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Bret Mckenzie wins Oscar!!!!


Feb 27 2012, 3:24am

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Bret Mckenzie wins Oscar!!!!

Wow!! just watched and had to post....fantastic, happy for him, who would have thought way back when that Figwit would win this????


Feb 27 2012, 3:28am

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Hooray!!! //



Feb 27 2012, 3:34am

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Yeah! Go Figwit! /


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Feb 27 2012, 3:37am

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Good for him!

NZ Herald has a story of his acceptance speech here.

And stolen from 'Your Best Song is "Man or Muppet." Bret? PRISINT. Murray? NOT PRISINT.' Laugh
(Obligatory language warning on the gawker webpage.)

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Feb 27 2012, 3:37am

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yay Figwit!

I cared more about this one than any of the others.

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Tol Eressea

Feb 27 2012, 3:40am

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woohoo :)


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Feb 27 2012, 3:41am

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So Excellent!

I'm very proud of Bret - outstanding!


Feb 27 2012, 3:58am

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Woohoo!!! That's AWESOME! :D //



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Feb 27 2012, 4:51am

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another win for a Fellow of the Ring.

Tol Eressea

Feb 27 2012, 5:09am

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What a sweet and gracious acceptance speech!

And if I may say, "Hubba, hubba!" He's much cuter as himself. I never really got what all the fuss was over Figwit. But Bret Mckenzie is a cutieSmile

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Feb 27 2012, 6:37am

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Yes! Congratulations, Bret! /


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Feb 27 2012, 6:38am

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That's so cool B-)

I'm super happy for the guy!

w00t! Cool

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Tol Eressea

Feb 27 2012, 7:02am

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Congrats Brett!!!!! <3 <3 <3 //


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Feb 27 2012, 8:10am

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To me

he will always be "that guy from The Black Seeds" since I was going to Black Seeds gigs way before LotR came out XD

Way to go Black Seeds Guy!!


Feb 27 2012, 8:42am

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Way to go Bret!

Well done

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Feb 27 2012, 9:37am

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I can't believe he won :D

Big congrats to Bret!!!

Did he got the chance to play the song at the Oscars?
I didn't watch the show last night.

There is always hope

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Feb 27 2012, 10:19am

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No, they didn't perform either nominated song...

they just showed short clips of them. And since there were only two songs nominated this year, he actually went in a heavy favorite. But it's awesome nonetheless. Cool


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Feb 27 2012, 11:29am

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Cool! Congrats, Bret! //



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Feb 27 2012, 3:37pm

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Just to hear That Kiwi Accent on OSCAR Stage agian...was FlashBackCity...

Thinking of 2004, 2003, 2002! OSCARS...YES!
Now, I have to see the Muppet Movie, YES!

Also to see Howard Shore in audience again? GREAT!

I haven't seen Hugo yet, but NOW I must, even if it's just to Hear' Howard's Score, YES!

One of best if not the BEST OSCARS yet..
xoxoSee you at our Movies..Bomby

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Feb 27 2012, 6:50pm

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Congrats Bret!!!

Grey Havens

Feb 27 2012, 9:31pm

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I also went to Hugo in order to hear the score //


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Gollum the Great

Feb 28 2012, 1:36am

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I'm so happy!


I thought "Muppet or Man" was an amazing song, and I'm so glad Bret got an Oscar! I wonder if he'll get to do any Muppet movies in the future?

When I heard he was writing the songs, I was initially like, "Snerk!" because I only knew him as Figwit. But all his songs were great ("Muppet or Man", "Life's a Happy Song" and "Me Party" were my favorites).

I'm glad the Muppets haven't lost it. After Muppets From Space/Wizard of Oz/Very Muppet Christmas, I had despaired of the Muppets ever making something decent again.

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Tol Eressea

Feb 28 2012, 4:23am

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Because of this I've had "Muppet or Man" in my head all day

It's a great song, but by now it's getting a little irritating Tongue

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Feb 28 2012, 5:04am

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You and me know you're "hooked on Howard" when you make it a point to go see any film he's scored in the theater, even if it isn't your genre...I'd probably even drag myself to "Saw" if he ever scored something like that....Laugh
I ued to do this with John Williams scores, as a tribute to the man who provided one of the 2 eternally running soundtracks of my life (U2 is the other)....first heard his Star Wars score in a theater in 77 when I was a VERY wee lass. Even as a kid, I promised myself, after 1980..that for the rest of my life, I would have to see any movie he wrote the music for. A promise I have to say I am proud I've kept.
After FOTR, I made that promise with Shore. And have kept it too. Only other composer I've done that with....even others I love I don't honor that way...even Hans Zimmer....But if Ennio Morricone was still with us, I'd do that for his films too. for Bret....OMG, I am SO HAPPY for him....funny,the twistings and turnings of fate....Kristen Thompson should have a little footnote on her blog. I remember how in the opening chapters of "The Frodo Franchise" she was estimating the long-term cultural impact of the LOTr trilogy, as well as its ultimate dollar-making potential. This might just be the strangest and most delightfully unforseen long-term impact. Sure, the Bad Seeds werent exacty a blip on the radar before LOTR, but you can't deny LOTr gave Bret global exposure f another sort, that opened the doors for him and his band in many ways, one thing led to another, he joins many ther LOTR alums in having a big golden statuette on his dresser!

I wonder if he got how many congradulatory calls from Peter, Fran and all the other Kiwi Oscar winners? And to get a phone call from the Prime Minister! Sir Peter is used to this kind of thing, but I'll bet Bret isn;t...

Well, Bret, I'm not letting you off the hook now...I'm expecting to hear a full sample of Lindir's work in TH1, and I'll be critiquing it just like you critique Bilbo's workSly


Feb 28 2012, 6:37pm

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PJ&CO juzz Now....HAVE ta, Ramp UP... His Role?

Figwit, could POSSIBLY
sing a little Elvish "Tra-La-LA" song...entering Rivendell
without any of US gettin'

With Howard's score making the FUN-niest song from the Book?
Howard& Bret are ...Maybe kinda, sorta , maybe collaberating...NOW?

Since they were at the SAME Ceremony? that OLDForest
of Hollywood?
xoxooGoldBerry's Squeeze..

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Feb 28 2012, 9:04pm

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Applause for Bret

Make the right connections, and realize a dream. Well done.

Aunt Dora Baggins

Feb 29 2012, 2:01am

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I would pay good money just to see that scene :-) //


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