Great news - I found an apartment! I'm going to see the RE agent tomorrow and submit my application for review.

Me too! It's going to be quite the informative write-up. Very educational. I started typing it up today.

The lack of Nori is getting to be a real BUMMER!

Kili and Fili might be late, but you know they're definitely ahead of Bombur. lol

Ditto. It would be great for me to own some statues and put them on display.

Excellent confidence!


Oct 11 2012, 11:26pm

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Very nice! Congrats on that and fingers crossed it all goes well.

I agree. It will be nice for folks to read two different people's thoughts on these products because I'm sure we're going to like different things about these figures.

Yeah, I'd like to see something on him and Bombur soon.

Well, it appears they will be here tomorrow so I think as far as whats actually out right now I have all the 1:6th figures.

Totally :)

Of course! :)


Oct 13 2012, 1:57pm

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The Luck of the Valar!

Thanks! I actually signed me lease yesterday and my new hobbit hole should be waiting for me in November!

For sure. We're two pretty creative guys, so I think the mix of our thoughts will be appreciated. No doubt some collectors will find our insight to be most useful.

Where are Tom. Bert, and William? Those guys haven't been made yet and I am missing them. lol

Seriously, giving us Bolg and not Azog - what's up with that? lol

Will the luck of the Valar, Kili and Fili have arrived safely to you.

I'll be out of town for a few days. Back soon!


Oct 13 2012, 3:45pm

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Kili and Fili

Awesome! Congrats man. :)

I agree. It's good for folks to see that there are many good things about this line from multiple people.

That's a good question. I would imagine they'll be in eve 2. We know what they look like so it's just a matter of time.

Maybe he will be in wave 2 if they show a flashback to Azog and his battle with the dwarves.

They have arrived. I'm all set now on 3.75 in figures from wave one it seems. Just gotta get time to do my review and pics. lol

Be safe :)


Oct 15 2012, 5:37pm

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Bolg and Boba

Thanks, dude! It's a big move for me (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

How was your weekend?

The Flashback to Azog and the scene where Dain cuts his head off would be pretty cool. It would be more moving to have Bolg there watching as this happened. It would build up his anger towards dwarves. Reminds me of Boba Fett watching Mace Windu behead Jango. lol

Glad all of your figures have arrived! I'm looking fwd to our combo review on here.

As for Wave 2, I'm hoping they come around before Christmas!


Oct 15 2012, 6:18pm

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No problem. I don't doubt that at all.

It was good. We got wet as all good out from the Mizzou game but other than that it was good.

That's not a bad idea to be honest. I wouldn't play it exactly like SE but that's a good idea to base it off of.

Yeah, it's nice to have them all. If you check out TORn's FB page you will see a couple of shots I took. Took pictures of my Weta stuff after grades where done. Will write those reviews this weekend. Me 2. I hope people enjoy reading your thoughts.

Merry Christmas 2 us :)


Oct 16 2012, 11:29am

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From Nain to Dain II

Glad to hear that. A little water is good for the earth. lol My weekend was fun. Went to a friend's bachelor party in Point Pleasant on Saturday. Sunday, I took the day to recover. lol

Thanks for the props! Plus, who doesn't want to see the battle of Azanulbizar? Nain dies and it introduces Ironfoot in The Hobbit. This way, when he returns at the Battle of the Fives Armies, people understand his history a bit as well.

Might just check that out. Ditto! Do we have an ETA on our TBD review? No rush. I'm just curious.

Seriously, Christmas seems a while away, but I know it will be here before we know it. The Hobbit is less than 2 months away - WHOOHOO! lol


Oct 16 2012, 3:41pm

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Dwarf History

It's good for the earth but not for me when I dang near drown. lol Sounds like a good time.

I think we will see that and I'm sure it will look great. This should be a very impressive moment much like the battle of the last alliance was at the start of FOTR. Plus the emotional impact it will give should be something most of us want to see.

No not yet. I've got to write mine plus a load of other stuff. I'd like to get it all taken care of within the next week.

It will be here pretty quick. It seems like ages ago we saw the initial trailer but we're almost to the finish line for part 1. :)


Oct 17 2012, 3:43pm

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Where are the Rest of the Dwarves?

Whenever you get wet unintentionally, think of the Dwarves rolling down a river in a barrel. You may feel better. lol

I hope your right about this battle. Unlike the the Battle of the Last Alliance in FOTR, I hope this one is a bit longer. I know the film is probably going to be over 2 hours in length, but that battle scene should be pretty AWESOME! To cut it short just doesn't do it justice in my book.

Sounds good. Please keep me posted.

With the film's kick off nearing, I'd imagine that BD would want to release figures of the remaining dwarves by December. That would be the most strategic road. Sure, there are a lot of fans for LOTR and The Hobbit, but other consumers' interest should lessen over time. "Get them while they're hot!" lol


Oct 17 2012, 4:08pm

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Wet like a rat lol

I can totally relate to how they might have felt. lol it's been a long time since I was that wet.

I think it will be about the same to be honest. It will make for a nice flashback sequence but I don't think you can make it too long. So if they match it for as long as the LA sequence was that's ok.

Will do.

I'd think they'd want to and it's something I'd expect to get info about fairly soon. I agree though you have to strike while the iron is hot.


Oct 18 2012, 8:26pm

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I hope we get ot see Azog slay Thror. If I have to settle for a short battle scene, I at least hope we get to see Dain take down Azog. The Battle of the 5 Armies better be longer! lol Though, I'm sure it will be.

As far as The Hobbit figures go, I liked Thorin and Dwalin the best. To me, they seemed to be the best all around.

Not sure if you're into SW figures, but the Vintage collection has some nice items coming out at the end of November.

Let us hope! lol


Oct 18 2012, 11:46pm

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That's one of those things I'm really looking forward to seeing among many many things of course. Its the Dwarven history that I am very curious to see whats included and just how it will make the movie version of middle-earth so much better.

Both of those are really good but I also liked Bolg and Gandalf.

I like them but honestly outside of the figures for The Hobbit and a few of the LOTR ones I still have I stay to statues and those types of items.


Oct 19 2012, 1:49pm

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Bolg the BIG

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Yes, it will be amazing to see the history of the dwarves! Plus, it would give the audience a better understanding of how Thorin and Company came up this adventure. We should also get a glimpse of Smaug, if they show the sceen where the dwarves originally espaced from Erebor.

Bolg was pretty awesome! Besides the Goblin King, he is the biggest orc I've ever seen! Definitely works out. lol

The statues are cool. The Clone Wars is an interesting series. I pre ordered Season 4. For figures though, I think I like the Vintage Collection better.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Oct 19 2012, 3:18pm

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Happy Friday

I agree. I love this fictional world a lot an I love history so mixing the two here would be fantastic. I mean seeing what Tolkien described in the dwarf hairier coming to life. I would think a small glimpse of Smaug would be acceptable by Jackson and the team.

They're two of the biggest for sure outside of the Uruk-Hai.

For sure. As I've said that's what I collect. I'm gettin these because I really think they're good and I want something like that coming out of these films. My collecting heart belongs to the statues as they're great captures of the movies with the feel of the books.

I have season 4 on PO as well. Will have to watch it all when it arrives as I skip it until that point.

U 2


Oct 22 2012, 6:32pm

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A Smidge of Smaug

Hey, dude! How was your weekend?

I can almost see Smaug's part in Unexpected Journey being a shadow and perhaps gleaming eyes, but Jackson is probably going to hold back the full view until the second film. Though the dragon in all of his splendor will be glorious, I'm sure.

That high resolution shots of Bolg were neat! The detail is excellent! That mace really is huge too. I thought that might have only been for the action figure. lol

I haven't watch CW Season 4 yet, but I am excited to finally see it! My dad loves the show as well.

LOTR TT and ROTK have been playing constantly on the premium channels lately. I feel like my DVDs are always on. lol


Oct 22 2012, 6:45pm

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Smidgen of Smaug

It was alright. Did some running around and found the TORn magazine, read fotr some more, and played some MW3. U?

I think we will get something like that. I also heard there may be a scene after the credits so maybe a bit more then. When we do see him it's going to be awesome!

I saw those. He looks gross. I hope he looks as good in action as I think he will be. The whole thing about him is big as in his size and his weapon. A larger than life Orc.

Nice! I love watching them but I do have to space it out so I don't over do it. That's why 1-2 times a year is good and reading them once a year is good.


Oct 23 2012, 4:07pm

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Bolg the GIANT

Sounds productive. I watched a lot of movies, exercised, and bought some items for my new apt. I move in come November.

An extra scene after the credits = AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up.

Seriously, Bolg looks like he takes steroids...often. lol I think he has the bone structure and muscle mass of an Uruk-Hai. If all orcs were shaped like him, they would have given the Fellowship more of a run for their money.

I typically watch any films form LOTR whenever they are on TV. They are some of my go to movies. lol

When do you think we'll hear anything on Nori and Azog? It's been too long not to have pics of them, in my opinion.


Oct 23 2012, 4:33pm

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He a biggen

It was for the most part. Yours sounds more productive especially with you getting closer to your move in date.

No problem. I'm very eager to see what it is but mostly just eager to see the movie.

He does seem built like a Uruk. Which as we saw at Helm's Deep gave them a good fight.

