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Collecting The Precious: Sideshow Collectibles 'Boromir son of Denethor' Maquette Pre-Order

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Jul 7 2011, 10:32am

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Collecting The Precious: Sideshow Collectibles 'Boromir son of Denethor' Maquette Pre-Order

Sideshow Collectibles Online Comic-Con event is into its sixth day and it brings us another new The Lord of the Rings collectible. This new collectible will be joining Sideshow’s maquette line and the character responsible will be Boromir son of Denethor. In this maquette Boromir will be captured during a sequence from the extended edition of The Two Towers where he plants a flag while giving a speech when Osgiliath is recovered.

This piece has an amazing likeness to Sean Bean and yet another must have piece in this growing maquette collection. The exclusive to the Boromir maquette will be an additional switch out right arm allowing you to have variable display options. The edition size of the exclusive Boromir maquette is 500 pieces world wide and will have a price tag of $250 along with a $25 Non-Refundable Deposit. Boromir is expected to ship during the first quarter of 2012 so make sure to get your order in before it sells out. [Exclusive Edition] [Regular Edition]


Jul 7 2011, 6:20pm

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So awesome and so tempting. I think I need to go hide under a rock so I don't break my credit card before I even get to comic con.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll,

The orange stripey One

Cruise to Middle-earth


Jul 7 2011, 10:29pm

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If only I had the money and a spot to put it.

Out of everything sideshow has ever made this may be my favorite.


Jul 7 2011, 11:31pm

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The detail on that statue is amazing!

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson."