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Welcome to Gaming & Collecting

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Dec 28 2006, 3:24am

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     Welcome to Gaming & Collecting

Are you a fan of LOTR video and/or board games, or other fantasy games? Do you have shelves (or entire rooms Wink) devoted to displaying LOTR and fantasy toys, artwork or figurines? Then, this is the board for you!

Gamers: ask questions about a game level you’re stuck on, talk about the best gaming systems or share your winning secrets and strategies.

Collectors: talk about favorite toys, statues, posters and prints you’ve collected and those that are due for release in the future.

Note: Posting about items you have for sale and/or posting links to an Ebay auction you have going, is welcome. However,
the items for sale must be directly related to Tolkien- or LOTR-gaming or collecting and it must not get to the point where you're swamping the board.with similar posts. If you have several things for sale, please put them forward in the same post, or reply to your original post if it's still on page 1 of the board (you may start a new selling post if the original post has dropped to page 2). If you'd like to sell something directly from the board, please ask people to PM or email you to avoid creating a public bidding war on the board.

Thanks and have fun!

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