I understand that. When they first came out I watched them all the time. You do start to feel burnt out a bit so I manage that by making the anticipation build until I see them again.

I don't know. I would think probably right around when the movie comes out r shortly after.


Oct 24 2012, 8:19pm

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Hobbit Cartoon

Imagine an army of Bolg clones - WOW! I wonder if his orc subjects will look similar to him. Azog should be fairly large as well.

Did you ever see the old Hobbit cartoon from decades ago? I wasn't really a fan, but they must have been cool for back then.

Dude, that is too long for Nori. lol I really hope he's worth the wait.

How's our TBD review coming along?


Oct 25 2012, 1:59pm

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Attack of the Bolgs lol

That would be scary just based off the figure and the picture. I would venture to guess they will. I'm curious to see if and how many might look like the Moria style Orcs. Azog I would think would be of the same size as Bolg as it would just make sense.

I saw them but didn't think much of them so I don't remember how good or bad they were. lol

I know. I know. I hate waiting as well but we will make it as we have great items to keep us going until then. :rock

My plan is to actually start it this weekend. I wrote two of my Weta reviews last weekend and have one more to write. I was also waiting for something to arrive in the mail from TBD that I wanted to include in the review so now that its arrived I can get started.


Oct 25 2012, 5:53pm

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Council of Elrond

Even if I had an army of dwarves at my call, I would be intimidated by an army of Bolgs. Sure, the dwarves beat the orcs and wargs, but with help from the eagles, men, and elves. I have faith in the dwarves, but I don't know how they would do against an army of massive orcs that probably have the strength of Uruk-Hai. lol

Good point. The standee for the movie looks pretty cool. Gandalf in front of Bag End. Very original and most appropriate.

Sounds cool. Can you keep me posted on the write-up?

I read that the Council of Elrond met today to discuss the fate of the ring. Imagine what it must have been like to be there? WOW!


Oct 25 2012, 7:51pm

Views: 2929
Would be cool

That would be a challenge for anyone for sure but I think Dwarves could do it. Especially with how awesome Gimli wsa.

It look great and I want one. I have no ide what I would do with it though.

Of course. As soon as its ready I'll send you what everything will look like for the most part.

If it was real I'd imagine just watching it would be cool. Which is whats great about the movies is it lets you see what it would have been like if real.


Oct 26 2012, 12:11pm

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The Young Gimli

Happy Friday, Elessar! What's up for the weekend? I'm hosting my father's 65th birthday bash! It's a 2 party celebration that lasts an entire day.

Gimli was pretty AWESOME! Being as dwarves live a few hundred years, I wish Gimli could have joined his father and the other dwarves in Thorin and Co. I know it was said that he was too young then, but it would have been cool to have a dwarven character go through The Hobbit and right into LOTR.

As for the standee, you could put it front of your actual door. lol

Cool beans on the review.

That's true. Whenever I watched the films, I always felt inclined to help the members of The Fellowship.

Enjoy your weekend!


Oct 26 2012, 3:38pm

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Love Gimli

Happy Friday to you as well. :) Well, kind of a repeat of last weekend. lol Sold some stuff that I have to mail and I am going hunting for hard copies of the new Empire Magazine. Then I believe on Sunday we're taking my grandfather out for his 84th B-Day (which was Thursday) and my 31st B-Day (which is Monday). I'm taking Monday off from school to just sleep in and enjoy the day. Hope you all have a great day celebrating your dad's b-day Cool

Yeah, of course I'd have loved if Tolkien would have included him. He's one of my favorite characters in all of Middle-earth and he is my Dad's fave. I will say though him not being in it really is a good thing because you learn to love the other Dwarves for different reasons and not because you have a familiar Dwarf with them.

You know what would be cool to have a little collection room and that be the entrance.

Yeah, I'd love to have tagged along and helped The Fellowship out. :D

U 2 :rock


Oct 29 2012, 3:32am

Views: 2885

Hey, man! How was your weekend? Dad's party was pretty AWESOME, thanks! Happy birthday to your dad and Happy birthday to you as well! Anything from planned. I'm actually working from home tomorrow (Monday) due to the hurricane.

Yea, Gimli ROCKS! I wish I could have seen more of Haldir fighting. He seems like such an interesting character.

A collection room would be pretty BOSS! Someday, perhaps...

If you could have been involved in LOTR, what would you have been and why? Like Elf, man, dwarf, etc?

Have a GREAT birthday!


Oct 29 2012, 4:09am

Views: 3119
Thanks :)

The Weekend has been good. I'm extending it by taking Monday (my b-day) off just because for no other reason. lol Good! Thank you! :) My folks took me and my grandpa out for our B-Days so it was a nice day. Honestly, I have nothing real planned. Normal get ready for the rest of the work week stuff since the day falls during the week. Be safe!

He does. He's my dad's favorite character so my couple of collectibles on the character mean a lot to me for that reason if nothing else. Haldir seemed cool. I mean you don't get much of him in either but I liked the look of his armor in TTT.

Yes, it would. Oh yeah! Someday it could happen but thats a ways off.

I'd be a man. I'd imagine myself to be something like Aragorn. Someone who is caring and willing to help out because its the right thing to do. How the character is written in the books and how he is in the movies differ some but I can totally relate to both and see small bits of myself in those. I just love the Gondorian culture and how beautiful it looks. What about u?

Thank you so much. :)


Nov 3 2012, 7:29pm

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I Have The Power

Hey, man! How was your birthday? Glad your grandpa had blast! We lost power. Just got it back today @ 1:00 PM

Aragorn - good choice. I think I'd be an elf or a dwarf. Live forever or ROCK the beard! lol

How's the review coming along?


Nov 4 2012, 3:35pm

Views: 2820

I was wondering how you were. I assume you made it through all right besides the power issue?

Being a dwarf is a good choice as well. Gimli and the Dwarfs of The Hobbit are good example.

Going to try to get pics today. Just not getting the time to really make an headway on this. Little ticked at myself that I haven't.


Nov 8 2012, 2:03pm

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Through the Storms!

Only power issues during the hurricane. This snowstorm we got hit with didn't help either. The move to my apt has also been delayed due to all of this. How have you been?

My school got hit so bad that the remainder of the semester might take place online. Not sure if Thorin and Co or The Fellowship got hit with the likes of these storms! lol

Did you take those pics of the figures and finish your review? Would be great to enlighten our fellow fans.

The Lego version of Nori looks pretty cool! I can't wait to get the LOTR Lego video game!


Nov 9 2012, 2:08pm

Views: 3365

Y'all on the east are getting slammed. Thoughts and prayers with you all.

Damn! Though being able to do class online isn't a bad thing. lol

Pictures are going to get done this weekend. I will then add little thoughts of my own but I think your review will be the large chunk of the review.

I know! Next week finally get to play this game. Can't wait :)


Nov 11 2012, 4:44pm

Views: 3304

Thanks, man! Appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers.

This is true. lol It's my last semester though. Would have been nice to see everyone before it ended.

Sounds GREAT! Do we have an ETA on the review's completion and publication?

Whoohoo! lol

Are you off for the holiday tomorrow? I actually got selected for jury duty. It starts on Tuesday.


Nov 11 2012, 4:52pm

Views: 3282
This week

No problem at all. :)

Got ya. Yeah, that would be nice.

This week. Will snap a few pics and some quick thoughts. It's raining today so no pics but I'm on it this week. lol

I know. :)

Nope gotta go teach. Thanksgiving day break is next week though.


Nov 12 2012, 2:51pm

Views: 3531
May the Dwarves Be With You!

Hey, Elessar! How was your weekend?

Sounds good. Please let me know when you post our review.

Bummer! I hope work goes fast for you today!

I read in an article that we might not see Wave 2 from Bridge Direct until February or March? Yikes!

The May the Dwarves Be With You t-shirt is pretty cool. lol


Nov 14 2012, 12:40am

Views: 3203
And to you

It was good. Went and saw skyfall which was pretty good.

Will do, :)

It's been a quick week but the kids are crazy.

Yeah, I hate waiting but we have a lot of product coming to keep us busy. so that helps.

It is. I like it so I might have to pick it up.


Nov 14 2012, 9:53pm

Views: 3353
Busy is Good

Nice! I heard that film was pretty intense.


I'm glad it's a quick week. Next week too.

Busy is good. Gives guys like me more to read. lol

TBD needs to release some new figures, hopefully before Christmas. Once the film debuts is December, I would imagine sales to rise quite a bit.


Nov 19 2012, 12:40am

Views: 3587
Sometimes lol

Yeah, glad this upcoming week is gonna be short. I could use a break.

Speaking of reading I will be doing some of that with ROTK this week.

Yeah, we need some more stuff coming from them. What they've done is great so we need more.

The review is ready. I will set it up to post tomorrow. Have to work on something else the rest of the night. :)


Nov 19 2012, 12:59pm

Views: 3158
Oliphants Attack!

Hey, Elessar! How was your weekend? Ditto on the short break. lol What's up for Thanksgiving?

ROTK - I still remember seeing the oliphants on the big screen. Legolas was cool cool when he took down those Haradrim.

Agreed. I'd like to see some improvements from TBD though. The detail is great, but it would be great if they could work on the restrictions on articulation caused by the figures' attire. Everyone can't stand upright in battle! lol

Whoohoo! I'm looking fwd to reading it.


