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Welcome to the TORN Moots Board

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Dec 28 2006, 3:46am

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     Welcome to the TORN Moots Board

The TORN Moots board is a place to post about Tolkien, and/or Fantasy-related, events in your area. Is a LOTR concert coming your way? A book signing by a LOTR artist or actor? A convention or Renaissance Festival? Let everyone know about it and plan a get-together or two!

A few words of wisdom:

- Take care what personal information you post here as this is a public board. Detailed personal information is probably best handled through PMs, a mailing list/Yahoo board or email. (That means your address, cell phone number, hotel room, etc).

- As threads scroll off the board, you may want to put a link to the thread(s) pertinent to your city/gathering in your footer so they’re easy to find and/or feel free to start a new thread on the .

- You might also want to subscribe to this forum (in the “User Profile” section) or watch threads that have to do with your gathering (click on the “Watch Thread” box at the top or bottom of the thread. Read more about subscribing and watching threads in the site FAQ).

- Take lots of pics of your gathering and share them with us here!

Most of all, have fun!!! Smile

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