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Dec 28 2006, 3:40am

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     Welcome to Off Topic

The Off-Topic board is for discussion of pretty much anything that doesn’t fit on the other boards, including:

  • Current events
  • Non-LOTR/Tolkien movies, books and music
  • Fun/interesting articles & pictures
  • Updates on the careers of LOTR cast and crew
  • Your personal life events (TORn anniversary; your birthday - please include a mathom (use the "Search Posts" function above to search for "mathom" on the OT board for examples; etc.) - please don't post about another TORn user without their permission

Regular, established threads that condense topics for discussion include:

  • "What movies have you been watching?" (Monday)
  • "What books have you been reading?" (Wednesday)
  • Fiesta Friday (Friday, of course Laugh) - our primary socializing thread where we share what's been going on in our RLs and generally have a nice chat
  • "Get to know your TORNsibs" - occasional threads usually started by Kelvarhin or Ataahua, but anyone can start these. Use the "Search Posts" function (top of page) for examples

Note on political discussions: it is the wish of TORn's founders that the site be a politics-free haven for Tolkien and LOTR fans. To that end, discussions about real-life politics (as in not related to Middle-earth) are not allowed here.
We encourage anyone wanting to discuss real-life politics to do it on other sites meant for that purpose, or via PM if others are willing and the discussion doesn't violate our terms of service.

Finally, please take threads that start turning into long conversations (15 or more posts) between only two people to Private Messages, email or our
Barliman's chatroom. Threads that turn into chats may be locked by the Admins.

Thanks, and enjoy! Smile

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