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And the Winners Are...Trivia Contest Rankings and Awards!


Feb 25 2007, 5:07am

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And the Winners Are...Trivia Contest Rankings and Awards!

We had a total of 30 participants in our Opening Week of the Movie Board Trivial Pursuit Contest.

The maximum number of points to earn was 33 – this total is based on 32 Trivial Pursuit questions worth 1 point each, and 2 spell-check questions I made up that were worth ½ point each.

Here are the rankings:

Five Day Players – Congratulations, you are our Trivia Wizards!
29.0 Menelwyn
26.5 Diedye
25.5 Arwen’s Daughter
25.0 Magpie
24.5 Elbereth
22.0 Elvenhobbit
21.0 Ringhead91

Four Day to Two Day Players – Congratulations, you are High Elves!
18.5 Alassea Eruvande
18.0 Teddiwen
14.5 Alcarcalime
13.5 Ataahua
12.5 FarFromHome
12.0 Ainu Laire
12.0 Aerin
11.5 Linkin-art Elf
11.5 CA Hobbit
10.0 Loresilme
10.0 Owlyross
9.0 Kethry
8.5 Aerlinn

One Day Players – You only played a little, so you are Hobbits!
7.0 Frederica Bolger
6.0 Wolfranger
6.0 NoneoftheAbove
6.0 Lancelot
5.0 Finding Frodo
4.0 Nessa Inglorion
4.0 Elizabeth
3.0 McGroovy
3.0 Eventides

Top Scorers by Days Played
Five Days – Menelwyn
Four Days – Alassea Eruvande
Three Days – Alcarcalime
Two Days – Aerin
One Day – Frederica Bolger
Defies Categorization – Darkstone

And now, the Awards Ceremony:

  • XFiles Certification – Teddiwen, for identifying the lettering on the One Ring as a form of Elvish called “Muldor”.
  • Eagle Eye Award – Menelwyn and Teddiwen for pointing out it was Pippin, not Merry who wanted some Old Toby.
  • Best Barrie Osborne Observation –Elbereth, for identifying Barrie Osborne as one of the Wargs.
  • Perseverance Award – Diedye, for playing all five days even though my trivia quizzes caused her computer to crash.
  • Best Statue Watcher – Diedye, for not only figuring out that one of the Argonath statues was holding an ax, but that it was Isildur holding it.
  • Most Serious Player -- Ringhead91, who answered all the questions with the most one-word replies.
  • Middle Earth Genealogy Prize – Diedye and FarFromHome, for identifying the fox and schizoid hobbits and “coneys” as races that live underground.
  • Professor Tolkien Linguistic Prize – All the people who not only said the ring had Elvish writing on it, but that it was Tengwar in style (Arwen’s Daughter, Magpie, Ainu Laire, Menelwyn, Elbereth)
  • Eye Exam Referral – Elvenhobbit, for confusing Denethor with a hobbit.
  • People’s Award for Being Picky – Everybody who said Frodo already had the ring in his pocket (Menelwyn, FarFromHome) that Arwen talked about the number of Nazgul at the camp and not in the woods (Linkin-art Elf and FarFromHome), or questioning whether or not the Uruks that Legolas killed were really dead (Linkin-art Elf)
  • Niki and Jessica Fan of the Year – Magpie, who confused whoever these people are with Sméagol and Gollum.
  • Haldir Lovers – Almost everybody, as there were lots of *sniffs* when you had to say he died in that one question.
  • Get Your Dwarves Straight Citation – Magpie, for saying Durin was buried in Balin’s Tomb.
  • Delusional Award – FarFromHome, for thinking that was really Sam and not an actor, and Nessa Inglorion for thinking that Boromir says “to me” after Aragorn says “run” at the end of FOTR
  • Best Orc/Troll Namer – Tie between FarFromHome and Magpie for naming the Orc that blows the horn at the Black Gate one of the following: the Gate Troll, the Horn Troll or Olag Hai.
  • Most Sympathetic– Elbereth for saying Old Toby was the name of a dog she once had.
  • Get it Right Award – Linkin Art Elf, for saying “not enough” as the answer to the number of Academy Award nominations received by TTT.
  • Desperate Housewives Prize – Loresilme, for coming up with “Our Lady of the Kegs” and Aerlinn for “Sweet Maid of the Golden Hair, Ale and Knees”
  • Eternal Question Award – Loresilme, for asking “Do Balrogs have chests?”
  • Bill the Pony Lovers – Loresilme and Finding Frodo, for thinking Bill was the one caught napping at the lake.
  • Best Euphemism – CA Hobbit, for saying Gandalf first hit the Balrog in “his horn”.
  • Most Descriptive – Frederica Bolger, for describing the color of dead guys’ eyes as “ghostly white.”
  • Most-Like-Legolas –Alcarcalime, for not being able to figure out where “east” is.
  • CSI Award – Elbereth, for stating that Gandalf hit the Balrog “with a direct cut down to the chest.”
  • Should-Have-Played More Award – NoneoftheAbove for a perfect 6 on the only day played.
  • Check the Credits Citation – Linkin-art Elf, Darkstone and Ainu Laire who thought Sean Astin’s name was either Sean, Son of Duke; Dooley Wilson, or Tom Cruise.
  • Best Occupation for Barrie Osborne Award – Tie between CourtJester (Linkin Art Elf), S*** Disturber (Diedye) or Bob Shaye’s Keeper ( Darkstone).
  • Holy Holiday Award – Linkin-art Elf, for saying Gandalf said he’d return on Sunday.
  • Good Thing for Everybody Else She Only Played Twice Citation – Aerin, who got perfect 6’s on the two days she played.
  • Second-Most-Like-Legolas – McGroovy, for saying the ring letters were “sweeping, flowing and fiery.” Ties with Owlyross, who figured that a troll that has a cave lived underground.
  • Never Gave a Direct Answer but it Sure Sounded Good Award– Elizabeth, for all of her answers.
  • Physical Fitness Award – Linkin Art Elf for naming the five underground races of Middle Earth as: the Hobbiton Crickhollow 10K, Westmarch Derby, Moria Marathon, Baradhur Iron Orc, and Minas Tirith Seven Level Sprint.
  • Diversity Award – Darkstone, for naming the five underground races of Middle Earth as: Lobstermen from Mars, Giant Mutated Beavers, La Resistance, Blind Naked Mole Rats, and Hordes of the Underground Miners.
  • Random Award – Ataahua for asking a question about woodchucks for no apparent reason.
  • Yeah, Right Award – Alassea Eruvande who said she had a fading memory and then scored in the top 10.
  • Fudge Award – Kethry, for saying Barrie Osborne was a Producer of the Executive Type.
  • Biology Award – Wolfranger, for correctly identifying all five underground races in FOTR, and adding in earth worms for extra credit.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Award – Lancelot, for giving us “me answers.”
  • Promising Talent Award – Eventides for being a newbie player.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Award – Magpie for checking Mapquest, revising her answers multiple times, and writing a dissertation on how spell-check works in order to compete in this contest.
  • Best Alternative Spellings of Theodred – Tie between FarFromHome for “Thundered and The One Ring and Linkin-art Elf for “Theo-Dead”.

Thanks to everyone who played -- this was a lot of fun to put together.

I will keep posting Movie Trivial Pursuit questions on a weekly basis (each Monday), as a new feature for this new Board. So plenty more chances to win!


Finding Frodo
Tol Eressea

Feb 25 2007, 5:30am

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And to weaver, the award ceremony award!

And the awesome week of quizzes award, too! Thanks for your hard work. It was great fun!

Where's Frodo?

The Shire

Feb 25 2007, 5:30am

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twas great fun.


XFiles Certification – Teddiwen, for identifying the lettering on the One Ring as a form of Elvish called “Muldor”.


LOLOL... ok... but REALLY doesn't it sound like he says MULDOR instead of MORDOR???

~Old Toby Productions


Feb 25 2007, 7:09am

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But.. but

I answered all five quizzesShocked
Don't I get to be a trivia wizard?Unsure

great fun, weaver and very creative award categories, thanks for all the work you put into this.

*goes back to read again*

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Feb 25 2007, 8:02am

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You like me! You really, really...

Oh wait. Sly

Thank you so much weaver! It was tons of fun playing and made me realize how I need to watch the films again.

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Tol Eressea

Feb 25 2007, 12:35pm

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Thanks for the really fun trivia contest...

And thanks for the award! Smile


Feb 25 2007, 1:54pm

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Uh, didn't you read about my little Math problem?

Sorry about that! I'll go back and rework your score and see if that changes things!

It was late when I finished this, alas, and the Independent Panel of Judges had gone to bed who check my math had gone to bed. So I winged it!

Never a good idea!



Feb 25 2007, 3:20pm

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Your corrected score is 12.5!

That doesn't move you into the Wizard category, but it does put you up a bit higher in the standings!

You got 1 more point for identifying Bree, though you must have been hungry when you did that post as you also mentioned cheese.

All your other answers were "creative", but not enough to get you any more points!


Tol Eressea

Feb 25 2007, 8:04pm

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That was a lot of fun!

Looking forward to tomorrow's.

"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark."


