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Welcome to The Pollantir

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Dec 28 2006, 3:43am

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     Welcome to The Pollantir

On this board, you can start your very own polls! The polls can be Tolkien-related or not.

Want to know how many times everyone has seen each LOTR movie (other than gramma Wink) or what everyone’s favorite flavor of ice cream is? The sky (and your imagination) is the limit!

To create a new poll, click on the 'New Poll' button (next to the 'Post New' button), enter a subject, options, and introduce your topic in the text box below. Just remember, this is a family friendly board and all the general rules apply (see Terms of Service post on the Welcome Board).

Note: Have an idea for a poll that would be perfect on one of the other boards? Any of the Admins can start polls on the other boards. Just PM or email one of us and we’ll be happy to start a poll on another board and give you credit for the idea (subject to other site rules, of course).

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