Nov 21 2012, 8:21pm

Views: 3115
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Elessar!

Just a quick note for the holiday (-:


Nov 22 2012, 5:53am

Views: 3211
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to you as well. I hope the day treats you all great. :)

The review has been posted and its all you. :) Very nice job. :)


Nov 23 2012, 1:31pm

Views: 3215
Kudos to Us!

Happy Friday, Elessar! I hope you got your gobble gobble on yesterday. I'm still stuffed! lol I actually explained the tales of The Hobbit and LOTR to some of my cousins last night. I felt like a professor teaching history. lol

I saw the review and it looks AWESOME! Thanks so much for helping out and for giving me this amazing opportunity. It was an honor taking on this most enjoyable task and I really appreciate you entrusting me to do so. You're a great friend.

Waiting for TBD Wave 2 to come out has me on edge. I'm excited to know that there will be a Nori figure, and 1 of a Stone Troll, and Azog, but it's such a tease making them available for pre order so early. lol

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nov 23 2012, 11:26pm

Views: 3480
All u :)

Happy Friday to you as well. :) I did and I still am as well. That's awesome! I love talking about this and explaining it to people who I think might be interested.

It did comes out real nice. You did a really good job and I appreciate you taking this on and doing it. You're a great friend as well. :rock

Yeah, I'd like to see a preview of wave 2. Especially with the movie coming out a little preview would do lots of good.

U 2 :)


Nov 26 2012, 1:29pm

Views: 3329
Gimli, but Younger

Hey, dude! How was your weekend?

Telling the tale of The Hobbit or LOTR always makes me feel like I was there. Wish I was! lol

Thanks, man!

Seriously! I wonder who will be in Wave 2? We already know that Nori, the Stone Troll, and Azog are in there. I'd like to see Thror, Thrian, and Dain Ironfoot. It would be pretty cool if we got a Gimli. Even though he wasn't in Thorin and Company, we may see a younger version of him in the film.


Nov 27 2012, 2:32am

Views: 3118

Hey! It was pretty good. Good food and times with family. I also went and saw the Red Dawn remake which was pretty fun. Only down part was I picked up a nasty cold and my nose right now could lead Santa. lol

I hear ya. :rock

No problem. :)

Well, we know that the rest of the Dwarves have to be in it plus the stuff you mentioned. I would also think the Yanzeg figure that has been released in Europe will also be in there. Those three might be especially with any kind of a prologue sequence but that could be a movie three trio type thing. I also would think we'll see more of the Goblins, Orcs, Eagles, etc that will show up in film one. Its possible but I doubt they do that since he doesn't appear to have any kind of a role in the movies.


Nov 27 2012, 3:31pm

Views: 3294
Catch Your Nose!

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm still in the process of moving into my new place. At least the tv is functional. lol

There is something going around. I would advise trying Theraflu. There is a powder form that you add to hot water. It's just like drinking warm tea and it helps clear you up. For the evening, Nyquil gets me to sleep when I'm ill.

A prologue three pack of the 3 kings would be BOSS! I'd like to see the Lord of the Eagles and Gandalf sold as a beast pack. A goblin army builder would be pretty cool too. No doubt the Goblin King would want a few minions. I'd like to see a few elves of the wood as an army builder as well.

Do you think it's worthwhile reaching out to TBD with these concepts? I think we could really be a great help!


Nov 29 2012, 12:49am

Views: 3171
Caught it

No tv would stink but at least you could watch movies if the cable didn't work.

Yeah, a few folks around here have had something. Mine was just a simple cold brought on because I slept with my mouth open. Thanfully I'm feeling better but my Nose is a bit sore.

That would be sweet. I bet we see both of those to be honest as they make sense to me from a marketing standpoint. I kind of expect a goblin pack as well again it will sell so why not.

I've thought about sending them something, I need to pass on your review so I might pass a couple things along.


Nov 29 2012, 1:24pm

Views: 3140
Dwarves...with Hoods!

That's true. Think I'm due for a LOTR marathon. lol I've been watching the old Batman Beyond series and catching up on Clone Wars lately.

Perhaps Galadriel can hook you up with something to feel better? Tell her I sent you. lol

Cool beans. I'd like to see the dwarf figures with cloth hoodies. That would be neat! I mean, Toy Vault did it with Gimli and Hasbro does it with the Jedi. So, why not?

Dude, I fully support that. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with to assist you or enhance the TBD's future products.


Nov 30 2012, 3:52am

Views: 3136

December 8th AMC theaters and Cinmeark theaters are showing all three EE in one day. :rock

I think she must have. I've felt much better the last two days. Just a little soreness with my nose from blowing it so much. I will send her a thank you card and mention you sent me.

If done right I'd be ok with it. I kind of think the SW ones tend to look a little funky. That scale is so hard to make it look good.

I will call on you again as wave 2 comes out for sure.:)


Nov 30 2012, 1:13pm

Views: 3237
6 Inchers

Happy Friday, Elessar!

A triple feature - that's AWESOME!

Glad to hear your on the mend. The word in the woods is that Galadriel digs Thank You cards. lol

True. I hope they make Dwalin and Balin in the 6" line. I'm sure it would be easier for TBD to produce more accurate details and hopefully, the articulation would be a bit better with less restrictions. The hoodies might work better then too. Who would be your top 5 for a 6" line for The Hobbit?

Wave 2 - gotta ride it! You can count on me for that.

Enjoy the weekend!


Dec 3 2012, 2:21pm

Views: 3083
Good Weekend I hope?

Thank for the well wishes on Friday it was a pretty good day. I hope yours was as well on top of a good weekend

Thank you :) I am and feel much better than I did a week ago. Good! lol

I would think they would as I think they will make several others if they sell well tnough. Yeah, that scale as is the case as you go up in scale allows for more details. I' go with Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin, and Bolg.

Cool! I will do that for sure. :)


Dec 3 2012, 4:00pm

Views: 3251
Back at Ya!

Thanks and same to you! My parents sold their house so I've been helping them get everything ready. How was your weekend?

My dad and I are going to start watching all of the old Batman cartoons from the early 90s. I bought all 4 seasons.


Good choices. I'd also like to see a Nori, Troll (Tom, Bert, or William), and Radagast in a 6" line. No doubt the trolls would be over 6 inches high, but with the 3 of them I could make for an AWESOME battle scene!


Dec 4 2012, 2:43am

Views: 3188
Thank ya

Sounds like a busy weekend and more packing for ya. lol It was good. Just kind of did as little as possible. This weekend is the big LOTR marathon so I'm just looking forward to that. :)

Sweet! That sounds like a good time. I manage to drag my folks to movies. Especially my Dad since he likes a lot of what I go and see.

I would think all of those might happen. A lot will depend on how well that scale sells to be honest. The three trolls would look great I'm looking forward to Weta doing them.


Dec 4 2012, 12:23pm

Views: 3176
LOTR Marathon

LOTR Marathon = AWESOME!

Same with my dad. My mom really isn't into Sci Fi and Fantasy, but she appreciates LOTR so she's looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. I actually purchased mt tickets yesterday via Fandango. It's always a little extra, but I'm not a fan of lines and waiting. lol

Let us hope! Yes, the WETA version of the trolls would be rather spectacular.

I'm curious how profitable the current 3.75" and 6" lines are for TBD? I'd imagine that sales would increase once the film debuts in local theaters and people see it. I'm crossing my hypothetical beard on that! lol


Dec 5 2012, 3:54am

Views: 3185
Heck Yeah!

Totally awesome! I've been waiting for years for a EE marathon in the theater and its time. :)

That's who AMC uses as well now. I don't pay the online trasaction fees because of their stubs program and earn rewards really quickly which are great. Plus I hate waiting as well and I don't want to end up on the floor.

Indeed it would be! Gonna be a most awesome collectible.

That's a good question. I would imagine as the climb of popularity of the film goes it goes up and so on. That's a good question but not one I'm sure any company would share info on.


Dec 5 2012, 12:24pm

Views: 2863

Enjoy! Let me know how you liked the experience.

We'll have to recap what we thought of The Hobbit movie after we've seen it. My expectations are set rather high after the LOTR films and all of the hype about this one. Though, I must admit I'm rather biased towards liking it already. lol

For sure! I hope they make some Hobbit Christmas ornaments. I'm not even sure if I'm going to have a tree this year with moving into the new place and all. Still, it would be nice to have for next year to hang up with to my Frodo and Gandalf.

You're probably right on the company not wanting to share that info. I'd like to think the ROI was favorable for them. If not, they could always send a few trolls door to door to ensure the proper response. lol


Dec 6 2012, 2:00am

Views: 2876

Thank ya! Will do. :)

Of course! I plan on when I get home writing a full review of the movie and have it posted to the FP like we have with the others. So you'll see it here for sure. I feel quite good about how the movie is going to come out. I'm sure I'll have things I don't care for but I'm sure I'll enjoy the experience.

I'm sure hallmark will. They do stuff for LOTR and I believe they have the rights to the hobbit. You may need to double check me on that.

Heck yeah! That's a good idea (the trolls I mean)


Dec 6 2012, 12:29pm

Views: 2845
Lego of My Dwarves!

