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Welcome to the LOTR Movie Board


Dec 28 2006, 3:21am

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     Welcome to the LOTR Movie Board

On Movie youíll find some of the best in-depth discussion and commentary on the LOTR movies on the web. Start a thread, or join in one, on anything thatís been on your mind. Cinematography, movie scores, casting, acting and directing are all on the table here!

Several fun, regular organized discussions have been established over the years, including:

  • SCOD (Screencap of the Day)
  • General LOTR movie discussions (movies, extras, scores, etc. - topics vary)
  • "Did you Ever Notice..." (Arwen's daughter's excellent posts on the LOTR costumes)
  • Movie Trivia (usually posted by Magpie)

Keep an eye out for occasional sign-up threads and volunteer to lead a few, or just join in the fun! Smile

Note: if you want to post pictures, screencaps, etc., please refer to Magpie's excellent TORn Image Posting Guide. (Follow the link, plus there's also a sticky at the top of the board with the link for quick reference).

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