Feb 25 2007, 9:05pm

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*amazed*....wizard, huh ;)


nothing wrong with my eyesight, thanks Laugh

and lets see *checks shelf for appropriate award*...ah! here we go...'best math differenciation award*...WinkWink

very cool game!

now and always,

Elven by name, Hobbit by nature

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now far ahead the road has gone
down from where all began' -FOTR-

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Feb 25 2007, 9:09pm

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Thanks weaver

That was fun!

And I agree that Darkstone defies categorization! Smile

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and slowly the ship slipped away down the long grey firth;
and the light of the glass of Galadriel that Frodo bore
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Grey Havens

Feb 25 2007, 10:02pm

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And wouldn't you freakin' know it?!...

My computer froze at my first attempt to answer this post...

Wow... didn't think I'd done that well...

Thanks, weaver! Smile


Feb 26 2007, 1:04am

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does it have to do with the different typefaces I used?

The only thing I can think of that would make my posts mess up your computer is that I seem to be one of the few people using something other than the default typeface.

I'm not doing anything fancy with this one -- if you can access it without the Deep Freeze problem, that would explain things.

I wonder if anyone else is having trouble like this? Did you post on Feedback about it? I haven't checked over there lately. But I will be glad to ask over there if you like to see if we can figure this out.

Sorry I am giving you headaches!


Forum Admin / Moderator

Feb 26 2007, 6:58am

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I think my neighbours

heard me laughing at your computer smilie!

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Sauron: "Mine's better."

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Ataahua's stories

Alassëa Eruvande

Feb 26 2007, 5:15pm

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*sniffles* *pulls out long sheet of paper* I'd like to thank

WEAVER! For this fun and funny quiz! I wish I had remembered to come back on Friday! I'm looking forward to more.HeartHeart

Alassëa Eruvande

Feb 26 2007, 5:17pm

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I know mine did! /nt



Feb 27 2007, 4:24am

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I would like to thank the Academy....

In Reply To

  • Niki and Jessica Fan of the Year – Magpie, who confused whoever these people are with Sméagol and Gollum.
I was hoping someone would get the geeky Heroes reference.

  • Get Your Dwarves Straight Citation – Magpie, for saying Durin was buried in Balin’s Tomb.
At least I didn't say Grant.
  • Best Orc/Troll Namer – Tie between FarFromHome and Magpie for naming the Orc that blows the horn at the Black Gate one of the following: the Gate Troll, the Horn Troll or Olag Hai.
I just want you to know that the Olog hai is the name of the troll that pulls the gate open. I misread the question and I thought that was what you were asking!
(hee hee)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Award – Magpie for checking Mapquest, revising her answers multiple times, and writing a dissertation on how spell-check works in order to compete in this contest.
Ah right.. that's what I'm talking about!

Seriously. Thanks a lot Weaver. This was very fun and I love my prizes.

no longer just aMagpie... I'm now *the* Magpie

Grey Havens

Mar 1 2007, 6:00pm

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I actually played three days,

though I don't mind being acknowledged as the two-day top scorer!


Mar 1 2007, 6:15pm

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What do you know, you did!

**makes mental note to wake up independent panel of judges next time...**

Ah well -- your corrected score is 17!

And your new award is: "Good Thing for Everybody Else That Weaver Can't Count" -- presented to Aerin, for getting an almost perfect 18 on the three days she played...

Sorry for messing it up! I may have given your points to Aerlinn, but shhh...let's not tell her, ok?


Grey Havens

Mar 1 2007, 9:51pm

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Thanks! I'm honored! But I gotta know...

did I lose credit for the question on the races that prefer to live underground? I puzzled over that one for a while, but it appears whoever wrote that question for Trivial Pursuit didn't understand that orcs and goblins (in LOTR, at least) are two names for the same creature.


Mar 1 2007, 10:12pm

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Yep, that was the one...

There was one person who actually got all five correct -- listing goblins and orcs, otherwise, I would have given people credit for four of the five. If you want to know "who", I've got to go back and look that one up!

I'm not sure exactly what the game makers used as their source -- most of the questions seem totally movie focused, including lots of commentary-like questions. But then they came out of nowhere with Gladden Fields for one answer, which was never mentioned in the films.

Maybe they looked at a script, or had some Tolkien pro advise them at some point? Hard to tell...


Grey Havens

Mar 3 2007, 5:15am

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Oh, yeah,

I thought one question seemed to be looking for the Gladden Fields, though the name was never mentioned in the movie. Odd. But they're wrong about goblins and orcs, even sticking with the movie.


Mar 4 2007, 6:24am

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Well, I feel a bit Hobbity anyway...

Just as well that I win the Hobbit award.

But I'm amazed I made it to the award ceremonies!? I bet this was a top award for under-achievers everywhere, I feel lucky!