I am already looking fwd to reading your review, man! My buddy actually made me a custom Hobbit tie. I was reading in the church at his wedding so it was a gift for my service and friendship. The tie ROCKS! It has the pic of Gandalf walking down the road, same as the poster for Comic Con. I might wear it to the movie next week. I remember telling you that I had a Hobbit acorn pin. I'm debating about strutting that, but I may go all out. lol

Hallmark makes some solid merchandise. Thanks for the tip! I have my Indiana Jones ornament from them. I think I have a Harry Potter one as well. Not sure if you followed the series, but Deathly Hallows Part 2 was on last night. That film always catches my attention.

Trolls - gotta love 'em! lol

Did you see the pics online of each character from The Hobbit with their Lego characters? That was cool. It must be OUTSTANDING to have a Lego of yourself, especially when you look as unique as those gents did for such an AMAZING tale!


Dec 7 2012, 2:04pm

Views: 2857
Marathon ready

Thank ya! I'm ready to see the movie and experience this partiuclar trip into Middle-earth then put my thoughts together best I can with how I feel about the movie. Nice! Sounds like a Tie actually worth wearing. lol I've got a few shirts to choose from not sure which one I'm going with at this point.

They do (they're based out of KC where I'm from). Yeah, I dig the HP movies (marathon that AMC did before the last one came out) but I've never read the books.

Indeed! :rock

I did. That was pretty cool. I would think they would enjoy seeing the roles they've played turned into things that will last a long while besides the films.


Dec 7 2012, 2:22pm

Views: 2823
Thorin and Co Set

Happy Friday, Elessar!

I'm sure watching The Hobbit will be an adventure all by itself. Yea, I'm not crazy about ties, but this one is really neat! lol

Cool beans. I've always wanted to go to Harry Potter world. Have you ever been there? A buddy of mine went over the summer and said it was AWESOME!

That's for sure. Legos are legendary and the action figures will be around for quite a while. With 3 films, one can only begin to imagine the amount of merchandise that will be produced.

I wonder if TBD will make a Thorin and Co set with all of the members? No doubt it would fetch a pretty penny.

Enjoy the weekend!


Dec 7 2012, 3:38pm

Views: 2866
Happy Friday 2 U :)

I'm sure it will be. Heck the journey getting here to see it has been one itself. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally.

No, being here in the middle of the country i don't get to those places often. Going to Comic-Con is about the most I get outside of the mid-west most of the year.

There should be plenty of cool stuff made between the 3 movies and the money to go with them should also be nice.

I could see them doing something like that with the smaller scale after all the characters come out. Would make sense to do it I think.

U 2 :)


Dec 11 2012, 12:39pm

Views: 2767
T Minus 3 Days!

Hey, Elessar! How was your weekend? I was off yesterday and will be again Thursday and Friday of this week.

Less 3 days and The Hobbit will be in theaters. I can't wait! My parents are closing on their house on Friday. I hope they are done in time to make the movie! I'm curious how my untrained eye is going to respond to 48 FPS? I'm always down for 3D. lol

You're right! Now, we just have to figure out how we can acquire some of that money. lol "It's time to take back what's ours!" Well, that's what Thorin might say.

I think I'll ask for a map of Middle Earth or perhaps Thorin's map for Christmas. It's not that expensive and I can display it on my wall.


Dec 11 2012, 4:33pm

Views: 2864
The Long and Short of it

Its only 3 days but it seems longer than that. I think thats just from the feeling of waiting for something for years and its almost here. I took friday off so I can chill out after being out all night.

It was good. The marathon was fantastic and made for a great saturday for sure. Cool! I am seeing the 48fps on Saturday because I want to just enjoy the story for what it is.

If you figure that out please let me know. I'm with ya as I could use a little extra coin. lol

Nice! I asked for Thorin's map for my B-day back in october and its really nice and the map of Middle-earth is really nice as well (I won it from Weta at comic-con). Both very worthy if a x-mas present and hanging on the wall.


Dec 12 2012, 12:22pm

Views: 2754
Or is it the Short and Long of it? Ha ha!

That's for sure. lol Guess you're going to opening night? You're a brave man. lol Smart idea taking Friday off. I'm off on Thursday and Friday as well, but I have to help my parents with packing and such for their move into my apt. They'll be staying with me until they find a new home. I'll be catching The Hobbit with them Friday night, of course.

Glad you enjoyed the marathon! Good call on the 48 FPS, btw.

Honestly, I think it's worth putting our ideas out there to TBD and Weta. You never know! We could do what we enjoy and possibly make some $ on the side. If anything, we're donating our efforts to fans everywhere. That is truly a noble cause.

That is an excellent birthday gift. You won the map of Middle Earth = AWESOME and Congrats! Must look cool on the wall.

T Minus 2 Days!


Dec 12 2012, 2:09pm

Views: 2829
Well......... lol

Yeah, I couldn't dare think about waiting to see it so I'm going out at midnight and hope to enjoy the experience big time. Oh yeah! I couldn't go to a midnight show and then try to teach on just a couple hours of sleep. I'd be a pain and if the kids were it wouldn't be good. lol Cool! Well, hopfeully they find something soon so everyone gets the needed space to enjoy the company they have when together. Sweet!! :rock

Thanks! It was such a blast. I hope they do it again in the future. Its going like I expected with some loving and some hating.

Yeah, passing along ideas is never a bad thing. Worst case is they say thanks and it never happens.

It was cool to get that and a couple other things from Weta for my B-Day. My folks just gave me the cash to order them so I could pick 2-3 things within that $$ range. They're not on the wall yet though. Framing the way I like to do it is expsnesive so I wait a while and do a couple at a time.

YES!!!!!! :D


Dec 17 2012, 1:03pm

Views: 2655
The Hobbit RECAP

Hi, Elessar! How was your weekend? I finished helping my parents move and got sick in the process, but it is what it is. Now, it's my turn to visit Galadirel for a proper remedy. I know that you're probably thinking, "Dwalin just wants to visit Galadriel so he can see her." This is partially true. lol

So, what did you think of the film? Even with the obvious story line changes from the book, I thought the movie was AWESOME! I don't want to give any spoilers away on here just in case other readers review our thread, but I was so happy when I left the theater. All of the characters looked GREAT! I thought Azog especially looked FANTASTIC! There was action, adventure, and comedy, all wrapped up in the first part of this tale. I commend Peter Jackson and the entire cast and crew on this portrayal thus far. I'm waiting for the pre order of the DVD to become available.

As you know, I rocked my Hobbit tie. Put the pic on Facebook and it was most popular. My mother actually wound up wearing it at one point. lol What shirt did you wind up going with? A few of my friends came along. 1 of my buddies who is not really into the whole Sci Fi/Fantasy scene said the movie was "pretty good" and he enjoyed the battle scenes. That has to say something positive right there.

The only downfall I have about seeing the movie, is that I'm craving more from TBD. lol Where is my Nori?!


Dec 17 2012, 4:32pm

Views: 2646
Loved it

Weekend was good. Got a short week this week before X-Mas break. Well, I hope you get to feeling better soon but a visit to Galadriel can always help make things better. lol

I loved it. I could do without the snot, belching, and bird poop but the rest of the movie I really liked. It felt and stayed really true to the book as whole but also blended stuff that ties it to Lord of the Rings. So IMO Jackson really did a great job and after two viewings I'd say 9.25/10. Without spoiling much here you can read my full thoughts posted on the FP someplace. Azog was really cool. Can't wait to get some stuff from Weta and TBD on this guy. Yeah, I'll be getting the TE and EE Blu-Rays when they come out.

Nice! I'm sure that drew some attention which is part of the fun on opening night. I went with a cream colored shirt that has the Lonely Mountain on it with Smaug next to it. Its basically that part of the map. I think its a movie as a whole GA and fans alike can get into.

I hear ya. Weta did put out Balin and Dwalin as statues the other day and they should be on the way to my house. :) Looking forward to seeing what TBD has instore for us.


Dec 18 2012, 4:05pm

Views: 2695
Sick Beard!

Short weeks are always a plus. lol I'll be on vacation from 12/22 and won't be returning until 01/02. I need a break! lol Thanks, man!

The Hobbit was truly spectacular. I keep telling people that there is something in that story for everyone. I really enjoyed all of the LOTR references as well. The bird poop was kind of gross. lol Radagast was portrayed rather well, I thought. A buddy of mine saw Thror and said, "That is a sick beard!" lol

Dude, I bet the TBD Azog is going to be AWESOME! I'd like TBD to make the version with the metal hand, if any.

Your shirt sounds most righteous! I was hoping to see some fans dressed up as wizards, Hobbits, etc. Well, there's always Halloween!

Those statues must be totally wicked!


Dec 18 2012, 7:53pm

Views: 2638

That they are. :) Nice! Mine starts on Thursday and doesn't end until Jan 6th. So a nice little break. I hear ya! I want some time to play my xbox, see some movies, and chill. No problem. :)

I thought it was fantastic! It totally captured the book for me well the first part anyways and what was added from the appendices was really good. I felt the same as LOTR in parts and different in others which I think is what should happen with something like The Hobbit. It will feel more like LOTR to people though as we go along because the story is going to get darker. Thror did have a cool looking beard. Erebor though looked amazing. I'm still thinking about it and how badly I want Weta to create an environment that shows the front gate but also part of the inside as well.

I could see them making him with switch out parts.

Yeah, its a pretty cool shirt. You can snag it from the We had several people dress up at my midnight showing which I loved seeing.

I can't wait to get them. They will be here Thursday. :)


Dec 19 2012, 1:31pm

Views: 2613
Erebor the Outstanding!

That is a sweet break, dude! Did you get any new games and movies? How do you like Lego LOTR? I tried it out with my dad a few weeks back. We haven't had a chance to take it for a Round 2 due to all of the moving, but we enjoyed it.

Erebor was OUTSTANDING! I put it right up there with Rivendell. I know Dwarves love gold, but Thror was a bit obsessed. lol Yet, the Arkenstone was truly a sight to behold. I enjoyed watching the dwarves battle the trolls. For me, that scene was better than what was in the novel. I was a bit let down when I did not see Gandalf in Dol Guldur in the actual movie when it was in the trailer. Perhaps that will be in the extended edition?

Switch out parts - Neat! I read that the second wave of The Hobbit figures might not be released until the summer of 2013. BUMMER! lol You could tell that they changed the film around from the figures that were released thus far as a few of them were not in the movie. I don't get why Nori and the Stone Troll, Azog, and the Goblin King Battle Playset would be available for preorder when they will not be released for so long. That confuses me.

Nice - thanks!

You'll have to know how they look when you get them.


Dec 19 2012, 2:10pm

Views: 2599
Totally agree

Its not bad that's for sure. Gonna use it to just try and relax the best I can. I've got several to play. lol AC3, Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Lego LOTR, and Guardians of Middle-earth. I love it! I've beaten the main story line and now just replaying it to get 100% completion but its a darn fun game to play to be honest. Having the lines from the movies and the soundtrack is just fantastic. Hopefully you guys get to finish it soon.

It was! I agree it is up there among the best looking environments we've seen in the 4 films. So I really want Weta to make an Erebor envrionment. :) He was for sure. That partially is because of the ring from Sauron which caused him to develop the Dragon Sickness. I did enjoy that part with the exception of the snot. lol For me Jackson just did such a great job of matching the book and movie. Someone on another board brought that up and I think we see that in film 2. He has Glamdring so it has to be after the Trolls cave which wouldn't fit when they meet up with Radagast who has already been there.

Could be. lol Would just give someone the option to create their own look. That's a bummer but the TE Blu-Ray should be out by then so you'll have the excitement coming off of that and demand for more I would think. I'm use to PO statues months in advance but does seem strange to do it for action figures.

No problem :)

Will do. :)


Dec 20 2012, 5:28pm

Views: 2629

Dude, you will be entertained over your break. lol I just got the soundtrack delivered yesterday. In Guardians of Middle Earth, do you action run around the board, or are you standing still the whole time like Third Age?

True story. I really enjoyed the escape from the goblins as well. I mean, the dwarves must have taken down around 100 of them before exiting. That look on Bilbo's face as he hesitated and thought about killing Gollum - WOW! I like that the chapter, "Out of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire" was split up and quoted by Gandalf and Thorin. That was pretty strategic.

I checked out the Balin and Dwalin statues online yesterday. They look FANTASTIC! Good luck with those! My parents ordered me a copy of Thorin's map and his pendant from Weta = AWESOME Christmas gifts!


Dec 22 2012, 4:59am

Views: 2465
Entertained for sure

Yeah, I've got more than enough to keep me busy gaming wise. lol Nice! What do you think? Its a great I think. I love how it blends the familiar with unfamiliar. You move around but its a MOBA which isn't something I'm familiar with. Its taking time needless to say.

They took down a lot that's for sure. The whole sequence from the action to the look to me is just freaking great. That moment on top of what Gandalf tells him earlier just works amazingly. Of course it goes into things that are said in FOTR which I love. There are so many little things like that tying them all together. That is cool. I like how they slip in the chapter title that way. Others might not realize it but for us its cool.

I just got them today. They're so good looking. I've got to take pictures tomorrow of them and Barad-Dur. My Hobbit statues are now five deep. Gonna be a great collection. Outstanding! Which version of the Map did they get you? Those pendants are sweet!


Dec 28 2012, 1:46am

Views: 2519
Kudos to The Collection!

Hey, man! How were your holidays?

Dude, I think the soundtrack is AWESOME! Blunt the Knives is now the ringtone on my phone in my apartment.

I hear ya. I was laughing when the Goblin King pushes Gandalf. Was that supposed to intimidate a wizard? lol You could tell that the original Bilbo aged and put on some weight, but Frodo looked about the same.

Congrats on your collection thus far! I bought the $29.99 version of the map. Nothing fancy, but I may frame it and hang it up.

I'm going through action figure withdrawal right about now, btw. lol


Dec 30 2012, 4:50am

Views: 2338
Thank ya

The holidays have been awesome. How about you?

Its very good. I love how it blends new and old. Blunt the Knives is really fun but I have to say of the new stuff the Misty Mountains theme is my fave.

Right it was kind of a lame attempt to bully a wizard but he obviously didn't know who he was messing with. Yeah, you could. Its been several years so its to be expected. Elijah looked thinner to me. Basically he lost some of the baby fat he still had when they filmed The Lord of the Rings.

Thank you! It along with how my Lord of the Rings collection is coming back is making Middle-earth happiness in the ole collection. Nice! That's the one I have as well and I agree its great.

I understand that. Its nice to make room cash wise for the next item but the dead spots is always crappy. lol


Dec 31 2012, 10:40pm

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To The Misty Mountains

Glad to hear that! My holidays were fun, thanks.

My buddy and I were listening to Misty Mountains just yesterday. You gotta give it to the dwarf cast!

That's true. I think Sean Astin was the best fit for a Hobbit. He had the right built and attitude, but that helped show how both Bilbo and Frodo were different from the others. I feel that the relation between Merry, Pippin, and Frodo helped to show The Baggins' desire for mischief.

I'm stil waiting for my map. Guess Weta is a long way away. lol

Good point!

Have a Happy New Year, Elessar!


Jan 2 2013, 6:25am

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Great track

Good! Glad that was the case. :)

It's very well done. It had me from the time it was used in the trailer.

He did a fantastic job as Sam. It in a long list of great performances in the trilogy. The way Jackson showed them all worked great and I think captured the book stuff really well.

It can take a bit. I'm still waiting on my auto art book.

Thanks! I hope yours was awesome and safe. :)


Jan 2 2013, 2:54pm

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Dwarves vs. Elves

Yea, the trailer really did sell the song.

That's for sure! I actually liked Martin Freeman more than I thought I would as a young Bilbo Baggins. The part towards the end when Thorin hugged him was very emotional. I was so happy for Mr. Baggins!

When the dwarves meet the elves for the first time and Thorin whispers to Dwalin, and the part where Thorin has a tough time giving his map to Elrond to review, I could sense the lack of trust between the races. I felt as though it were important for Jackson to stress that and he did a fantasticvjob overall.

I appreciate the heads up. I'll keep an elf eye out for my items then.

Thanks! The atmosphere was a bit quiet hanging with the folks in the new place, but it was nice.


Jan 3 2013, 6:04am

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Emotion between the races

That it did. I've sung the song everytime I see the movie. Obviously quiet so I didn't get in trouble.

I wasn't sure about him as well. He sold me though and young Bilbo will forever be Martin Freeman. That was a good moment and helped show Thorin isn't such a jerk.

Between what we saw from Balin's story, that moment, and what's to come it helps explain what we see in FOTR. So he sold that really well,

No problem

That's ok. I don't usually go out then myself. Too many stupid people.


Jan 3 2013, 1:57pm

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Tolkien!

That's AWESOME! I could almost see you doing that. lol

Good point! Thorin is very cold towards Bilbo throughout most of the film. Then again, Thorin is a dwarf on a mission and Bilbo is a winer and does complain quite a lot. Even though he got Thorin and Co out of a few jams, he also put them in a few.

True. I hope we get to see Balin's revisit to Bag End with Gandalf in the third film. He's such a pleasant fellow. Dori seemed to be a bit too polite, I thought.

Yea, you really have to be careful around national holidays.

He would have been 121 years old, but Happy Birthday, Mr. Tolkien!


Jan 4 2013, 6:17am

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Thankfully you don't have to hear me sing. lol

Jackson does a great job of making them both better. Both characters are a bit of all that you mention. Thorin in the movie is much more likeable and thats needed I think in a movie like this. You can't have one of your main characters be a total jerk. Bilbo I think was easier to work with because while he is a bit of both of those he only needs to be slightly less to not be annoying.

That would be cool. You could maybe do something at the end of the third film as something for the EE version. It might be something the GA moan about because they didn't get how it worked within the universe.

Yes, you do. My Dad has been in the EMS service for like 25 years so I've seen my share of dumb people on the holidays.

Cheers Professor! Thank you for Middle-earth. :)


Jan 4 2013, 8:12pm

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Take Back Moria!

Happy Friday Elessar!

I do not doubt your singing skills. You have all of that practice with the Misty Mountains tune! lol

Thorin was played very well by Armitage. He really brought out the character so well. The trolls were spot on as well. I actually enjoyed that scene better in the movie than in the book. That fight ROCKED! Typical of dwarves to hide some of the treasure they found for safe keeping. lol

That's what I was thinking too. It would be sad to see Balin get killed, but the facts are what they are. I would like to see the dwarves take back Moria one day. Dwalin would be too old, but if he had a son some day I could see him doing that. It would be an extra scene for a post LOTR film. Just being creative here.

Let's be thankful we're not in that group!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jan 4 2013, 11:04pm

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Happy Friday to you as well.

I appreciate the faith but I need a lot more practice. lol

I agree he did a fantastic job. He mixed the grumpy Thorin with the nicer parts so well and came across very Noble. I thought the Trolls were spot on as well. In the books they're big dorks up to some hi-jinx and in the movie they're the same (minus the snot part which I don't care for). That made me laugh the way Gloin said making a long term deposit.

Yeah, it would be. Visually it would be interesting to see it all go down besides just the imagination I've used for the many times I've read the books.

Agreed. :)

U 2 :)


Jan 7 2013, 1:41pm

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Green Dragon

Hey, dude! How was your weekend?

Gloin was pretty awesome with his staff! He was twirling that weapon around like it weighed nothing. Many goblins must have had migraines the following day. The worst part about it, they didn't have aspirin. lol

It's funny to see how much merchandise was produced revolving around the original 2 film plan. I noticed that many of the lego sets have elves and spiders, but alas, we won't be see any of them (minus the spiders that attacked Radagast) for quite a while.

My sis sent me these cool coasters from the Green Dragon for Christmas! She also bought me the glasses, but they arrived cracked so we're probably sending them back. Still, I give my sister mad props for her creativity.


Jan 7 2013, 5:52pm

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It comes in pints? lol

Hey! It was good. Seemed short but thats probably just because its time to be back at work. lol How about you?

I thought that was Oin who used the staff in Goblin Town? Either way that's a good way to knock some heads when you've got pests all around you. :-P

Indeed! All that I saw at comic-con was dealing with the two film plan so I would be my life there was a rush to get as much back as they could. However, like you said some of it you couldn't fix. You had the Legolas/Tauriel figures that made it out and the Lego sets (I have the Yazneg/White Warg set). So while I'm glad its 3 parts and all that I wonder if the companies making products felt the same way.

Nice! Someday I will make it to NZ. The 3D Dwarven glasses? Those are pretty cool. I have a set thats still in the box. I don't plan on using them so they'll stay there. Heck yeah! That's awesome. My sister gives me some cash to put towards going to comic-con which is helpful and has gotten me some LOTR books in the past.


Jan 8 2013, 12:44pm

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Gloin, Oin, Gimli - Oh My!

Same here. I haven't had a full week of work in a while. lol

You're right, it was Oin. Sure, the guy may need a hearing aid, but he's still a warrior! lol I could see his hearing impairment leading to his death via the creature in the water outside of the mines of Moria. What a bummer!

As for Gloin, I would like to see more of him fighting in order to compare his combat style to that of Gimli. There's an idea for a future 2 pack - father and son. It would be cool to see Gimli, even if it weere at the end of the journey when all of the dwarves part from one another.

The companies producing the merchandise for The Hobbit were definitely thrown a curve ball. There are items in the market that aren't relative to what the public has seen from the films thus far. Though, I'm sure this 3 movie deal will bring in more money that the 2 movie set up would. Even if Legolas and Tauriel were released, TBD can always rerelease them when The Desolation of Smaug debuts. A third movie only means more opportunities for merchandise and a longer period to sell them.

NZ is a goal for me too! I was actually talking about Green Dragon drinking glasses, but I give you credit for scooping up the 3D Dwarven specs - NICE! Seems like your sister is also very cool. That was nice of her.


Jan 9 2013, 4:21am

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Don't mess with the old folks

The nice thing is this is only a 4 day week for me. back to a five day week next week.

I thought so. You don't want to hack off the elderly. lol That's possible for sure. If he's that hard of hearing he wouldn't hear it coming for sure.

Yeah, we haven't gotten a good look at that. So I'm with you that seeing a bit more would be nice. I wouldn't have a problem with that 2 pack myself. I love Gimli.

It had I'd agree. You're planning for two movies and then BAM it's now three. lol agreed! Three movies just allows them to get more product out and for us to get more goodies. None of which I have a real issue with.

Got ya. lol I have NZ on the brain. loll yeah, they're cool. Nothing special but for $10 it wasn't a big hit. She's not bad. Just don't tell her.


Jan 9 2013, 2:22pm

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Dwarven/Elvish Banter

Make the best of your 4 day week aka 3 day weekend!

From what I know of how the dwarves perished, I would say that Ori had the worst. Being trapped in Moria, looking at Balin's tomb, just waiting for the goblins to break in. That's a pretty tense and scary situation to be in. I would have liked Gandalf to have made some reference of Nori in LOTR when he found his remains. They may have not known each other on a super personal level, but they went on An Unexpected Journey together.

Gimili is quite a character. Though the elves are graceful and wise, the dwarves seems to be a much more vibrant race. I really did enjoy thw banter back and forth between Legolas and Gimli in LOTR. I'd like to see more of that with the eleves and dwarves in The Desolation of Smaug.

From all of this 3 movie business and the more products that will be created because of it, I would hope that the manufacturers could get the items out faster. In my opinion, TBD is lagging here. I don't expect the next line up to be on the shelves so quick, but it's been quite some time since we've seen or heard of any new products coming to the market for 2013. Saying, "Summer 2013" is grand, but what can we expect?

Your secret is safe with me!


Jan 9 2013, 4:42pm

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More detail

Well, this weekend is only two days. Monday was a work day for us but the kids had it off. Its still a nice 4 day week since the "actual" work week started yesterday.

I agree. Knowing your death is coming would be terrible. I'm surprised Tollkien didn't write something in that sequence or in the appendicies that made mention that Gandalf says something about the others being here or at least about Ori since he may have been the one holding the book. However, if it had been a long time since they last met he may have not recognized what was left going off what we saw in the movies.

Love Gimli! Yeah, I thought it was great and matches the banter that you get in the book. The whole number counting scene at Helm's Deep happens in the book (a little differently but it happens). I expect you'll get some of that for sure.

I understand. I'm sure the switch slowed some down for sure. Thing is with the stuff from Weta, GG, Noble, all of those I'm sure take a lot of time because of all the sculpting. TBD stuff might not take as long but to produce enough could be an issue. They just make cool stuff so the waiting sucks. :(

Thanks lol


Jan 10 2013, 1:10pm

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Dwarvish Counting!

Gotcha. Well, it's almost Friday so that's a good sign! lol

I suppose. I know The Hobbit was 60 years before the LOTR journey began, but Bilbo makes his references to the Lonely Mountain. It would have been nice if Gandalf had done something similar. Even Frodo mentions how Gandalf is labeled a "disturber of the peace" in The Shire. Frodo wasn't there back then! lol Still, we all know where that title stems from.

Having the dwarves battle in competition and count their kills would be most comical. Though, I'm sure it would be a challenge to keep up with all 12 of them. lol Bombur might come in last, as he typically does in the book.

Dude, the waiting is horrible! At least throw us some pics, or a list, and make the items available for preorder. There are too many fans for this to drag out. I actually preordered the Goblin King Battle Playset yesterday without knowing what will be included. I have my hopes high!


Jan 10 2013, 4:37pm

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That still only counts as 1 lol

That is. :)

I know. It would have been a nice tie in back then just to reference other characters in Middle-earth but its something Tolkien didn't do either so I guess Jackson not doing it is the same. Would have been cool for them both for sure.

It would be cool but I can already here people saying that this is just copying off something we already saw in The Lord of the Rings and its not in the book. So sadly to save us some of that it might be best to aboid the isue. lol He would for sure. I saw some people say they didn't like that Jackson poked a little fun at him in AUJ and all I thought was Tolkien does the same thing several times over the 300 pages of the novel. Give me a break.

A list for PO would be a good thing and would at least allow for some new discussion on where this line is headed. Fresh thoughts and all. Nice! I'll stick to a few of the single releases from here on out because The Hobbit stuff from Weta (as well as their The Lord of the Rings stuff) and GG I expect will kick into higher gear soon and Sideshow is also getting into The Hobbit on top of their The Lord of the Rings stuff.


Jan 11 2013, 1:02pm

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Fututre Generations

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Agreed. I just feel like certain occurrences should go unnoticed or unrecognized.

Some people (both fans and nonfans) get too touchy with certain topics. Men and elves come off as so serious. It's a good mix to have Dwarves and Hobbits to bring comedy into the tales. Of course, I am an adventure seeker with most films. Still, I always welcome the comdey relief.

Exactly! If I had my selections for TBD Wave 2, I would include in the 3 3/4 inch line;

Dori and Ori 2 Pack
Bifur and Bofur 2 Pack
Radagast and Saruman 2 Pack
Elrond and Galadriel 2 Pack
Nori and Stone Troll Beast Pack - Already announced, but I hope they actually keep this in there Bombur and Spider Beast Pack
Azog and Warg Beast Pack

My 6 inch line for TBD Wave 2 would include;

Azog - Already announced, but I hope they actually keep this in there

As for Weta, I don't really collect those statues. If I did, I would want the next set to include;


What would your selections include? Enjoy your weekend?


Jan 11 2013, 6:42pm

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Happy Friday Cool

I totally understand that. I always love info that brings all of Middle-earth together.

Totally agree. Both sides can get a little over the top with things be it a nonfan, fan, or purist. I think how Tolkien created the races and how Jackson has shown them on screen makes for one of the most ineresting universes on the planet.

I love those choices myself. I'd take any of them to be honest. Only thing I'd add to those is a generic Elf soldier from Mirkwood and Rivendell. Those new elf designs are awesome.

From Weta I want
Bombur - We saw him at comic-con so I'd like to see him soon.
Galadriel in that silver outfit :)
Elrond in Armor
Any of the rest of the Dwarves
Goblin King
Goblin Scribe

You 2 :rock


Jan 14 2013, 12:31pm

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Let's Make It An Elvish 2 Pack!

Hey, dude! How was your weekend?

The characters/creatures from The Hobbit and LOTR definitely stand for uniqe creartivity. The only stories that are up there with them in my book is Star Wars and possibly Harry Potter. Wookies RULE! lol Plus, I always thought being able to turn yourself into a dog was pretty neat!

Generic Elf soldier - good call. I hope it's a two pack! Perhaps a captain and a soldier or 2 soldiers. We might see that right before or after the TDOS. I'm really curious to see Bard when he is released from TBD. I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but TBD fell behind in my book so whatever. lol

Excellent choices for WETA! I remember the pics for Bombur. They did a nice job with him.

After this week, we get a 3 day weekend - whoohoo!


Jan 14 2013, 7:44pm

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It was good. Helped my sister move into her apartment other than that just tried to chill. U?

Very much so. That universe is the most amazing of the worlds I like to jump into. SW and HP are both very cool looking I think. Even if you don't care for the stories the worlds and characters are just cool to look at.Chewie is pretty cool. I'm more of a Jedi type fan though.

Would make sense at the smaller scale to do a 2-pack. You could do various kinds of 2-packs to be honest with different elfs and even Thranduril, Legolas, and Tauriel included. Well, we got that picture from EW so at least we know the direction they took the character. I hear ya. I want to at worst see whats coming so I know what I might want.

Thank ya! :) Yeah, Weta is doing a superb job I think of making these statues come to life. Can't wait to get Bombur.

Yes!! :)


Jan 15 2013, 12:21pm

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Expanding to An Elvish 5 Pack

Sounds like you're a good brother. I went on a date and it was a lot of fun! I also hung out with my parents and friends, which is always cool.

Agreed. Chewie = LEGENDARY! lol I think the most I've learned about the personalities, characteristics, and the ways of the jedi came out by watching Clone Wars (the cartoon). Thus far, I'd have to say that Plo Koon is my favorite. Quinlan Vos is pretty cool too. Who is yours?

As for HP, I've always admired Sirius Black and Mad Eye Moody. Popco Entertainment made excellent versions of them years back, but the figures were only sold in the UK, I believe. I managed to get my hands on some. I also snagged an AWESOME centaur 2 pack!

Yea, I was also referring to the 3 3/4 TBD line. I'd like to see a Thranduril and Elf Guard 2 pack, now that you mentioned him. TBD could make a 5 figure elf pack including Thranduril, Elrond, Galadriel, Legolas, and Tauriel. I'm sure collectors would want to scoop that up.

I hear that! lol


Jan 15 2013, 6:42pm

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Elvish 5-Pack I like it

I'm ok I suppose. lol Very nice! :rock

The CW I think really has made SW better by giving depth to the world that is Star Wars. I'm an Obi-Wan fan and I like Darth Maul.

Sirius is a pretty cool character. I've got all the book and I really should read them just to get the full depth of the world but the movies are pretty darn fun to just enjoy it that way. GG has made some cool HP stuff over the years. I have a friend who has all the busts and they look really good together.

Yeah, that would be a pack that would be pretty cool to get. Legolas and Tauriel would be re-dos but thats not a big deal as its been done before in many lines when you do multi-pack figures. It also helps save money which I don't have a problem with.


Jan 16 2013, 12:34pm

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Redos To Be Redone!

Thanks, man!

Agreed. Dude, did you see CW Season 4? I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't, but you are going to watch that if you are an Obi-Wan and a DSarth Maul fan. I really enjoy the expansion into character depth as well as many of the new characters that were added to the mix.

To have all of those HP busts must be splendid! Kudos to your friend. I never read those books either, but the movies are PHENOMINAL! Maybe I'll read the tales someday.

See, I'm cool with redos to a certain extent. I would prefer new attire or new weapons, if possible. It's like when TBD made the collectors pack featuring Thorin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, and Bilbo. I felt that was a waste for collectors because if you wanted Balin (who is AWESOME) then you'd have to buy the Balin/Dwalin 2 pack anyway. Why invest in that when there is really nothing to add except another form of display for your collection? If there was a unique figure in the set, different, weapons, or even the same characters with different clothes, I could see the item being worth while.


Jan 16 2013, 4:26pm

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Redeux the redo lol

No problemo :)

I have not. I need to buy the BR first. I didn't get it for X-Mas so its up to me now. lol I know Maul is in it which I like because he getting "killed" during the movie sucked because he could have been a cool character going forward.

Its pretty cool looking but I know some of it has been a pain with some of them being hard to get. Well, at least I'm not alone. lol

Yeah, I don't have a problem with them as a whole. Only when it the only way to get 1 figure is when I have an issue. I had that collectors pack on order but decided to cancel because I didn't need doubles of everyone since I could get them all seperately. Agreed! I don't double dip unless it makes total sense $$ wise and collecting wise.

Check this site out and you can vote for some of The Lord of the Rings items and The Hobbit items.

Michael Crawford's Toy Vote


Jan 17 2013, 12:56pm

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Repacking the Collectors Pack

Darth Maul is a very cool character. Though, these sith apprentices typically don't last too long. lol The CW does provide a solid background into Maul's species, which I think you will find interesting. It's difficult not to give you a few spoilers, but I'm holding back! lol

On the collecting front, you know you are not alone. lol I've been picking up Clone Troopers from all different areas. I'd like to continue The Hobbit TBD collection, but alas, we are restricted at the moment. I did receive Thorin's map from Weta, which is AWESOME!

That's what I mean. The collectors pack did not make any sense! If these companies have resources, put them to good use. Think of all of the figures they could have produced with that set?! For Wave 1, it would have been appropriate to have Thror, Thranduril, Elrond, Galadriel, and Radagast. In my opinion, that would have been an ideal collectors pack without including duplicate figures. Which 5 would you put in there if it were up to you?

My votes are in! Thanks for link.


Jan 17 2013, 4:47pm

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Vote early! Vote often! lol

Its cool. I don't mind the spoilers to be honest since I don't know when I'll get a chance to see this show. So you can say a few things and it won't bother me a bit.

No, that's for sure. Its amazing how many people do collect this stuff. Yeah, its all quite on the TBD front for a little longer it seems. Nice! Glad you like the Map. Its pretty sweet.

I'm with ya. If you're going to do a collectors pack then I'd make 4 of the 5 figures new figures or something like that. Kind of force collectors to have to get those packs for make them quite a bit cheaper than the regular packs if you're going to use figures in regular packs. That way someone could say that I'm gonna save big by getting a CP and then buy more of other stuff that they might not have.

Well, in just a generic 5 pack of figures I'd probably go with what you mentioned. That way you can save some of the Dwarves for wave 2 and give people something to look forward to when that wave hits the shelves. Also, you could go with the elf packs of soliders and Elrond, Soldiers and Thranduril, Azog and Orcs, Yanzeg and Orcs. Something like that. lol

Sweet! Vote early! Vote often!


Jan 18 2013, 1:01pm

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Army Building!

Happy Friday, Elessar! My paws are crossed that you have a 3 day weekend!

Well, since you don't Darth Maul's brother, Savage Opress, receives some sith training and eventually finds Darth Maul. However, the lower half of his body is mechanical due to Kenobi cutting him in half, and Maul is fairly insane. lol Savage helps his brother get well. Then, they join Death Watch (Mandalorian Warriors) with the goal of killing Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is a really interesting show.

That makes sense. Why would collectors spend more money on a set of figures with unnecessary duplicates when they have to buy them separately in order to get Balin? Plus, it's not like it's an army builder pack or anything. I just don't see the advantages of producing this item from a collector standpoint, kid standpoint, or business standpoint. It is so agitating when these companies waste opportunities!

Wave 2 better be AWESOME after all of this waiting! lol I would totally pick up an Elrond and Elven Warrior 5 pack or an Azog and Orc Warrior 5 pack. TBD should make Yanzeg in the 3 3/4 line. They could even turn it into a beast pack and throw a Warg in there.

Enjoy your weekend!


Jan 18 2013, 2:23pm

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Happy Friday 2 U :)

Thank you and back at ya. I do. We're off Monday so I can enjoy the weekend a little more. :) Hope you get to do the same.

Interesting! I knew about Savage Opress finding Maul just from what another friend had said but that does sound intersting. I don't mind that Maul survived the fight with Kenobi since I didn't think they did enough with Maul in the first place. Should be fun to catch up on the finding of Maul and seeing what happens with him in this fifth season. Speaking of Maul I got a statue from Sideshow in their Star Wars Mythos line of statues. My plan is to take pictures this weekend. I'll share a few of them here.

Balin was a big reason I didn't buy the pack. I don't want doubles of Dwalin or any of the basic Dwarves since I'm just trying to get 1 of each really. If I was army building say Orcs, Elves, or generic Dwarves it would be one thing but I don't really need 3 of the main good guy. I think the only 3 3/4 figure I ended up with doubles may have been Gandalf since that was the only way to get Bolg. I agree we need Yazneg in the figure line here in the states. You can get him in the UK but I've not even seen any on ebay when I've checked. I'd imagine we'll get him in wave 2 though. A beast pack with him is a really good idea.

You 2. Be Safe :)


Jan 22 2013, 2:09pm

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Sketching the Dwarves

Glad you got the 3 day weekend! Did you do anything fun?

It's interesting to wonder what the galaxy would have been like if Darth Maul and Savage Opress defeated Darth Sidious. What would be the fate of Anakin Skywalker? I do like how we get to see Skywalker slowly turning to the dark side of The Force. I know the jedi have a code, but like Anakin, some of the rules don't always make sense to me. I don't know if I would be as bold to break them like he does, however.

We're on the same page there. I passed on the individual 3 3/4 Gandalf and just bought the 2 pack with Bolg. I can understand why TBD would make individual and 2 packs with Thorin, Bilbo, and Gandalf as they are main characters. Yet, making Grinnah as solo only doesn't add up in my mind. He could have easily been made as a Goblin army builder 2 pack or even put in the set with Thorin and the Goblin King.

My sister was in touch with this artist that made a few drawings for her. I actually was working with the artists to sketch a drawing of me and a few of the dwarves. It was completed and it looks awesome! I'll send you a copy of it later.

Hope the short week goes fast!


Jan 22 2013, 7:24pm

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I saw it

Went and saw Zero Dark Thirty. I thought it was pretty good and something I will buy on blu. Other than that I just watched football and enjoyed the ability to be able to relax. How about U?

I would think Anakin would have stayed as a Jedi and the OT would have played out a lot differently. I agree that some of the rules you see the Jedi use in the PT really do help force Anakin to the Dark Side. However, he should know better and know what he's doing is right. Thus allowing himself to not be pulled into the lies he is being told.

He would have made for a good Goblin 2-pack. Especially since we only got him in wave one. You could have done Grinnah and the scribe character and made for a very simple set people could get.

I saw the drawing. That's very cool and it looks awesome. Kudos to your sister for finding someone like that.

I hear ya :)


Jan 23 2013, 1:00pm

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Younger Dwarves, Perhaps

Some people told me that movie was good. Over the weekend, I watched Taken 2, Looper, and Dred. Taken 2 was really good, but I liked Taken 1 better. Looper was intense! I would totally suggest watching that, if you have not already seen it. Dred kills everyone. lol It's that kind of film. I also celebrated my friend's birthday and did my regular exercise routines. My parents are in FL for a few weeks so I have the place all to myself.

If Darth Sidious died by the hand of Darth Maul or his brother, I'm guessing Count Dooku would have competed with Darth Maul for the new leader of the sith. Darth Maul would have his brother as his apprentice. Though, I wonder who Dooku would have chosen as his new apprentice? Asajj Ventress would never go back to Dooku and doesn't trust Savage. In a way, they are all enemies. Plus, if Anakin never found out that the chancellor was a sith and just heard that he mysteriously died or disappeared, he may hunt down all of them. Being the most powerful jedi, he may still rule the galaxy.

Precisely! I would like to see the younger versions of Balin and Dwalin as a 2 pack. I know it's too early to expect those, but I have hopes for later on down the line. An eagle beast pack with Gandalf or a dwarf would be appropriate for Wave 2.

Thanks, man!


Jan 24 2013, 2:46am

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Feeling young

I enjoyed it. I think if you like history it might be something you like. I will catch Taken 2 and Dred at somepoint. Looper looks ok and ill probably check it out but I've just not been gung ho to see it for some reason. Nice!

That's the problem with the Sith. They're always looking to make their move so it creates distrust. That's true about Anakin. He could have done some real damage to the, if he had just stayed the course.

That would be a really cool 2 pack. You're right it's one that makes sense for down the road as the line winds down or to just fill out a wave. I agree those would make for food 2 packs. I'd like to maybe get a Azog/Yanzeg 2 pack

No problems :)


Jan 24 2013, 12:38pm

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Collectors to Toy Co's

Good to know. Looper will blow your mind, dude! The concept of time travel and the consequences of one's actions is up for debate, of course. Still, if you like action, you'll dig it. Plus, Bruce Willis is in the film - can't go wrong there. lol I wish The Hobbit DVD was available for preorder already!

That's true. I could only predict what it would be like if the Sith allowed for more than 2 members to exist at a time. I realize that practically any species can have The Force, but can you imagine an army of Dathomirian Zabraks? WOW! lol I hear three more SW movies may be produced. I'm psyched!

An Azog/Yazneg 2 pack would be cool! Do you think TBD would be open to suggestions? I feel like it's part of our duty as fans to let them know what the collecotrs would like. I actually tried writing another toy company recently, but they told me that they did not take requests - BUMMER! lol


Jan 24 2013, 4:49pm

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Working together

Well, when it hits HBO I may give it a shot. Just for giggles if nothing else. lol I'm surprised they don't have it up yet myself. I'm still waiting for it and Lincoln both to go up for order.

You would think they would find a way to work with more than 2. They could have caused even more damage that way but according to the EU stuff it was more than two that was the larger issue. Yeah, Disney has 3 new SW movies on the table and I've heard rumors that there may be some EU SW movies in the future. Should be fun to watch at the very least.

I thought it would be. It would also fit well within what we saw from the movie. I think they'd at least be open to reading and seeing what fans might be interested in if its not in the plans or see that their plans are on track. That stinks. Some companies are harder to deal with than others but I think TBD is pretty cool to work with.


Jan 25 2013, 12:45pm

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3 3/4 Azog Required

Happy Friday, Elessar! Yea, it's totally worth checking out.

With all of those Sith wanting to rule the galaxy, I could foresee complications. lol Death Watch is a pretty extreme and fascinating group. Those Mandalorians are pretty tough. I've heard of the 3 new SW films. With the technology we have today, I'm expecting AWESOMENESS! If we had this tech back in the 70s and 80s, I bet the original films would have been even more immaculate.

Perhaps I'll reach out to TBD with my ideas then, thanks! I just feel like I have a lot to offer on this particular topic as I am really interested in it. Being fans like us, we could have a very positive impact on the items that companies such as TBD choose to develop. No doubt they have their Hobbit and action figure experts over there, but it doesn't hurt to look over some new concepts. Plus, Azog needs a 3 3/4 inch figure! lol

Enjoy your weekend!


Jan 25 2013, 2:24pm

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Front Page News

Happy Friday to you as well. :)

Yeah, it could get cranky quick. lol I agree. I think when people are harsh on the PT about the CGI they forget that the OT would have probably been the same if they had the same things to use back in the day. Some things are more easily and better created using CGI.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Worst case they say thank you for the ideas but we're set with the direction we're going. Plus its always good as you're telling them about these ideas that they'll see that you're passionate about their product which shows them people are interested. Did you see the story I posted to the FP about the new Azog and Bolg figures (looks to be from the 6" line). So it appears Toy Fair will be good for news on these figures. There will be a thread for that and we can move the discussion there so we can have the top new thread in this section again (we did in 2012).

U 2

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Jan 28 2013, 3:31pm

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Hey, man! How was your weekend?

That's for sure. lol I've been building up my clone army and collecting a few other figures that I want to keep MOC. I like the majority of the CW versions of the figures better than the movie versions thus far. How about you? I remember when Mace Windu fought the Chancellor. I always felt like Saessee Tiin, Eeth Koth, and Kit Fisto were killed too quickly in ROTS. I know Darth Sidious was incredibly powerful, but these were jedi masters. I guess I expected more of a fight.

Cool beans. Dude, Azog looks AWESOME! Bolg looks the same as he did in the 3 3/4 line, which is still neat. Do you have any specs on the articulation as of yet? I saw Azog available at Legends Action Figures, but it's $24.99 - a tad steep, even for the 6 inch line.

Sounds good about moving the thread. When you reply to this message, feel free to move our convo over to the new spot.


Jan 28 2013, 6:43pm

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It was good. Went and saw Gangster Squad which was pretty good. Hope yours was good.

Hasbro has shown improvement so I think the new versions are better just because the way to do them is getting better. I agree they were killed a little too quickly and I think many feel that way.

He does look pretty sweet. Yeah, no change to Bolg really at all. No, nothing yet. These just kind of popped up out of the blue to be honest so I know little at this point. lol That's a bit rich for my blood as well.

Ok cool! We can reply to the others for now and when we have more official news about Wave 2 a thread can be started.


Jan 28 2013, 8:56pm

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New Dwarves!

I heard Gangster Squad was really good! I went to a concert in Hoboken and ran errands.

Agreed. Yea, I just expected so much more from that scene and and felt cheated. Even a great master of the sith would have had a decent challenge by 4 jedi masters. I actually picked up the newer version of Darth Maul, with half of a mechanical body. He's wild-looking! lol

I actually saw another thread here that showed more of the dwarf prototypes. They look rather promising! I still went ahead and sent TBD my thoughts for possible future products. Even if they don't take my advice, I hope they might get a few ideas from all that I wrote.

Guess we might as well keep our convo in here for now. Like you said, once Wave 2 comes out, we can move to that thread.